Monster Factory - Chapter 507

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M F Chapter 507: Another news.


November 21, 2021

"There is two good news." Zhang Yutian put up two fingers and did not continue playing tricks.

"First of all, after a year of preparation, Amano Heavy Industry finally passed the audit of the China Securities Regulatory Commission and obtained the qualification for listing. February 2, the day when the stock market closed during the Spring Festival, was the day when Amano Heavy Industry was listed on the A-share market."

As soon as the news came out, the following media reporters immediately buzzed and discussed. The listing of Amano Heavy Industry was not big news. There are close to 3,000 Chinese A-share listed companies, but what really surprised the reporters was Zhang Yutian's determination to announce this the last day of the Monster Heavy Industry countdown. The risks and self-confidence hidden behind this were pretty clear.

If Monster Heavy Industry wins, it means the young president was capable of fulfilling his promise, and Amano Heavy Industry, which just went public, will naturally suffer a severe blow to its stocks.

But if Monster Heavy Industry thundered and rained a lot of tears and couldn't beat Amano Heavy Industry, which meant Amano Heavy Industry was stronger. Their stock prices will naturally rise like adrenaline. So, since Zhang Yutian dared to announce this news, it is estimated that he was absolutely sure of Monster Heavy Industry defeat.

When asked about this news by many media, Zhang Yutian replied quite confidently. "I believe in science more than the statement made by the young president of Monster Heavy Industry."

"Science tells me that in seven days, the goal of that young president is impossible to achieve. In fact, you have been paying attention to Monster Heavy Industry for these seven days, but I believe that friends in the media have seen it, they have no actual action."

The confident answer made the on-site media nod unanimously.

No matter how shameless Amano Heavy Industry was, by deliberately tearing up the chip contract, and letting Monster Heavy Industry face the embarrassment of product disruption. The more, the Monster Heavy Industry was unable to produce a chip within seven days. Besides, up to now, there hasn't been any movement from the Monster Heavy Industry...

"The second good news has something to do with Monster Heavy Industry, but it is good news."

“Fresenius’ MD1550 chip products have inconsistent standards with China Industrial Standards. We decided to suspend production and design a chip product more in line with China standards. We decided to reduce the price of all Fresenius chips by 10% to make up for the inconvenience caused by our customers. This news is for the majority of factory users, a piece of good news worth celebrating."

"Which mean… Reduce the price by 10% in one go? It's courageous. Now Fresenius' business volume will definitely skyrocket. At this juncture, I announced the listing and lowered the price of the chip to counter the threat of Monster Heavy Industry that may not exist. Mr. Zhang is very decisive."

After the two pieces of good news were finished, the media reporters immediately started talking in a low voice.

With their flexible minds, they even began discussing whether to wait for the stock market to open and immediately buy the stock of Amano Heavy Industry.

Because from the current intelligence analysis, it is obvious that Amano Heavy Industry has a better chance of winning. Once they defeat the Monster Heavy Industry, they will surely gain a huge reputation, and these reputations must be real, which is reflected in the stock gains.

In fact, it's no wonder they thought this way. Ye Qing set up the Doomsday Group and only drew ten elites from the company, and the rest were all monsters participating. The media and Amano Heavy Industry were not Spiderman, how could they penetrate into the core factory of Monster Heavy Industry to investigate intelligence?

Zhang Yutian on the stage pricked his ears and listened quietly to the discussion of the reporters. The sound that he heard intermittently made him believe even more firmly in his heart that he was so wise to let his choices go.

A good leader must seize every chance encounter.

Ultimately, Monster Heavy Industry threw in the towel, because through the information, it got it right, and after rigorous scientific discussions, the answers became impossible.

Then let the fruits of your victory come sweeter. Let Monster Heavy Industry become a liar, let Amano Heavy Industry's stock, after the opening, take a winner's attitude, a smooth ride.

Zhang Yutian showed a smile, a beautiful day tomorrow, and the stock that is about to take off let his blood surge pride. He was about to wave his hand to ask the media reporters to stop the discussion and listen to his next passionate speech on the bright future of the Amano Heavy Industry when his assistant suddenly appeared from the left aisle with a weird look and beckoned to him.

Zhang Yutian had turned his face to look at him for a moment, then cast a suspicious look in his eyes, and the assistant held out his phone to him and continued to blink.

"I'm sorry, everyone, I'll answer the phone first." Zhang Yutian apologized to the media reporters off the stage, walked to the left aisle, and whispered: "What's the matter, didn't you see me giving a speech?"

Saying that answering the phone was just an excuse, Zhang Yutian took the assistant's cell phone and found the official WeChat account of Monster Heavy Industry on the screen.

"Boss... please take a look at their latest news." The assistant said nervously: "This is a live broadcast of Weibo video."

Zhang Yutian was full of curiosity.

An employee wearing the work clothes of Monster Heavy Industry appeared on the screen. This somewhat shy-looking young employee walked on the road with a very ordinary wooden box in his arms. There should be another employee in front of him who was in charge of taking pictures. The two of them just walked without talking.

The wooden box was ordinary, But this video was definitely not ordinary. At this point, Monster Heavy Industries had chosen to open a live video broadcast on the official WeChat account for an employee, which definitely had his unknown intentions.

Not to mention that the assistant was a little nervous, even Zhang Yutian himself became nervous.

"What is this person doing?"

"I don't know, boss. The live broadcast has only been opened for a minute, and this employee has been walking on the road."

Zhang Yutian couldn't always stand here watching videos, so he pretended to finish the call, walked over with his mobile phone, and then put the mobile phone on the speaking stage.

There was a baffle in front of the speech platform, and reporters could not see he was paying attention to his mobile phone. Zhang Yutian was planning to continue to give his impassioned speech while watching what medicine is sold in the gourd of Monster Heavy Industry.

As a result, the phones of the media reporters rang one after another. After answering the phone, every reporter looked at the people around him with ignorance, then logged into his Weibo with his mobile phone and clicked into the live broadcast of Monster Heavy Industry.

"What's the situation? What does the employee want to do?"

"I don't know, the wooden box in his hand looks so ordinary, and the employees pretend to be dumb and don't speak. Who can guess?"

"Let's continue to watch. There must be a reason to live the video when a competitor holds a press conference."

Seeing more and more reporters taking out their mobile phones to watch the live video of Monster Heavy Industry, Zhang Yutian suddenly smiled generously and said: "Since you are so concerned about the news of Monster Heavy Industry, please turn off your mobile phones and look up at the big screen with me. I asked the technician to broadcast the live room image to the big screen."

Thirty seconds later, the figure of the Monster Heavy Industry employee appeared on the big screen of the venue.

He continued walking with the wooden box in his arms, walking on the wide road with neat greenery and clean factories.

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