MMORPG : Rebirth Of The Strongest Guild Master - Chapter 711 Respect

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Chapter 711 Respect

Asmodeus said " My king , although i greatly respect your personal strength and ability to delegate responsibility, i cannot help myself but to object to making this weak human the first commander.

Even Belphegor is stronger than this human my lord , and he is not even reached the realms of tier 5 yet.

Im sure the human is indispensible for you , due to his good work in middle earth , but this is a war we are gearing for , and in war the soldiers only respect the strong generals . In such circumstances the first commander cannot be the weakest one can he? ".

Rudra grinned when he heard this criticism, he looked at Asmodeus who was giving him ugly looks and just sniggered in his heart .

This was a recap for him when he was appointed ad a lieutenant of the Hazelgroove kingdom by Cervantez, back then the other lieutenants found his rise to be too fast and undeserving and history was now repeating itself once more.

Rudra looked at Hades who gestured for him to silence Asmodeus himself as Rudra said " Very well , i accept your criticism king Asmodeus, however let me ask you a few simple questions if i may , please try to answer me with the best of your abilities..".

" How many soldiers do you bring to the table , king Asmodeus, what is your personal contribution to this campaign? " Rudra asked in a satirical voice

Asmodeus's face darkened when he heard this as he said " I lead whatever force my lord assigns me to lead ".

Rudra nodded his head , as he said " Good , good , good , just for your information, i bring 103 million humans behind me , and my personal army of my kingdom.

Yes unlike you , I'm actually a king with a kingdom and people ".

The other demon kings laughed at the insult , as Asmodeus's aura turned murderous, he did not expect the human to shrink his ego down to size.

Rudra continued " I'm sure you must have illustrious battle record then , having won multiple wars from unfavourable positions? ".

This was obviously a trick question , Asmodeus had been born only a few days ago , and he had not fought a single war uptil this moment , which was a blatant flaw when one saw it .

Rudra continued " I on the other hand have never lost a war , and very recenyly routed the over 30 million strong army of Lucifer's underlings the blood merchants with a significantly smaller force!

They call me ' shakuni the invincible ' because I'm the mastermind strategist that has never been outsmarted.

Which is why King Hades allows me to be your superior, as he understands that my natural battle instinct are superior to yours ".

Rudra was faceslapping Asmodeus left and right and the face of the demon king now turned ugly as he was unable to contain the anger.

His aura exploded as he tried to suppress Rudra through his demonic suppression , however Rudra retaliated with gravity suppression as well as death aura , as dense black fumes just like Hades 's own started to emit from Rudra's body.

Rudra activate the god's eyes as he stared down the soul of Asmodeus who felt pressured when looking at the human and had to back off unwillingly.

He felt the air heavy and laborious to breath as Rudra's X30 suppression to be difficult, as he gasped and said " Gravity suppression.... But how? , Why does a weakling like you have the aura of death and the ability to manipulate gravity, it makes no sense! ".

Rudra looked at Asmodeus and said " Nothing about me makes sense , so you better get used to this ... , If you are dissatisfied with my strength then i assure you , we can go a few rounds now and i will give you the ass-whooping of a lifetime . Or you can wait for an even worse one after i reach tier 5 in a few weeks time.

Either way , i stay first commander! ".

Rudra's declaration was extremely domineering , the other demon kings were impressed by his strength and accepted his position easily , Asmodeus was unahppy in his heart , but understood that Rudra was indeed much stronger than an average tier 4 individual and definitely special for his lord , hence regretfully accepted his position as number one.

Hades chuckled at Rudra's display of power while he was mildly shocked to see gravity manipulation, but nonetheless things seemed to progress better than he had expected them to , with Rudra not only showing extraordinary personal strength but also far exceeding his initial expectations of the church's revival.

Finally Hades said " since there are no other objections , let's officially start the war council.

Currently the demon kingdom looks like this ... ".

Hades unflurred a huge map in the floor which showed the current position of the demon's kingdom.

At the heart of the kingdom sat the city of the dead , the capital built by Hades which was currently the nesting ground of Lucifer and also the place where the throne of hell was situated.

The shortest path towards that city was a march through the eastern province where one needed to capture 11 minor towns and 3 major ones to reach the capital , but the problem was that the army also needed to cross the very risky Thames river , whose bridges were closely guarded.

The north had a rocky terrain that made mobilization of army through it difficult, while the south had dense forests which posed the same problem.

The best way to go in was through the west side , which was also the longest path , as one needed to capture atleast 17 minor towns and 5 major ones to reach the capital from the west.

This was the first major agenda on the table right now as the large scale war needed to be planned from the scratch and this was the most critical moment in it , as depending on what path they chose a lot of preperations needed to be made.

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