MMORPG: Divine Monster Transmuter - Chapter 784 - Planning for a Kill Steal

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Chapter 784: Planning for a Kill Steal

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He had to give it to them, though. The Leilang Squadron and Qixue Squadron were very good.

While the Undead Guardian Leader’s power had been suppressed as well, its stats far surpassed theirs. However, the Leilang Squadron and Qixue Squadron were not at a disadvantage at all. Instead, they were handling it quite well and they were able to support each other very well too.

The Undead Guardian Leader’s HP kept on decreasing.

Jiang Feng had also managed to control the Undead Guardians on their side in a manageable state as they kept up the farce.

Luckily, their performance was quite convincing to the point where the Freelancers around them were laughing and mocking at how bad their fights were going.

“Seriously, wasn’t that Squadron doing fine in the beginning? Why do they look so tired and worn out? Did they spend all their Inner Chi already?”

“I guess so. Even though the Leilang Squadron and Qixue Squadron have been suppressed. The speed at which they recover Inner Chi is faster than them. Naturally, their long-term combat capabilities can’t be compared with the other Squadrons.”

“Looks like these newbies are going to die soon. I wonder why they bothered coming in here? To become fodders? Haha…”

When the Freelancers around Jiang Feng and the others saw them fighting the Undead Guardians in their exhaustion, they thought that they had expended all their Inner Chi and were unable to use their skills.

They were ready to see Jiang Feng and the other three get killed off as fodders.

“Angus, you despicable scum!” After a short moment, an angry cry came from where the two Squadrons were fighting the Undead Guardian Leader.

Jiang Feng glanced over, and saw a long, gaping wound on Liya’s abdomen. The sword in Angus’s hand was dripping blood.

He then peeked at the Undead Guardian Leader’s HP. It only had one-fifth left. It could be killed in around eight attacks.

No wonder Angus chose this time to act.

After Liya had been stabbed in the back, his teammates quickly withdrew to his side while another one distracted the monster.

Angus licked the blood on the sword and said to them coldly, “Despicable? Didn’t you always say that we Heavenly Demons are evil and vile? Then let us be despicable!”

“Attack!” Liya said coldly as he waved both his hands. His Black Pill appeared from within his body, spinning in front of him. While he was already injured and was not as agile, he could still use his Black Pill.

With his order, all his team members attacked Angus.


Angus had an evil smile on his face as he stepped up to the plate.

When they saw what was happening, the Freelancers nearby became excited.

“Haha! They have started fighting! This is what I like to see when I enter the Secret Maps. The elites don’t hold back when they fight! This is great!”

“The Leilang Squadron and Qixue Squadron have already fought three times and they have each lost one member. I wonder who would be the one to claim the treasure this time?!”

“The fight for the treasures always causes a lot of losses. There have been so many Squadrons destroyed in the Secret Maps. I wonder what kind of stats the treasure has? Damn the Treasure Tradeshow for not allowing the Treasures’ stats to be revealed!”

“Treasure, is it? One of the lead players on our planet has one. I heard that the Treasure could give you a great advantage in team fights, and they could be used in the competitions as well. That is how we, the Battler Dragon Planet, could enter the top five!”

The Freelancers were watching intensely while the Leilang Squadron and Qixue Squadron were fighting to a standstill.

Both the Leilang Squadron and Qixue Squadron did not have their support.

Liya was a DPS as well as the commander, facing the Qixue Squadron’s DPS Angus.

The assassin-type player was facing the opposing team’s assassin-type player.

The same type of player was facing off against another player of the same type.

At this time, those with better control and more Inner Chi could win the day.

When he saw this moment, Jiang Feng smiled.

He knew that their chance was here.

“Get ready everyone, and listen to my command. When I say attack, kill all the Undead Guardians at once and handle the members from the two Squadrons. I will take care of the Undead Guardian’s Leader!” Jiang Feng said to his Squadron members as he was distracting the Undead Guardian in front of him.

Ten minutes had passed. Members of both teams had suffered quite a bit of damage. None of their HP was at max.

“Attack now!” Seeing that it was almost time, Jiang Feng immediately ordered his teammates through the team channel.

As soon as he said that, Sus, Wanke, Huang Xiaoyu, and Kalosi immediately attacked.

A red light appeared on the Feihe Sword and it immediately killed the Undead Guardian in front of him. Using Expeditious Steps, he quickly rushed toward the Undead Guardian Leader.

Sus, Wanke, and Huang Xiaoyu had also killed off the Undead Guardians at the same time and then went toward the members of the other two Squadrons.

When Angus saw what Jiang Feng was doing, he scowled and said, “A bunch of newbies like you want to join the fight for the treasure? You must have a death wish!”

With that, the Black Pill within his body flew out and was going to fly toward Jiang Feng.


But before his Black Pill could even fly out from his body, coldness pierced through his neck and his HP immediately plummeted. He then felt the pain coming from his back when he was trying to retreat, and black blood flowed out of his body. His HP had reached zero.

“Who… Who assassinated me…” Before he could even finish his words, his body fell to the ground and stopped moving.

“Be careful! There are others here!” When Liya saw Angus killed off in an instant, his face turned pale as he immediately retreated together with his men.

The other three members from the Qixue Squadron were still stunned when they saw that their captain had been killed. They did not continue the fight but merely looked around the battlefield carefully with weapons in hand.

The Freelancers around them were all stunned.

“What’s going on? How did the newbie Squadron become so powerful and even managed to kill off Angus?!”

“Damn it, so the newbie Squadron isn’t really a newbie Squadron after all! They were acting all along…”

“I didn’t expect that two such powerful squadrons would fall into the hands of a newbie Squadron. No one would believe it even if I say it.”

It was at this time when the members of the Huaxia Squadron all attacked the Undead Guardian Leader, including Kalosi who was still invisible.

“No! They want to grab the treasure! Stop them!” When Liya saw Jiang Feng’s aim, he quickly used his Black Pill to attack Jiang Feng and the others.

“Nameless Sword Style! Drilling Fist!”

“Buddhas’ Daybreak!”

“The Sword that Cleaves the Heaven!”

“Fate-Sealing Brush!”

“Death Strike!”

It was at this time, Jiang Feng, Wanke, Sus, Huang Xiaoyu, and Kalosi all used their most powerful attacks at the same time on the Undead Guardian Leader.

The Undead Guardian Leader did not have much HP left. After being struck by their attacks, it immediately cleared out what little health the Undead Guardian Leader had left and killed it off.

The moment the Undead Guardian Leader was killed, something dropped from its body.

When Jiang Feng saw it, he immediately caught that thing that dropped from the Undead Guardian Leader’s body.

Ding. Tianji System Prompt: Congratulations to the Huaxia Squadron for completing the Undead Valley Secret Map and obtaining the Treasure. All members of the Squadron have received 30 player slots. Work hard!

As the System’s voice rang, the Secret Map began to crack like a cracked mirror before Liya and the others’ Black Pills could reach them. Then, they all disappeared and were sent out of the Secret Map!

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