Mesmerizing Ghost Doctor - Chapter 2222 - One-Eyed Demon

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Chapter 2222: One-Eyed Demon

Upon hearing this, Feng Jiu smiled indifferently: “That’s fine, I didn’t want you to tell me anyway.” As soon as she had spoken, she smiled strangely: “Because I have a way to know. After she had spoken, her hand reached towards her head.

The beautiful woman’s eyes narrowed when she saw this and tried to back away in horror: “You, you want to search, search my soul!”

Soul searching was a technique that was used to find out everything about the other party. However, the person who it was used on would become demented, or if it was more servere, die. It could be said that after soul searching had been used on a person, that person would become useless.

Feng Jiu’s lips curled and she smiled. She ignored the beautiful woman’s fear and struggle, instead, she stretched her hand out and placed it on the beautiful woman’s forehead. At the same time, her profound energy was raised, and a trace of spirit intent entered her consciousness…

Duan Ye stood aside and watched. She stood still with her eyes closed, while the beautiful woman was motionless in a trance. After a long time, Feng Jiu withdrew her hand. At that moment, the beautiful woman was sprawled on the ground, and after she spurted out a mouthful of blood, she died.

Feng Jiu closed her eyes and digested everything that was in her mind. After a long time, she opened her eyes and said: “In her memories, I saw a one-eyed demon she was on friendly terms with. He is one of the ten demons, the One-Eyed Demon.

She looked at him and said: “The ten demonic cultivators under the Demon Lord are not easy to deal with. Right now my spirit energy is locked, and based on the timeline in this woman’s head, the next few days is the agreed upon meeting time with the One-Eyed Demon. Let’s sort out things here and leave as soon as possible.”

“Alright.” Duan Ye nodded. He glanced around and said: “The easiest way is to burn everything to the ground.”

Therefore, the both ignited the fire with strong liquor and burned the place. The huge fire burned fiercely, and the jars of medicinal wines exploded from the high temperature of the fire. There was a loud bang, and the fire shot up towards the sky with a blast and illuminated half of the sky.

They watched from a distance. That place was at the bottom of a hillside, therefore, the fire hadn’t spread. When the courtyard had been burned down and the fire gradually diminished, they left on a flying aircraft…

The sun on the horizon rose quietly and the first ray of light hit the ground as morning arrived quietly.

Duan Ye sat on the flying artefact and looked at Feng Jiu who’s eyes were closed as she slept. He frowned and asked: “You drank the Immortal Wine too, why weren’t you drunk?”

When Feng Jiu heard this, she smiled without opening her eyes and said idly: “How can you compare us? Don’t you know who I am?”

Duan Ye’s mouth twitched when he heard this: “You are Feng Jiu and you are formidable.” He was puzzled. Since that wine was Immortal Wine, why didn’t she get drunk?

“So be more careful next time. Just because I can eat something doesn’t mean it’s safe for you to eat too.” Having said that, she opened her eyes and sat up and smiled: “What have you learnt in the Sect? Why don’t I see any improvement?”

Upon hearing this, Duan Ye’s face darkened, but he couldn’t find the words to rebut her. He hadn’t been careless this time, he had just trusted her too much and he was too reliant on her. He thought that since she had tasted the food and wine and she was fine, and she hadn’t stopped him from eating and drinking, then it was fine.

However, it was still her fault, she knew that there was something wrong but she hadn’t warned him. He was about to speak when he saw that she had stretched out on her back and squinted her eyes as she looked at the rising sun on the flying artefact. The expression on her face was relaxed and comfortable. He couldn’t help but swallow the words that he was about to say.

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