Miracle Pill Maker Bullies the Boss - Chapter 697 - A Race With Death

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Chapter 697: A Race With Death

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Xiang Nan wanted to retaliate, but it was completely useless. After he got shoved into the front seat, he raised his head to see Xiang Yang sitting in the driver seat with a pale face.

“Yang, are you okay? Did they do anything to you?” asked Xiang Nan immediately.

Xiang Yang held the steering wheel tightly. He looked at Xiang Nan and said, “I am so sorry. I got you in trouble.”

Xiang Nan’s eyes turned red. Just as he was about to speak, he heard the door closing with a thud. He hurriedly extended his hand to push the door, but it was locked and impossible to open.

“It’s no use. This is a modified smart car. Other than the owner of the car, no one else can unlock it,” said Xiang Yang as he smiled sadly.

“What do they want to do to us?” asked Xiang Nan.

He gritted his teeth and his throat constricted anxiously.

Xiang Yang looked straight ahead and said hopelessly in a stiff tone, “They want us to have a taste of racing with death.”

Xiang Nan opened his eyes wide.

The car had already started on its own and it swiftly headed towards Bayshore Expressway.

Even though Xiang Yang was holding the steering wheel, he could only control the direction of the car. Even if he stepped on the brake, it was useless.

Since there were a lot of bends on Bayshore Expressway, it was easy to hit the railing and fall over the cliff or into water without a certain level of driving skills.


Moreover, the brake in the car had malfunctioned, so it was as good as brushing close to death.

After Xiang Nan took the first bend, the car refused to slow down. He almost had a heart attack when he sensed the car almost crashing into the railing.

He had never felt this terrorised.

Xiang Nan and Xiang Yang’s faces turned ghastly pale as they awaited nine more turns on the expressway.

Meanwhile, Huo Changfeng continued sitting in the car lazily as he watched a video clip on his phone. He had already watched it at least ten times.

It was footage of Huo Xiang and Huo Yao getting into a traffic accident.

He had gotten his subordinate to get him a clip of the accident.

“Is Xiang really capable of driving like this?” muttered Huo Changfeng suspiciously. “I recall that he has average driving skills.”

Huo Changfeng’s assistant had heard Huo Changfeng say this at least ten times already. The assistant cleared his throat before he said, “Only Miss Huo and he were in the car. How could Miss Huo be driving the car during the accident?”

After all, Miss Huo was only 18 years old. How could she have driven without a driver’s license?

Huo Changfeng tapped on the video and replayed it on this phone. “The driver kept using the speed bumps to slow the car down. Doesn’t this look like the driving of a professional racer to you?

“Why don’t you check with him?” asked his assistant.

Huo Changfeng loved racing, so he found the footage odd when he first laid eyes on it.

Only a professional would be able to notice this.

“Never mind.” Huo Changfeng shook his head.

He put his phone away after he finished watching the video. He raised his hand to check the time and asked. “How many rounds already?”

“Huh?” The assistant did not quite understand what Huo Changfeng was asking.

“How many rounds has the car done on the highway?”

“It’s only in its first round.” The assistant finally realized what Huo Changfeng was referring to.

He was asking how many rounds Xiang Yang and Xiang Nan had taken on Bayshore Expressway.

“I see. In that case, keep an eye on them and make them do... 20 rounds,” said Huo Changfeng as he straightened his back and opened the car door behind him.

His assistant touched his nose and said, “Why didn’t we throw them into the sea as fish feed? Why bother going through this trouble, Chief Steward?”

They didn’t use to do things this way.

Huo Changfeng glanced at him. “Times have changed, so we have to settle this civilly.”


The assistant’s lips twitched as he pondered. Was this not far crueler than killing them directly?

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