MMORPG : Rebirth Of The Strongest Guild Master - Chapter 712 Battle plans

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Chapter 712 Battle plans

Rudra studied the map of hell carefully, as instead of speculating blindly like the others he used his god's eyes to scout the potential entry points he felt would be the best for the war effort.

But before he could draw a battle plan he needed to understand the current troop strength of his side vs the enemy side.

So he asked " My lord , how many troops do we have? ".

Hades's eyes brightened at this question as he said " with the help of the demons diary , i have been able to revive the four demon kings at tier 5 , and 108 demon generals at tier 4 , and a demon army of 25 million strong all above tier 2 and mostly in tier 3

In the next 3 months if my power keeps growing , i will be able to create 30 million more ".

Rudra nodded at this information in approval , this was indeed a massive number of soldiers to be amassed in such a short time. Hades was a frightening enemy to make , given enough time he could recreate the demon race as a whole.

Assuming that Hades brought 55 million soldiers to the table alongside a few high level ones , and Rudra was able to bring atleast 50% of his relegious following , the army would be a 100 million strong at the minimum and could be as large as 120-140 million.

This was almost the total population of the True Elites Kingdom as a whole , so essentially it was like marching with an entire kingdom full of soldiers.

Just the total scale of the war was something unimaginable to a common player, as Rudra was sure that a war of this callibre would need not only the 4 demon kings and himself , but many many more capable generals to execute the plan on a microscale.

This was no longer as easy as Rudra saving the day for the elites , as this time it needed to be a very long and arduous team effort for the win.

As Hades and the other generals discussed war plans , Rudra remained silent as he formed a strategy and calculated the probability of winning from each angle.

Rudra understood warfare on a deeper level and understood that the real fight was in the city of the dead , the capital of hell while the other towns outside were to just slow them down.

The longer the chosen route , higher the deaths , and lesser the chances of victory.

Major cities were especially difficult to topple with one / multiple tier 5 generals guarding it alongside millions of troops.

Rudra was sure that if even with an army of 30 million strong the blood merchants could not topple Purplehaze city, then they should not dare think that they could win any major cities without losing atleast 10-15 million troops on each raid and 2-5 million in every minor town.

This meant that should they go from the north they would only have 40 million left by the time they reached the capital , 25 from West , 35 from south and 55 from East.

Either way the amount of troops in the end were just not enough to logically win the capital city as even with 55 million strong army Rudra was not confident of victory.

This meant that no matter what they needed to work on improving the eastern front strategy and come up with a way to reach the capital safely with atleast 80 million soldiers at hand.

With this conclusion drawn in his mind , Rudra started to reverse calculate about the problems on the eastern front and started to scout the Thames river to look for possible crossing points.

Apart from the obvious bridges and the boat method , there were two points where the river was it's narrowest with it being only 10 meters in width , which was a range that could be even bridged with manmade ladders that could be used to create shore to shore bridges and cross fast .

Rudra thought and then thought some more about it , before finally speaking his first words in the meeting for over 2 hours.

He had completely zoned out for the last 2 hours and apparently missed the part where Asmodeus convinced everyone that the west side was the best choice as he simply nullified two hours worth of discussions by declaring " EAST! We must go east! ".

The attention in the room suddenly transferred to the quiet first commander as everyone looked at him with a funny face now , because his antics were just too interesting.

Before Asmodeus could put up a protest , Hades raised his hand up to signal silence as Rudra laid out his plan.

The initial funny faces of the demon king's instantly turned serious as they understood that what Rudra was spitting was pure gold , to them completely drenched in sweat 10 minutes later as Rudra was halfway done with his explanation.

Rudra's ability as a commander was second to none and it was visible as he explained every decision he took logically and explained all the possible angles it covered and why it was the best choice given the circumstances.

He left no room for doubt or argument as his doubts were covered by a plan b then a plan c ,d ,e.

He was also backed by irrefutable information as his god's eyes gave him the ability to scout like no scout could ever do , with him able to do in minutes what a scout would take weeks to accomplish.

By the time Rudra was done explaining , Asmodeus was left mouth agape while the rest of the demon kings had newfound respect for their first commander.

Everyone in the room , Hades included understood at that moment that this one Shakuni of the Elites was something else .

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