Miracle Pill Maker Bullies the Boss - Chapter 698 - TeaChapter Xiang Nan And Xiang Yang A Lesson

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Chapter 698: Teach Xiang Nan And Xiang Yang A Lesson

Two hours later, Xiang Nan and Xiang Yang finally completed 20 rounds on Bayshore Expressway and returned to the starting point.

The moment Xiang Nan and Xiang Yang heard the car door opening, they finally saw a ray of hope. Even though their limbs were completely limp, they quickly opened the car door and got off.

After speeding for over two hours, Xiang Nan felt so nauseous that he covered his belly and vomited by the roadside.

Xiang Yang was no better. He sat on the ground, completely limp with his face ghastly pale.

Huo Changfeng sat in the car and looked at them as a brief mocking smile swept across his face. Considering they had touched a member of the Huo family, this punishment was really light.

His assistant had already walked up in front of Xiang Nan and Xiang Yang to look down at them expressionlessly. “How did your little drive go? What does it feel like for your brake to malfunction?

Xiang Nan was done vomiting. He bit his lip and said with his hands on his knees, “This is illegal.”

“Bro, stop it,” said Xiang Yang hurriedly.

The moment the assistant heard what Xiang Nan said, he laughed. “From the looks of it, you haven’t woken up yet. Would you like to go for a few more rounds?”

Xiang Nan instantly stopped talking. He never wanted to experience that near-death experience in his life again.

“I damaged the brake pad. It has nothing to do with my older brother, so please don’t blame him for it,” said Xiang Yang with his voice trembling.

Xiang Nan looked at his little brother. “Yang, this is nonsense...”

“Bro, people deserved to get punished for their crimes. I was the one who touched the brakes, so I will confess. Don’t say anything,” interrupted Xiang Yang.

If he had known sooner that Lucky was untouchable, he would not have done that.

He deeply regretted acting rashly.

Huo Changfeng’s assistant clapped when he heard this. “Tsk tsk. You are true brothers. Fret not. Neither of you can escape punishment.”

Xiang Yang raised his head and looked at the assistant in shock. “I told you. I was the one who damaged the brakes, so it had nothing to do with my older brother.”

The assistant retrieved his phone from his pocket and tapped on social media. He tapped on the post about Huo Xiang getting into a traffic accident because he was high on drugs. It was no longer trending on social media.

He squatted down and raised his phone in front of Xiang Nan. “Does this post look familiar to you?”

Shock swept through Xiang Nan’s eyes the moment he looked at the phone screen. Just as he was about to speak, the assistant interrupted. “You paid someone to post the scandal online. You do this all the time. When are you going to get creative?”

“I didn’t do it...”

The assistant held Xiang Nan’s chin with one hand and squeezed it hard as he sneered. “I am just stating the facts here. You know fully well who the culprit is.”

Xiang Nan’s face was already pale. Now the pain from his chin promptly made him break out into cold sweat. However, the pain was nothing in comparison to the assistant’s eyes. The moment Xiang Nan looked into his eyes, he instinctively trembled in horror.

They looked murderous and bereft of warmth.

The assistant let go of Xiang Nan’s chin. He stood up and straightened his sleeves as he glanced at Xiang Nan and Xiang Yang.

He said coolly, “We live in civilized times. I’m sure you know what you have to do now.”

Xiang Nan was still at a loss when Xiang Yang hurriedly said, “Got it. I will confess to the cops. My older brother will also make a public apology to Lucky.”

The assistant nodded as he said magnanimously, “Good. In that case, we will give you a little time to handle it. Okay?”

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