MMORPG: Divine Monster Transmuter - Chapter 783 - Jiang Feng’s Plan

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Chapter 783: Jiang Feng’s Plan

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The ten Undead Guardians pounced toward them.

Jiang Feng led Sus, Wanke, and Huang Xiaoyu in a retreat, to avoid being surrounded by the ten Undead Guardians.

Members of the Leilang Squadron merely sneered as they gave them a glance. They did not choose to help but focused on the Undead Guardians before them.

“Kill them one by one, I will slow down the others! Kalosi, enter the well and see if you can find the treasure. Be careful. If there’s anything wrong, retreat immediately!”

Jiang Feng had Kalosi enter the bottom of the well to look for the treasure. Sus, Wanke, and Huang Xiaoyu would be tasked with killing off the monsters while he diverted the other monsters’ attention.

In their team, only he had the Black Pill, and he was the most powerful as well. If he did not distract the monsters, Sus, Wanke, and Huang Xiaoyu would be in grave danger.

“Explosion Fist!”

“Feihe Sword!”

He used the Explosion Fist to blast one of the Undead Guardians toward Huang Xiaoyu. Meanwhile, he danced with the Feihe Sword in his right hand, unleashing dozens of Sword Chis that looked like cranes. They all crashed into seven of the Undead Guardians, diverting all their aggro to him.

He left the remaining three to Sus, Wanke, and Huang Xiaoyu.


Several Black Pills attacked him immediately. He activated his Chi Shield and then activated the Expeditious Steps. His Black Pill also flew out, and he used it to negate the Black Pill attacks from the Undead Guardian while dodging with the use of Expeditious Steps. Even when the Black Pill attacks eventually reached his Chi Shield, their damage would have been weakened by his own Black Pill. Thanks to that, they would not be able to breach through his Chi Shield.

It was extremely difficult for him to deal with seven Undead Guardians alone.

It was also extremely dangerous for him to act the way he did. If his Black Pills’ powers were not reduced, he would most likely die from their attacks.

“The three of you, pick up the pace! I can only hold them for another three rounds!” When Jiang Feng saw that the seven Undead Guardians were attacking them again, he quickly turned around and yelled at Sus, Wanke, and Huang Xiaoyu.

This time, the seven Undead Guardians did not use their Black Pills to attack. Instead, they attacked with their pair of sharp claws.

The Black Pills contained Inner Chi after all, and they would expend a lot of Inner Chi after using it once. They could only use it three times at Earth Realm Six Stars. If they could not kill their enemies after three times, they would become fatigued and they themselves would become the hunted.

It was fortunate that the Undead Guardians’ powers were also suppressed. If not, they would have trouble dealing with them.


As he continued to swing the Feihe Sword, it was like a flock of cranes were dancing around the sword accompanied by the sounds of the sword slashing through the air as the cranes defended against the claws of the Undead Guardian.

He blocked one of the Undead Guardians’ sharp claws and quickly used his sword to block another Undead Guardians’ attack. He then slammed another Undead Guardian with his left arm using an Explosion Fist attack.

“Cloud Walk!”

He stepped into the air as he jumped into the air, evading another four Undead Guardians’ attacks.

He looked like he was having an easy time, but Jiang Feng was already drenched in sweat.

Many of the Freelancers nearby were not paying attention to them at first. But once he managed to evade the attacks of the seven Undead Guardians twice, he had attracted their attention.

“Hm? The captain from that newbie Squadron seems quite good. Not even Liya and Angus could take on two rounds of attacks from seven monsters.”

“Tsk, he’s just lucky. Look at him panting and sweating. I don’t think he will survive the third round.”

“Look, the newbie Squadron’s captain is done for.”

Just as the nearby Freelancers were having a good chat, one of the Undead Guardians used his Black Pill and immediately pierced through his Chi Shield and right through his shoulder, making him lose more than half of his HP.

Luckily he was able to react quickly enough. Otherwise, the Black Pill might have struck his head.

“Cough… Handling seven monsters at the same power as I am is still quite difficult.”

Within the Great World of Tianji, there were still some differences in power despite being at the same rank. Unless he was fighting enemies without Black Pills. He could easily deal with any number of enemies of the same rank if they had not formed their Black Pills.

However, if he were to fight enemies with Black Pills, he could at most deal with around four of them. If he was fighting more than four, he would be forced into a difficult situation.

Of course, if he had formed his Earth Soul, he could easily clear out everyone here who was on the same level.

Unfortunately, he was still some distance away from forming an Earth Soul.

The moment that Jiang Feng got injured, Sus and Wanke finally dealt with their Undead Guardians and came to his aid.

That elevated much of the pressure on him.

As Huang Xiaoyu’s offensive power was insufficient, he had yet to eliminate the Undead Guardian that he was responsible for. However, he was not in any great danger.

Compared to Jiang Feng’s Squadron, the other two Squadrons were much more powerful.

While their power had been suppressed, all of them had formed their Black Pills and were rich in experience. They had already cleared out the ten undead guardians, and were fighting the Undead Guardian Leader together.

They believed that the Undead Guardian Leader had the treasure on him.

Liya, with his speed, quickly attacked the Undead Guardian’s weakness using his claws viciously.

Angus was also doing his best, channeling his Inner Chi into a black flag with the symbol of a skull.

As the flag was waved, skeleton soldiers began to rush out and attack the Undead Guardian Leader without pause.

The three groups fought in the valley with vigor.

The Freelancers took out some food and enjoyed the show since the fight for the treasure had nothing to do with them.

“Captain, there are only two Rare Treasures and Three Scarce level herbs. No treasures found within!”

Jiang Feng’s battle had almost reached its end. At this time, Kalosi’s voice came through the team channel.

When he heard what Kalosi said, he frowned, “Looks like we have to fight even if we don’t want to. Kalosi, remain invisible. When we attack, find a way to eliminate Angus and Liya!”

The Leiya Squadron and Qixue Squadron each had four people in their squadron, so they had the advantage in terms of numbers.

With Kalosi hiding in the dark, if she could find a way to eliminate their captain and commander, it would be easier for them in the coming battle.

“Sus, Wanke, Huang Xiaoyu, do not use your full power. Pretend that we’re busy fighting the Undead Guardians, and make it look like we’re in danger so that the other two Squadrons won’t eliminate us first. Once they’re almost done for, then we attack. We have to save our strength so that we can kill the Undead Guardians in one strike. Only then can we attack them without them being aware!”

Jiang Feng observed the situation. The Undead Guardian Leader’s HP had only been reduced by one-fifth. The Leilang Squadron and Qixue Squadron could still handle it, and they had not started attacking each other yet. But he guessed that as soon as the Undead Guardian Leader only had a little HP left, they would then start attacking each other.

What he needed to do was to wait. Wait for the two Squadrons to fight each other. They could then attack and eliminate them all. Once they had dominated the battle as the third force, all they needed to do was to eliminate the leader and they could then claim the treasure as theirs!

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