MMORPG: Divine Monster Transmuter - Chapter 693 - Class Title Quest Completed

Chapter 693: Class Title Quest Completed

To the Black Bear King, it believed that its ‘minion’ in front of it would not dare to lie to it.

Since Jiang Feng said he found a way, that meant that he knew of a way to save its child.

The moment that it thought of that, the Black Bear King started treating Jiang Feng in a much nicer way as it brought him to see its child.

Jiang Feng went over next to the little bear and checked its wounds.

By the little bear’s thigh was a puncture wound. From its shape, it was just like what the Black Bear had told him. It was from the sting of a giant scorpion.

Luckily, it got stung on the thigh and not on its body. Otherwise, the little bear cub would have already been dead.

When the Black Bear King saw that Jiang Feng kept on looking at its son’s wounds, it then said nervously, “You have to save my son quickly. If you can save my son, I’ll even give you my territory!”

Jiang Feng then looked at the Black Bear King, “Boss, I do have a way to save your son, but I’m afraid that you’ll have to put aside your pride.”

Monsters knew familial love too, especially when these monsters were quite stubborn. They placed even more emphasis on familial relationships.

The Black Bear King was no different, and it quickly said, “As long as you can save my son, I am willing to do anything!”

Jiang Feng then said, “It’s very simple. There is a winehouse just outside of our territory. As long as you are willing to protect the winehouse, someone can then come and save your son. He would even completely heal your son’s wounds.”

“You want me to protect the humans?” The Black Bear King’s eyes were instantly filled with fierceness.

“There are good people and bad people among the humans. Quite some time ago, I encountered some enemies and I was critically injured. It was them that saved me, and even gave me some good food to eat,” After saying that, Jiang Feng then took out some food and healing pills, showing them to the Black Bear King.

When the Black Bear King saw the food and healing pills on the ground, his vicious eyes softened.

Looking at his dying son, he did not immediately agree to it. Instead, he probed him and asked, “How do they know my son is injured? And why did they ask you to speak to me on their behalf?”

‘Er… Looks like the Black Bear King is no idiot, and he knows how to analyze the situation.’

Jiang Feng had already prepared a plan and said, “There is a red-eyed silver-haired man among them that saw your son get injured when he was in the mountains harvesting some herbs. He also knows the Tongue of the Beast. He is very powerful, and he said that he has a way to save your son. He was the one that healed me.”

After listening to Jiang Feng’s words, the Black Bear King was still hesitant as it fell into deep thoughts.

At this time, the severely injured little bear let out a yelp of pain and coughed up a mouthful of blood.

When the Black Bear King saw that, it was filled with anxiety as it quickly went to check its son’s status.

Looking at its son’s breathing becoming shallower and shallower, it finally agreed to Jiang Feng’s request, “Alright. You better not lie to me or I will shred you to pieces even if you are my minion!”

‘Hoho, If I didn’t say I knew of a way to save your son, I would already be dead!’ Jiang Feng sneered deep down as he said, “Don’t worry Boss, if he can’t save your son, I’ll kill myself without you having to do anything.”

In the end, Jiang Feng managed to convince the Black Bear King.

The Black Bear King carried its son and quickly headed to the Respite Winehouse.

Jiang Feng gave an excuse and stayed behind it. He removed his Wildshape and then used Expeditious Steps to quickly head back using another route.

Once he found the Lunar Wolf King, he quickly found his way back to the Respite Winehouse as he rode on the Lunar Wolf King.

Once he was back at the Respite Winehouse, he did not go in. Instead, he sat behind the winehouse and took out a bunch of herbal medicine that he had harvested from the Ruins of the Godlike.

In reality, the Black Bear King’s son could be easily treated.

He only needed to feed him some herbal medicine that could remove poison and then give it a Beast Pill, then he could basically heal it.

Thump! Thump!

As expected of a monster at Earth Realm One Star. The Black Bear King arrived not long after. Jiang Feng had just taken out the herbal medicine when he heard its heavy footsteps from the mountains as it ran.

He looked up and indeed saw the Black Bear King carrying its son as it ran.

When the Black Bear King descended from the mountains, its eyes were filled with excitement when it noticed Jiang Feng sitting next to the winehouse. It quickly ran toward him.

“Roar… Human! I heard that you can save my son?” The Black Bear King roared at Jiang Feng.

When Jiang Feng saw the Black Bear, the edges of his lips were raised as he said, “That Black Bear that I saved has already told you about it? Agree to my conditions and I’ll give you a healthy son.”

The Black Bear King nodded and said, “I agree to it, but you must first save my son!”

“Naturally. Put your son down,” Jiang Feng said to the Black Bear King.

Next, the Black Bear King placed its son on the ground.

Jiang Feng took out an herbal medicine that could remove poison and used his Inner Chi to force its juice out of the plant, drizzling it on the little bear cub’s wounds.


The moment that its juice drizzled on the wounds, a black miasma rose from the wound, and black blood began to flow.

When he saw that, he quickly took out a High-Yellow Rank Beast Pill and fed it.


The moment that the little bear ate the Beast Pill, its HP was instantly filled up. The poison within its body was also being continuously cleansed. Perhaps it was the first time taking a Beast Pill, the pain was unavoidable. The little bear could not help but roar out.

“Don’t be so nervous. The medicine will cause some discomfort. He’ll be fine soon!” Jiang Feng quickly said as he could feel a drop of cold sweat dripping down from his forehead when he saw the Black Bear King tighten its paw.

He was afraid that the Black Bear King would misunderstand what was happening and slam him with its paw.

When it heard his words, the Black Bear King’s paws were once again loosened.

At this time, the Beast Pill’s effect had almost run its full course. The little bear’s breathing had also stabilized. Its eyes slowly fluttered open as it stood up.

The black bear that had woken up was also very excited as it jumped into the Black Bear King’s arms, saying, “Father!”

“Roar! Son! You are alright!”

When the Black Bear King saw that his son had woken up, he also become extremely excited as he roared and hugged the little black bear.

“Your son’s injuries have just been healed, and the poison within his body has yet to be fully cleansed. He’ll need to stay here for a while. Don’t forget what you promised me,” In order to stop the Black Bear King from reneging on his promise, he even threatened him, “If you dare to turn back on your promise… Remember this then. If I can save him, I can similarly…”

The Black Bear King knew what he meant even without Jiang Feng finishing the sentence.

The Black Bear slammed on his chest, “As the mountain king, I will naturally perform what I have promised you!”

Ding. Tianji System Prompt: Congratulations on completing the “Consoler Class Title Quest.” You have received the Consoler class title.

Ding. Tianji System Prompt: Congratulations on recruiting the Black Bear King. As you have recruited the Black Bear King, the guardian boss of Wallow Mountains has disappeared. The Wallow Mountains have now been explored. You have received 500 reputation points.


In the next moment, the black mist around Jiang Feng disappeared as sunlight showered upon them. The entire Wallow Mountains were covered in the rays of the sun, and it was no longer covered in black mist.

It was at this time when several people rushed out of the Respite Winehouse.

The moment they came out, they then saw the Black Bear King that was larger than a building.

Li’er excitedly said, “Haha! My mate’s just too good! He finished the quest so quickly!”

Xiao Yu and Old Man Kyle both had surprise in their eyes.

It was obvious that they were shocked that Jiang Feng could finish the quest in such a short time.