MMORPG : Rebirth Of The Strongest Guild Master - Chapter 402 - Beating Impossible Odds

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Chapter 402 - Beating Impossible Odds

Jhonny was completely surrounded , even the best mathamatician who was lenient in making a mathamatical model of the situation here , and calculated the odds of Jhonny actually escaping unharmed.... It would come close to 0 .

Sooo close to 0 , it was exactly one in one million , or 0.000001%.

The very idea of escaping was soo ridiculous that everyone present surrounding Jhonny were completely sure that he would not try something soo foolish . Because the moment Jhonny tried to pull something off , he would be pelted by a hundered bullets turning him into a rag doll full of holes.

Hence when Jhonny called Hao Mi a b**** , everyone thought he was a madman , that his life was forefit!

Hao Mi Just looked blankly at Jhonny for a second before her face turned red with anger as she shouted " RESTRAIN HIM , I WANT THE BASTARD ALIVE ".

As four men quickly charged in towards Jhonny.

Jhonny surveyed his surroundings , as he waited for the right moment as to the men charging at him covered the fire range of the guns , before in a lightning fast movement , Jhonny threw four daggers that pierced the centre of the forehead of the four men charging , as Jhonny caught one of them before he fell using him as his meat shield.

Bullets started to rain towards Jhonny , as he used the poor dead body as his cover , retreating before the corpse of another dead body , as he used it to create a small double cover.

Daggers randomly flew amidst the fire as more and more of Hao Mi's men bit the bullet.

With more men charging towards Jhonny , Jhonny waited till they were close enough , before killing them in a way that they would fall close enough to him to provide cover.

Hao Mi was absolutely livid as she kept hurling insults at her own men and their incompetency . With more and more dead piling , she started to become concerned.

Minute by minute , dead bodies piled up , as Jhonny literally made a mound of dead bodies as his cover against the fire . Untill slowly he was able to stand again at full height .

Now the game had changed , and Jhonny went from prey to predator mode , as he threw them daggers at once pierced ten necks.

After four such ten dagger rounds , there was a temporary vaccum created between Jhonny and Hao Mi , as the reinforcements were 15 seconds away , while there were only five men left to protect the Boss .

Jhonny Charged at this small group , he wanted to end it right here and now , a scuffle broke out between Jhonny and the rest as he had to fight against the best men of Hao Mi who were extremely trained professionals.

They each laster nearly 3 seconds against Jhonny which was a great feat considering that noone was ever able to last more than 2 against Jhonny in his entire career.

Jhonny did not anticipate it to turn out this way , as the reinforcements arrived just as he finished the last man protecting Hao Mi . With loaded rifles pointing at Jhonny , he knew he had to retreat or he would die.

Although it was regretful he could not really take down an entire mansion full of triad thugs and walk away unscathed. He was human too , and against guns he was powerless.

Hence unwillingly Jhonny had to step back , to avoid the fire of the gunshots. However , he did not go empty handed.

Just as he jumped backwards , his dagger sliced upwards , as although it missed Hao Mi's neck by mere inches , it sliced her nose off her face clean!

A terrifying scream filled the Triad mansion as Hao Mi howled in pain... Her beautiful face was now ruined as Jhonny cut her nose off her face.

She would now look like voldemort 's twin sister , the way her face was now.

Under the heavy fire of triad soldiers Jhonny was barely able to escape the mansion , to be chased into the streets by thousands of thugs.

Although he had escaped the mansion alive , he was not free from danger. It was far from it , he was in for a long , long night ahead. But nothing that Jhonny English could not handle.


( Meanwhile in Purplehaze city )

Rudra was stroking Furball in the Elites office , as he was wondering about the question of , could his awakened cultivator body handle the recoil from solar beam?

The inevitable clash with the Triads was only 2 months away , and he might need to use his trump card in the fight If needed. But if it came at the cost of immobilizing him , then it was not worth it.

It was not that Rudra did not think about testing his supsicions out. Even if he was taken out for a month , it was fine as he would be able to make it back 100% in the war.

However , the pain of using it two times was still etched into his memory . As his mind absolutely revolted at the very thought of suffering that level of pain again.

He could not put himself in that intense suffering again , just on a whimsical test , he just could not.

If the moment called for it , he would definitely use it , he was not a spineless coward. However he definitely was not a masochist who wanted pain without a reason.

It was at this moment that a genius idea hit him .... The idea was to provide artificial exoskeleton to this arm to provide the extra support to prevent his bones from brutally breaking.

A device that could help him contain the power of the bracelet. But the moment he thought about approaching about this to Fatty ,he stopped dead in his tracks.

Fatty was already overwhelmed with work thanx to him , and the project he was working on was more important than this. Hence Rudra decided to let it be.

He would look for a NPC blacksmith to do the job.... Infact not just any NPC , but the best one of them all .... The dwarf Smith Ragnar!

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