MMORPG : Rebirth Of The Strongest Guild Master - Chapter 709 Moving Forward

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Chapter 709 Moving Forward

You have recieved the skill [ Object Manipulation ]

[ Object Manipulation] ( ???? ) :- A skill of the unnamed god , that allows him to use gravity manipulation in a special way that allows him to control objects.

Become a special gravity attraction for a specific object to attract , repel or freeze them mid-air.

Recall ur weapon after throwing it , freeze a sky full of arrows on the spot and shoot out random rocks on the side of the road as a missile projectile.

The applications are endless .. figure them out for yourself.

Skill duration -

Level 1 - Three object Manipulation , ( infinite passive )

Level 2 - Multiple object Manipulation ( three minutes )

Level 2 cooldown - 3 hours.

Mana consumption - 10-50,000 units per minute.

Rudra took a deep breath after looking at the skill Object Manipulation. It was an extended version of the skill gravity manipulation however it was more application based.

Alongside gravity manipulation it was undoubtedly one of the most broken skills a player could hope to possess and was undoubtedly a valuable asset to his moveset.

The versatility these two moves added to his battlestyle tingled Rudra's senses , as he felt like a new layer of fight moves and combos was now possible for him to execute.

This was one of those moves , just like Jhonny English becoming formless that had no counter at all under most circumstances.

Even if the opponent was the strongest spear thrower in the history of the continent , if Rudra could Manipulate his spear throw into a infinitely suspended spear state , then no matter how hard his opponent threw the spear or what technique he used , it would all be technically useless against Rudra.

Although Rudra did not know the full extent of this skill, the possibilities made his mind go insane. Over the last one year the amount of power he had amassed could only be hoped for in dreams by even the best professional players. Rudra was becoming a final boss inside Omega every single passing day , and it was virtuous cycle for him to the top.

What he did not know was that such legacy moves could not be inherited by just any run of the mill player even if they had an opportunity to inherit it.

He did not focus much on the system description at the start , but immortal legacies could actually only inherited by players who had reached the status of a ' Legend ' within the game.

Currently in Omega Rudra was the only player who had reached that status by repeatedly creating history.

Hence this opportunity had not fallen at him due to luck , and not because he was the church of deaths pope.

A player could only become a legend when the amount of titles he owned exceeded a system limit , after which he /she was considered to be a part of the history of the continent.

Rudra was very happy with this power up , as for him with this he finally had a chance to make an impactful contribution during the war against Lucifer.

Rudra looked at the next level of the revival of the church quest , and was shocked to see the amount of followers needed to reach the last and final threshold.


Ultimate Level Quest : ' Rise Of A Lost Relegion '

Time Limit : unknown

Difficulty : immeasurable

Rewards : + 200 levels , +15,000 stat points , + The status of being Hades 's fifth Commander.

Description : You have successfully started a relegion , but can you really grow it from the ground up to its past glory?

- You have managed to grow the relegion to a 100 million followers and now it could be said that it will survive the decade without any problems , but only by growing it to a billion can it wether the century .

Stage 4 : Obtain 1 billion followers

Progress : 100,010,008/1,000,000,000


Rudra laughed his bum off after seeing the 1 billion number as he did not even focus on the rewards of the chain quest anymore.

With nearly 14 months left till Omega ended , he needed nearly 2.5 million followers added every single day to reach the 1 billion mark before the deadline .

Even at his current mad rate of getting nearly 750,000 a day , there was no way for him to grow it to 2.5 million by any amount of schemes he used.

The timeframe he had was just not enough to accomplish this task , hence he immediately discarded the very thought of pushing hard for the next stage .

Every stage kept getting harder and harder , but now the system had just made it ridiculous. If Rudra had a decade to do this quest then sure he would slowly amass the one billion followers in time , however with only 14 months at hand it was not possible at all.

Rudra's focus for the next few days was hence set in stone. He needed to practice the gravity manipulation more before attempting to ascend to tier 5 before the set deadline to start the war on Lucifer .

Now was the time he needed to start putting the elites into work mode and the lifestyle guild into production mode as after 9 months of power levelling the lifestyle members they had already all reached atleast tier 2 and some senior members like fatty had even reached tier 3.

This meant that their futures were secured and they could now go back to working full time in the forges.

However not only did Rudra need to work them in-game ,but also hire skilled engineers and scientists real life to work with the lifestyle guild members in creating the massive battleship real life!

A lot of smooth details needed to be finessed out and Rudra now needed a base of operations as big as Tokyo city to build the massive ship in the first place , which probably meant deforestation of some massive region or capturing some inhabited island on earth.

If he did not think wrongly , apprently Ethan Grey had a massive private island to his name in the Pacific Ocean which could be suitable for making the ship , but Rudra needed to work out the finer details for sure.

Keeping an eye towards the future , Rudra got back to work both in real life and in-game as the time for the war and the first awakening both grew near.

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