MMORPG: Divine Monster Transmuter - Chapter 694 - Creating Mysticism

Chapter 694: Creating Mysticism

It was out of everyone’s expectations for Jiang Feng to actually be able to complete the quest.

Xiao Yu hid the shock on her face and smiled as she walked over to him, then said to Jiang Feng with a smile, “Big Brother, congratulations!”

“Thank you!” Jiang Feng gave Xiao Yu’s head a pat and let out a rare smile.

Once he was back at the Respite Winehouse, he then found a place to sit down, a spot where the rays of sunshine could reach him.

It was much more comfortable to be able to bathe under the sunlight. He would become depressed just by staying within the dark, black mist.

Even his sorrowful heart had become soothed.

He then checked on the Class Title that he had just obtained.

Consoler: Class Title

Combat Rating +1%

Inner Chi +1%

Console: Helping others to resolve their misery increases Combat Rating and Inner Chi.

“1% isn’t high, but the buff can grow!”

Jiang Feng wanted to find someone to console right now and see how much the increment would be.

Unfortunately, other than Li’er, everyone else within the Respite Winehouse was all consolers. Their misery would be the same as his, hoping that someone with problems would come to them.

That was not something that could be solved.

As for Li’er, her only misery was that she could not have him mate with her as well as the problems on her planet.

He could not help her with both of those.

‘You must be joking. I’m someone with a bottom line too! A cat? Impossible!’

He closed the information panel about the Class Title. Since he had nothing urgent to do, he then opened the panel on the Monster Transmutation System.

He had not used the other ability that the Monster Transmutation System had within the Great World of Tianji.

The lottery.

He would expend 1,000 reputation points every time he went for a draw.

He wanted to see what kind of difference there would be between drawing a lottery in the Great World of Tianji and in Divine Dominion.

He had around 2,550 Reputation Points. It was not a lot, but if he could get something good that could help him become the champion of the Tianji Tournament, then he could get back all the reputation points that he had spent.

The moment he thought of that, he then confirmed that he wanted to have a go.

Ding. Thank you for your patronage!

Jiang Feng, “???”



Damn it!

‘What do you mean thank you for your patronage?!’

When he pressed on the lottery button, a wheel did not appear and he instantly drew something. He could accept it if he had at least gotten something. But when all he got was a thank you message, he could not accept that.

He already had very low reputation points and he could only draw twice. And the first time he used it, he had only gotten a thank you message. His calmness instantly cracked!

“One more time!”

Ding. Thank you for your patronage!


Jiang Feng stood up and slammed his hands on the table as he became extremely irritated.

“F*ck you and your patronage!”

All the people that were busy in the Respite Winehouse were shocked by what happened to him. Li’er even went over and asked, “What’s wrong?”

“Huff… I’m sorry. I’m fine,” He took a deep breath and then apologized to everyone. When he had calmed down, he dropped back into his seat.

The reason that the Monster Transmutation System was much easier to use in Divine Dominion was that it was a virtual world. He could get anything he wanted and it would not affect the real world. That was why he rarely got nothing at all.

But anything he got here would be real. If he were to get anything that was too overpowered, it could even affect the development of a world.

That was why it was normal for him to get a thank you message.

He asked for it!

He only had 550 reputation points left after he had spent most of his original 2,550 reputation points, and he could not help but scoff at himself.

While the 2,000 reputation points were not a lot by any means, he could at least exchange a High-Earth Rank Beast Pill and a Heaven Rank or below Treasure out of the Great World of Tianji.

That meant that he had made quite a big loss.

“I need to find a way to earn some Reputation Points, and then exchange for some High-Rank Beast Pills. I need to increase the power of Qingqiu, Youbai, and the Soldier Elites.”

He could get plenty of Low-Yellow Beast Pills from the real world, but once their powers had reached Peak Grandmaster, the Low-Yellow Beast Pills could only be used to heal injuries and reduce some level of hunger, and it could no longer be used to increase power.

That meant that most of the ancient martial artists on Earth would have their powers limited to Peak Grandmaster. If they wanted to have a breakthrough, they would need to consume Beast Pills of an even higher rank.

But if he wanted to bring out some higher-ranking Beast Pills, he would then need reputation points.

Once he thought of that, he then looked at Li’er and asked, “Do you know other than the tournament, how I can farm for more reputation points?”

Li’er blinked her eyes and replied joyfully, “You asked the right person. I did a lot of research to farm more reputation points so that I could exchange them for items.”

“Oh, why not tell me about it?” Jiang Feng’s eyes flashed with interest.

“There are five ways to earn reputation points in the Great World of Tianji,” Li’er said. “The first way is to kill bosses to get reputation points, but you don’t get much. The second way is to complete quests. The harder the quest is, the more points you get. The third way is to get on the Tianji Leaderboard. The Tianji Leaderboard would have a “subscribe” button behind your name. The more people there are subscribing to you, the faster your reputation points would increase.”

“The fourth way is to have your name included in the announcement of the Great World of Tianji. When your name has been announced and everyone heard of you, it would also grant you some reputation points. The fifth way is to create! Create Mysticisms, create weapons, create anything and they would give you some reputation points. The more valuable the thing you create, the more reputation points you would get!”

“Speaking of which, the fifth way of earning reputation points is very simple. All you need to do is to bring your secret manuals or something to the Great World of Tianji. As it is considered to be of your creation, you can also gain some reputation points. However, the process is quite demanding, and you need to first receive the Tianji System’s acknowledgment first!”

Jiang Feng, “???”

Once he finished listening to Li’er, he became speechless again.

He had received the opportunity for his name to be announced twice by the Tianji System through its announcements, but he chose to hide his name every time. That meant that he had lost a large number of reputation points.

And now he knew why there were so many people wanting to enter the Tianji Leaderboard. Other than to get more money, it was to get some reputation points.

But what made him interested was that it was the last way of obtaining reputation points.

Before he came back to the Great World of Tianji, he had memorized nine secret manuals in order to pass them down to the villagers of Harmony Village.

But since the villagers from Harmony Village were all gone, he could no longer teach them. If he was able to learn and master all nine martial arts, would it count as his creation of new Mysticisms?

The moment he thought of that, he decided to try it.

He left his seat and walked out of the Respite Winehouse and went into a bamboo forest to the left of the Respite Winehouse.

“Which one should I learn first?” He thought to himself as he stood within the bamboo forest.

‘I should learn the Vajra’s Iron Fingers first, as it could be used in support of Xingyi Fist!’ After giving it some thought, he had decided to create the Vajra’s Iron Fingers.

He sat down cross-legged, and recalled the analects for the Vajra’s Iron Fingers in his mind.