MMORPG : Rebirth Of The Strongest Guild Master - Chapter 401 - The Secret Of The Ancient Magi

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Chapter 401 - The Secret Of The Ancient Magi

The true strength of a Magus did not lie in his abilities or the strength of his spells. The true measure of a magus's strength was his mage tower.

Every Archmage had to have a mage tower , under whose domain , they would be the supreme ruler.

Usually these mage towers were tall structures , that contained rooms for experiments for the Magus inside as well as some special offensive capabilities as a structure. The sepcial combat abilities being the likes of a large flamethrower that could put dragon breath to shame , or things like constant ringing sonic sounds and the like.

However , these magic towers were still nothing compared to the ancient times where the OmniMage Zeus , ruled the continent.

His mage tower was special , as it had a mana gathering property. A special design that allowed the entire area around the mage tower to be full of ambient mana boosting the potential of every mage inside it.

Within that range , one could potentially fight with infinite mana , a mage could unleash their super move upon super move upon super move , like it was throwing fireballs.

A wizard was already a specialized PvE class , however with infinite mana they were unstoppable on a battlefield , a legion of wizards unleashing their best spells continually would crumble any attack , no matter how strong it is.

And that is exactly the secret that Rudra had found out in his extremely dangerous expedition inside an ancient ruins in Draconia.

With Luna telling him the tale about the late OmniMage Zeus and his mage tower . Rudra took a gamble in leading the Elites into the ancient ruins , only to return with a blueprint for a Omni mage tower.

This was the game changer Kalash was working day and night on to make true . A mage tower with terrifying thunder spells and infinite mana feature.

The only issue being that at the core of the mage tower , to support the infinite mana function , it needed liquified rhodium to act as a coolant to control the temperatures of the high heat reactor . However , rhodium in itself was a precious element , whose liquification in itself was a very difficult process which was extremely inefficient to do , as 99.9% of the volume was vaporized to only produce 0.01% of liquified essence. Which made the cost of running that function astronomical for Rudra.

Maybe the OmniMage was the overlord of the continent hence rich enough to actually sustain the costs , however for Rudra , he could use it for 3 minutes maximum to avoid bankruptcy.

It was the Elites's biggest trump card against all their enemies , as it was the closest guarded secret of the guild.

Even the guild members building the structure had no idea of the components and the engineering aspects of the design , while only Rudra , Karna and Fatty knew how the reactor worked.

It was a secret soo big , that even tier 5 existances would drool over the opportunity to get their hands on this design . Just like Drax did in Draconia. However except for Emperor Cervantez , Rudra had no plans to share the design with anyone else.

Now that the fight with the Triads was inevitable the urgency to build this structure had became even more important , as the booming thunder spells , as well as Medivh with his mage division would be unstoppable.


( Meanwhile in China )

Jhonny managed to slip inside the outer perimeter of the Hao Mi mansion , however the moment he put a foot on the lawn , the alarms of the mansion started to blare .

The security of the other triads had been astronomical in the last few days and currently there was an anticipation about where Jhonny would hit next. Hao Mi sincerely wished that Jhonny would be stupid enough to waltz into her mansion soo that she could capture and torture him.

However it was wishful thinking on her part , as she knew that Jhonny was not dumb enough to waltz into her highly protected mansion Alone . But as the alarms started to blare from the fact that and unknown assailant had entered the mansion grounds , Hao Mi perked up . Seems like Jhonny was dumb enough to dare.

Instantly flash lights lit up across the roof , as the lawn was completely light up in bright light. Jhonny was spotted , as his dark black coat stood out from the green grass under the bright light.

In a matter of moments , there were close to 50 men with their gun pointed at English , waiting for even a slightest movement by him to unload the entire magazine into his chest.

The odds to survive seemed impossible for Jhonny English , as he was utterly and thoroughly surrounded. While a sound of high heels clicking could be heard as Hao Mi came out to greet English.

Putting one hand on her hip , she said " Look what we found .... A two bit mercenary thinking he can take on the triads. An old one at that ".

The men surrounding Hao Mi chuckled , they were of the same opinion , they did not think that English was anything special. They did not feel themselves to be inferior to him. Or understand the hype surrounding this middle aged man.

Hao Mi said " Jhonny Jhonny Jhonny , you have killed a fellow triad of mine , as well as I absolutely hate your friends and guild as a whole , soo there is no chance you walk out of here alive. However since you have already gotten here , let me torture you for a few days , before you slowly beg me to kill you to alleviate the pain , and me being the merciful woman I am , obliging your request and granting you freedom. How does that sound ??? ".

Jhonny made a weird face as he slapped his ears twice or thrice making a confused face as he said " Woman who? Call yourself grandma b***".

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