MMORPG : Rebirth Of The Strongest Guild Master - Chapter 708 Rudra’s Choice

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Chapter 708 Rudra's Choice

Rudra had a very difficult choice to make in choosing the packs, it was clear that all five of them were extremely valuable and had their own compelling arguments.

By the method of elimination, Rudra eliminated Thor's pack first as he was not a axe user and did not need the copy of the famous hammer Mjolnir.

Rudra then eliminated the thunder god Zeus , simply because the pack paled in comparison to the value of other three and had no major real world bonuses.

Rudra then eliminated Micheal's pack as he made an instinctive choices of his life . He had a gut feeling that him changing the race to fallen angel would somehow mess with his innate profession the death knight and the interference will not bring him any benefits.

Trusting his gut he eliminated the Micheal's pack even though he had a great interest in wielding Excalibur Again and learning one more of Micheal's overpowered moves.

Rudra was in serious dilemma in choosing between beniogre's pack and the unnamed god's pack.

On one side beniogre's pack was sure to offer him some sort of broken healing skill while on the other the unnamed god offered a versatile gravity manipulation technique alongside one of the very important vehicles of the cosmos , the battleship.

The problem was that he had too little information about both the possible paths to decisively make a decision.

At this moment Rudra did not know that even if he was able to obtain the staff of healing inside omega would he be able to carry it forward to the real world ?

Currently he already had items like the sun god's bracelet and the wooden pendant that were broken in their own rights , however that did not mean Rudra could do wood manipulation or solar manipulation in real life.

Without the items , he was stranded of those powers.

Rudra also did not know about what random skill will he be able to obtain from the unnamed god , and what was the grade of the battleship he was about to obtain ?

Rudra did not know the universal standards at the moment and this made taking a decision in the dark that much harder for him.

However after thinking long and hard about it , Rudra understood that his heart inclined towards obtaining the unnamed god's legacy more than beniogre's, as while he could always find more ways to learn some essential healing skills , learning gravity manipulation and obtaining a battleship was near impossible.

Taking a deep breath , Rudra chose the pack 5 as he accepted the immortal legacy of the unnamed god.

Instantly Rudra felt like his mind was about to burst as secrets of the basics of gravity manipulation entered his brain.

Rudra was taught the divine rated technique of how mana could be manipulated to bend gravity .

His horizons were expanded as an infinite amount of applications entered his mind. Rudra could use the gravity manipulation to not only create powerful fields of gravity to suppress his opponents , but he could also use them to fly like Superman and increase the power of each and every one of his attacks , while potentially negating the impact of all of the enemies moves.

Rudra was very satisfied by this choice that he had made as just with the secrets of gravity manipulation alone he felt like he could undoubtedly become the strongest player that planet earth had ever seen as with this secret technique in his arsenal he could actually even gain an edge against all the other tier 5 competitors he was about to have in the future.

Rudra also studied the battleship Blueprint to be shocked by the amount of materials that were needed to build this thing in-game.

Although the construction instructions were detailed enough to create a real life version of the thing should Rudra wish to make it , but the sheer size of the battleship gave Rudra goosebumps.

It was the size of an entire city! And not a small city like Purplehaze city , but about the size of Tokyo!

The amount of steel and resources that was needed to make the battleship was easily exceeding his net value , as he doubted that even if he liquidated all of his trillions of dollars he would not be able to get a hold of the materials necessary to make this ship.

At the core was a fusion reactor that fuzed not hydrogen or helium molecules, but freaking oxygen molecules to create energy strong enough to wipe out an entire nation at once should something in the process go wrong.

With a seating capacity of a whopping 130 million passengers , it was a battleship like the mythical battleship from stat wars , lined with uncountable pulse cannons and a fighting crew of over 25 million soldiers.

Rudra was blown away by the grandeur of the ship as he understood that this piece of blueprint could become one of the most priced posessions of humanity , as when they would enter the universal scale , the ability to produce battleships would be looked as a highly favourable skill to have.

In this very moment Rudra made up his mind to anyhow produce one of these ships in real life before the first awakening occured.

Although he was creating it as a showcase of human strength and not as a battleship ready for fighting , little did he know that him having such a battleship in his arsenal would change the course of history for this small planet .

Finally Rudra got to the part where he would recieve one skill from the unnamed god . Unlike other packs where he would have some sort of choice or control on what skill he recieved this one was going to be random , and Rudra prayed for it to be a good one.

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