Mesmerizing Ghost Doctor - Chapter 2320: What smells so nice?

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Chapter 2320: What smells so nice?

One night two days later, a troop of devilry cultivators approached Phoenix City quietly. As they gathered in front of the city gate, they saw the corpses hung on the gate and their expressions changed.

The Devil Lord who came out from behind them, especially, clenched his fists tightly and stared at Phoenix City gloomily. He commanded the people around him. "Release the bodies!"

"Yes!" Two teams of devilry cultivators came forward, took down the bodies, put them on a pile on the side, and then burned them down.

"Break the city gate for me! Kill them in one fell swoop!" The Devil Lord commanded them loudly. A team of devilry cultivators soon rushed forward, however, when they came to the city gate, they were bounced back by the boundary barrier.

"Bang bang thump!"

They were tossed to the ground with blood oozing from their mouths. One of them looked at the Devil Lord and said, "Master, there is a boundary barrier here. We can't break in."

"Trying to block my way just by using a trifling boundary barrier? How naive!" The Devil Lord's gloomy voice came out unhurriedly. He stepped forward and condensed a strong breath with both hands. With a whoosh, a mark shot out together with the breath.

As a loud bang resounded, the boundary barrier was broken. In the air, spirit energy breath spread outward like ripples of water and disappeared mid-air...

"The boundary is open! Charge! Wipe them out!"

The devilry cultivators around him roared with excitement and rushed into the city with their swords drawn. The Devil Lord, who just broke the boundary down, narrowed his ruthless eyes and laughed grimly. "Declaring war on me with just this strength? How reckless!"

With his hands clasped behind his back, he got in last. After entering the city gate, he suddenly stopped and turned around. He was startled to see a boundary barrier emerge in the air and close the city gate. He couldn't help but be astonished.

"She actually set up two boundary barriers?"

The Devil Lord was startled seeing the boundary barrier that sealed and cut off their path of retreat like ripples of water. As he watched the barrier go from the city gate to mid-air, surrounding the whole Phoenix City, he immediately realized that the one he had broken earlier was not the barrier protecting Phoenix City.

It's very likely to be the little trick that Phoenix City's Lord used to confuse them. And the present boundary barrier that blocked off their way out was the real boundary protecting the city!

As he thought of this, he condensed a strong breath in his hands again and a mark formed between his hands to attack the barrier. "Get destroyed!"

There was a low roar, but it was not like the previous rumbling blast. The powerful airflow that came out was like a stone thrown into the sea so deep that it could not even make any waves...

He had a faint foreboding in his heart. The escape route was already blocked before they even fought, perhaps…

"How strange, why is there no one here?" After the devilry cultivators entered, they couldn't find anyone.

"Mm, what's this scent? Did you smell something nice?" A devilry cultivator spoke, taking a deep breath and smelling the fragrance in the air.

"Does it smell like meat?"

"No, no, it's like the smell of heated wine."

"No way, it smells like medicine."

"Is that so? Why don't I smell anything?"

"I don't smell it either."

The voices started to talk chaotically, they were all filled with amazement.

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