MMORPG : Rebirth Of The Strongest Guild Master - Chapter 710 A meeting with Hades

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Chapter 710 A meeting with Hades

Rudra's routine shifted to him practicing gravity suppression moves in Omega while practicing the same ones in real life.

Surprisingly the easiest move to learn was how to fly , and it was an absolute thrilling experience for Rudra .

As a kid Rudra was always a big fan of cartoon superheroes that flew through the skies like Superman. However, never did he expect that someday he would be the one who would be zooming through the skies himself.

For the first three days , while he could take really amazing leaps, he could not defy gravity enough to fly as he wished, while every single time the landing scared him to death as he was not able to deaccelerate properly.

For the first few times he crashed into trees, buildings, windows and what not before he got the hang of how to deaccelerate properly.

After a while Rudra finally understood that flying was basically just a very complicated form of physics where he needed to find the right tangent against earth's gravity to propell him into space.

His initial problem was that although he had a much stronger physique than the common man , his legs could not generate enough power to help him gain one killometer or more in vertical altitude.

Also as he jumped higher the air got thinner and he felt a unusual pressure along his ears. It was only slowly that he got accustomed to the higher altitude and was able to think straight even after reaching those heights.

He understood that to balance out the lack of air pressure as he went up , he needed to create an artificial pressure field using gravity that would keep the net pressure around him to be the same , only and only then could he even dare to move further up in the atmosphere.

By the one week mark , Rudra combined the one -legged leap special move alongside a better grip on gravitational manipulation to reach the height of airplanes in the stratosphere during his jumps.

It was a completely surreal feeling for him everytime he broke through clouds as he could not stop smiling and laughing like a madman.

However despite his own pleasure , he did not forget to think about this problem from a technical standpoint and think about how to integrate various combat moves with his newfound ability to maximize combat potential.

Little by little he understood how to create sudden gravity fields around objects to change their trajectory , as within Omega he was able to use gravity manipulation to the effect of X30 gravity and completely suppress even peak tier 3 opponents to the extent that they could not even move a muscle .

This was still very effective on tier 4 opponents whose knees would buckle from the pressure and they would struggle to remain conscious.

While it was Rudra's estimation that it would make life of tier 5 existances challenging as they would feel as if they were moving through thick liquid rather than thin air while under such a heavy gravity suppression.

The progress in the field of gravity research was steady but it was quite slow compared to what it could be as Rudra only gave it a few hours everyday .

There were too many applications to explore and Rudra needed to give proper time to learn them all , but time was not in his favour at all as he still needed to go for the tier 5 promotion quest before the set deadline to declare war.

One month before the prepared date to declare war , Rudra was summoned to a seperate system space to meet Hades, as he was summoned there to meet the new demon kings and have a chat about the coming war.


( In the presence of Hades )

Rudra walked up proudly to Hades who beamed at looking at his favourite pope , as with Rudra delivering 100 million followers in under one year to Hades, the god of death seemed to have his powers increased exponentially.

Hades looked much bulkier than Rudra last saw him and the place where he would usually be seated alone was now a bustling hall filled with various demons , as the black smoke around Hades was now thicker than ever before.

" MY POPE , SHAKUNI! , WELCOME ". Hades said as he spread his arms wide and smiled .

Rudra walked upto the god of death and bowed before him to pay his respects as he said " My lord.... ".

Hades chuckled at Rudra's antics and fake respect as he pointed towards the man seated to his right and said " Second Commander , King Asmodeus. Third commander , King Livyatan , Fourth commander King Mammon , and finally Fifth commander King Belphegor".

Rudra scanned all the demon kings seated who were eyeing him with curiosity and distrust , as he activated the god's eyes to forcefully look at their stats.

Asmodeus was at the peak of tier 5 while the others were slightly weaker with the weakest being Belphegor at the start of tier 5.

Rudra was impressed by the strength of the demon kings as having 4 tier 5 servants by his side , Hades was definitely going to have a great upper hand in the coming war.

Pointing at Rudra however, Hades said " First commander , King Shakuni Won Knight , Pope of the church of death ".

Rudra raised his head higher in pride when he was labelled as the first commander , as he smiled a knowing smile at Hades.

It was true that all of the demon kings were formidable, but none of them were as formidable as the greatest mastermind to ever live , shakuni of the elites.

Asmodeus's face turned ugly at this announcement while the other demon kings felt uncomfortable too , sensing the situation , Hades said " Before we move forward, i need to make the command structure clear, my orders are absolute and the tag behind the general dictates their standing in my army , the orders of the first commander supersedes that of second commander on field and so on.

If anyone has an issue with this arrangement, now is the time to speak up ".

At this moment, Asmodeus raised his hand as he looked at Rudra with disgust, as he said " I have a problem .... ".

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