Miracle Pill Maker Bullies the Boss - Chapter 728 - Could Not Explain Scientifically

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Chapter 728: Could Not Explain Scientifically

Huo Yulin’s bedroom door was closed, but the lights were on. Huo Yao knocked on the wooden door gently and called out to him.

Since they were in an old house, there was hardly any soundproofing. Huo Yulin heard his little sister’s voice right away and put on his coat before walking to the door.

The moment he opened the door, sandalwood scent could be smelled.

Huo Yao promptly sensed the scent in the air.

She had prepared some Chinese herbs to help with Huo Yulin’s condition after performing acupuncture on him. Ever since the treatment, Huo Yulin had not had to rely on incense to sleep.

Now that he suddenly used it tonight, something was clearly wrong.

“Mind having a chat with me?” Huo Yao’s eyes were filled with concern as she looked at Huo Yulin.

Huo Yulin tightened his grip on the wooden door. The moment he made eye contact with his little sister’s unsullied eyes, he inexplicably found peace. He nodded and let go of his hold on the door.

Huo Yao closed the door behind her and glanced at the incense wafting in the air before pulling up an old wooden chair to sit down.

“Brother Yulin, did something happen today?” asked Huo Yao candidly.

Huo Yulin looked at Huo Yao and pretended to sigh. “It seems nothing can escape your eyes.”

Huo Yao raised her brow. “So, what happened?”

“I just suddenly remembered something that happened in the past.” Huo Yulin had no intention of telling Huo Yao about Lu Xia’s visit since it was unnecessary.

Huo Yao figured that something must have happened.

She went quiet briefly before she said, “Sometimes, people feel upset after remembering the past because they fail to learn how to face it head-on.”

Huo Yulin was probably in agony because he could not get over the kidnapping incident.

She had never experienced the kind of hopelessness which he did, but after attempting to perform hypnotherapy on him previously, she could keenly sense his pain and despair.

Huo Yulin’s eyes landed on the lamp kept on the bedside table and went into a daze for a long time before a voice finally came. “Everyone thinks I am in agony because of the abduction case, but they aren’t entirely right.”

Huo Yao had sat with her hands on her knees and her fingers stopped moving as she listened to Huo Yulin.

Huo Yulin raised his head. A complicated look emerged on his fair face.

He inhaled before he suddenly turned to look Huo Yao straight in the eye and asked. “If I am not a normal person, would you be afraid of me?”

He clenched his left hand slightly as he spoke.

Huo Yao detected a change in his mood. She raised her brow and broke the intense atmosphere and asked rhetorically. “What if I am not what you expected of your little sister either?”

Things that she could not explain scientifically had happened to her, so it was not her fault.

Huo Yulin was caught by surprise and instantly stopped feeling anxious.

Not what he expected of his little sister? Did she mean she had a lot of secrets as well?

“No matter how many secrets you have, you are still my biological little sister,” said Huo Yulin solemnly.

Huo Yao nodded and sounded cocky as she said, “Your question was really stupid. How could you have so little faith in your little sister?”

Huo Yulin was stunned. Even though her words did not sound comforting, they inexplicably calmed him down. He slowly let go of his left hand.

After a brief silence, Huo Yulin’s lips curved into a smile as he looked at Huo Yao once more.

He could finally empathize why Huo Tingrui and Huo Xiang did not appear like older siblings with Huo Yao around. Huo Yao had probably made them forget that they were older than her.

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