MMORPG : Rebirth Of The Strongest Guild Master - Chapter 394: The enemy cannot comprehend

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Chapter 394: The enemy cannot comprehend

( One day later ...) 

The infirmary was currently at full capacity , sick soldiers and dead soldiers were littered all over the infirmary. It seemed like an epidemic had broke in the fort. 

The very water used to treat these sick patients , being fed to them every hour , was the poison to their health , whereas those who were healthy were slowly consuming the contaminated food. The odorless and tasteless poison had did its job , there was nobody that was wiser of the ploy yet. 

However with more and more seemingly healthy soldiers falling sick after eating food or drinking water , many started to get suspicious. Nearly 40% of the fort staff was currently posioned and battling for their life. 

It was then that a local specialist healer who was called for , in urgency came to the location and after checking all the patients decided that , they were poisoned. 

This news breakdown was a heavy blow to the morale of the soldiers as they cursed whoever it was responsible for this despicable act. Upon investigation it was found out that all the latest food supplies and the water in the well were contaminated by the same poison. 

This was a very dangerous revelation , which lead to the fort staff immediately doubting the two men they took in at the infirmary as injured soldiers , after whose arrival this incident started. 

However the two Hazelgroove soldiers had already altered their appearance according to two dead soldiers who died of poisoning and replaced them as healthy soldiers within the fort ranks upon Rudra's instructions. Hence no matter how hard the fort staff tried to look for them , they were not to be found. 

Rudra had thought about every step of the plan , and not one of the people under his command were put in a suicide position. It was a risky job , but not suicidal. But risk was the life of a soldier , hence those appointed the task did not despair , but did it with full precision. 

The show had started , the fort had been poisoned , and far away at Mercury village , one Rudra Rajput was smiling in his base camp. Gearing up for war ! 

A genius plan had hatched in his mind , when he travelled to the fort , as he secretly let Furball take a good look at the location , when he moved the supplies inside the fort. 

Now using Furball's mass teleport , he could potentially take in upto 15 soldiers with him directly inside the fort , slaughtering it from the inside , to open the north gate from within for the Hazelgroove storm in.

However , if Rudra was to pull this off , he needed his team , he needed his squad , he needed the Elites! 

Karna , SMG , Tank , Rhino , Naomi , Medivh , Yume , PoisonToadGamakichi , PoisontoadGamabunta , Skyla , Cola , PinkLotus and Greenlotus were chosen by Rudra for this task. 

Doom Armour strapped on , Excalibur in the left hand , Elven sword in the right. Sun god's bracelet on his arm , and a fluttering lieutenant's robe on his neck. Rudra was ready for action! 

With the Elites assembled , Rudra had a gaint meeting with his Commodore's , to push towards the north gate with full defensive formations , as slowly as possible and with minimum loss of life. Only to charge when Rudra was successful in opening the door from the inside. 

The commodores thought Rudra's method to be madness , they could not understand how 15 men were going to cause a chaos inside a fort manned by thousands , enough to open a forts reinforced gate from the inside? 

They expressed their apprehension towards the plan , but Rudra was firm , he told them it was an order , and left them incharge of carrying it out. 

The commodores could only exchange glances of concern and do as they were told. Their concern was genuine , however they did not know the elites like Rudra did. 

But what Rudra did not know this time , was the fact that the fort was being manned by a very agitated triad mercenary group. One of the best of the best at that. The kind of people that could rival an ordinary Elite one on one. 

This was going to be a tough fight , a prelude of how the inevitable clash between the triads and the Elites will be in the coming months ... 


( Meanwhile in Real World ) 

The girl that Jhonny left alive in the adult establishment was forced to draw a sketch of the man she saw in the room that killed and emasculated the triad leader . 

And after the sketch was complete , it was instantly recognized as one Jhonny English!!! 

It was a sensation in the underground world , as the number one mercenary was back in action after rumors of retirement. And back to take on the chinese mafia? 

The word spread quickly as everyone from the lowest level of mercenary organizations to the highest level of organized underworld crime , knew for a fact that Jhonny was taking on Chinese mafia and had successfully taken down a boss! 

There was a 100 billion dollar bounty on his head now , as many independent contractors started to hunt for Jhonny English. 

Along with Jhonny the Elites were also insinuated in this matter , as it was public knowledge he was an Elites member and a part of Ethan Grey's faction. 

Many speculated the nature of relationship between the triads and Ethan Grey , and if this was a massive war between these two entities. There were various conspiracies and juicy stories cooked up. 

Stories that fell on the ears of one Russian mafia boss , who was not very pleased with the situation. 

The matter was only to escalate in the coming time , as Jhonny was not done yet. Infact , he had not even gotten completely serious yet ... 

Jhonny was said to be the best ... The untouchable , the invincible. Now his legend would be put to test. The fight had begun! 

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