Monarch Of Time - Chapter 736 - 736 Sparks Of Red Lightning

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Chapter 736 - 736 Sparks Of Red Lightning

At the same time that Little Black's surprised voice sounded inside Shun Long's mind, the Northern Sovereign and the rest of the experts around her who were standing a distance away from the King's Palace, all stared at the sky above the palace with clear looks of disbelief in their eyes.

''This... is this real?'' The Northern Sovereign was actually the one who asked this question while the Elders around her all remained silent, as none of them could believe the scene in front of their eyes.

The massive white-colored thundercloud that covered a distance of 99.999 meters around the King's Palace had actually started to change, as sparks of red lightning started to appear around its surface.

''Senior, what's going on? Why hasn't the cloud of Heavenly Tribulation disappeared yet?'' The Grand Elder looked at the Northern Sovereign and asked in a distressed voice.

Although he had been certain that Shun Long's chances of surviving the barrage of the previous 6 bolts of Heavenly Tribulation were practically nonexistent, the Grand Elder still wanted to see Shun Long's body at the very least.

However, from the looks of things, it seemed like Shun Long's Heavenly Tribulation wasn't over yet, making the Grand Elder unsure of how to act.

''Wait! Since the cloud of Heavenly Tribulation has yet to disappear, does this mean that that kid had actually managed to survive the first set of nine bolts of white lightning?'' One of the old men who was standing the closest to the Northern Sovereign couldn't help voicing out his suspicion as he stared at the massive white thundercloud above the King's Palace that seemed like it was actually preparing to strike for the third time.

Looks of realization suddenly appeared on the faces of the surrounding experts who had actually forgotten about this detail.

Indeed, unless the person who was undergoing the Heavenly Tribulation truly died and had their soul disperse, or they finished undergoing their Heavenly Tribulation and completed their breakthrough, the cloud of Heavenly Tribulation wouldn't disappear.

Nodding her head, the Northern Sovereign answered in a serious voice

''Since the Heavenly Tribulation has yet to disappear, it can only mean that that kid has indeed managed to survive it and is somehow still alive. Throughout the history of the entire central region, at least as far as I know of, he is only the 4th person to do this.''

The Northern Sovereign's words were like a hammer that struck the hearts of the high-level experts around her. Although many of them had guessed that Shun Long was probably still alive since the cloud of Heavenly Tribulation had yet to disappear, hearing it directly from the Northern Sovereign was a completely different matter. Even young lady Niu and the red-haired Sovereign realm expert who was following after her, senior Feng, had all turned silent as they waited for the Northern Sovereign to continue.

Indeed, a moment later, the silver-robed Northern Sovereign kept staring at the sky above the King's Palace before she continued

''However, even I have never of heard of something like this happening before. Normally, red lightning will only appear when Dao Emperors breakthrough to the Sovereign realm.

Although it's not unheard of for peak Dao Kings who have comprehended supreme or unique Daos to create such a scene when they breakthrough to the Dao Emperor realm, in the history of the entire central region, there has never been a Nascent Soul stage cultivator who had to face red lightning!''

The Northern Sovereign was unable to hide the shock in her voice as she stared at the sparks of red lightning that seemed to be gathering towards the center of the white cloud of the Heavenly Tribulation.

However, the most astonished out of everyone wasn't the Northern Sovereign or the other high-level experts around her, but Little Black.

Shun Long who was still in the process of absorbing the nourishing energy from the bolts of Heavenly Tribulation inside his spiritual sea, seemed to have opened his eyes the moment he heard Little Black's voice in his mind, before he turned his attention towards the sky above him.

The moment his eyes landed on the red sparks of lightning that were quickly taking the form of a huge, crimson lightning bolt, Shun Long suddenly felt his heart turning cold, as a sense of lethal danger overcame him. He could sense that even though it had yet to fully form itself, the energy inside this red bolt of lightning far exceeded even the combined energy of the 9 bolts of white lightning that he had just faced!

Little Black who could sense Shun Long's emotions said in a grave voice

''Master, this is bad. Although I knew that it would be different, even I didn't expect that master's Heavenly Tribulation to become a Dao King would be this terrifying!''

Shun Long could sense from their mental connection, that Little Black was truly worried this time.

After a moment of hesitation, Little Black then continued

''Master, in reality, the Heavenly Tribulation that mortal cultivators have to face is split into 3 different levels.

The first is the white-colored Heavenly Tribulation.

Normally, Nascent Soul stage cultivators who breakthrough to the Dao King realm will only face a single white bolt of Heavenly Tribulation during their breakthrough. But of course, it's possible for them to face 2 or even 3 bolts of lightning depending on their talent.''

Shun Long nodded his head as he already understood this matter.

He knew that the reason why Jiang Chen, Liu Mei, Xingyi, and Bai Longtian had all faced 3 white bolts of lightning were due to their talent and the Daos they had comprehended.

''However, in the Immortal Dimension, there are some monstrous geniuses whose talent is so terrifying, that during their breakthrough to the Dao King realm they will have to face a full set of 9 bolts of lightning.

In the past, long before master became the lord of 'Heaven Trampling city', I heard that master also had to face a full set of 9 bolts of white lightning to become a Dao King!''

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