Monster Factory - Chapter 508

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M F Chapter 508: Chip vs. Chip Contest.


November 21, 2021

In the video, the employee had continued walking holding the wooden box, and just as the reporters were guessing what he was doing, the employee turned a corner, and then a modern factory appeared in the picture, [Yihe Machine Tool Factory], and six large characters made of metal gleaming have appeared standing at the entrance of the factory.

"Young man, who are you looking for?" An elderly security guard with a leather cap poked his head out of the duty room.

"Happy new year, sir. My name is Tao Kexin. I'm looking for the director of the factory here. I'm a salesman of Monster Heavy Industry. I have an appointment with the director of the factory. " The salesman took out a bag of Zhonghua from his pocket, and two of them were familiar.

"Oh oh~ go in, the director is waiting for you in the workshop."

After greeting the elderly security guard, the salesman Tao Kexin walked into the factory holding the wooden box. A group of media reporters and Zhang Yutian were so confused, watching him walk into the factory and then into a large factory building.

"Mr. Zhang, what do you think is the intention of Monster Heavy Industry in releasing such a live video broadcast at a critical moment?"

At the guest table, some reporters were curious to ask questions.

"It should be a gift to business partners." Zhang Yutian smiled slightly: "I have a little impression of Yihe Machine Tool Factory. This is a factory located in Liangjiang Industrial Park and specializing in the production of wood carving machine tools. After the acquisition of Fresenius, when I was reviewing their business records, I found that this factory has always used Fresenius’ chips..."

Speaking of this, Zhang Yutian was taken aback.

Things seemed to have found a point of contact. Monster Heavy Industry launched a live broadcast, al-lowing salesmen to visit the factories that have business dealings with Fresenius.

No matter how it looked, it seemed to be directed at him. I just don’t know what’s in the box...

Inside the workshop, a somewhat bald factory manager shook hands with the salesman Tao Kexin and greeted him. The factory manager asked Tao Kexin why he chose to sell products on-site today with a bit of complaint.

"This is the big Chinese New Year, and the factory is on holiday, and I have to pay an extra for overtime to call in a few locals as workers, so, I came to take charge of the test. Is there a discount today?"

"Our president said. All manufacturers who sign chip contracts today will give them a 20% discount."

"Then hurry up, your Monster Heavy Industry is so famous, I'm really curious about what chips you can make."

The factory director sent a circle of cigarette smoke towards the workers' faces who had been invited to work overtime, and then Tao Kexin handed one box to the director: "Woodcarving machine tools produced in our factory have always been used to control servo motors, chips produced by Fresenius."

"You and Fresenius are rivals, and I know this."

The director patted Tao Kexin on the shoulder and added: "No, Monster Heavy Industry is our China Enterprise. As long as our chips can meet the requirements for use and the price is minor to Fresenius’s, then I will use in the future yours."

"Director Xu, you don’t know about our Monster Heavy Industry's products until now. After you get to know it, you will find Fresenius’ products that are not worth mentioning, they are mediocre." Salesman Tao Kexin, who was in front of the camera opened the wooden box he had been holding.

At the press conference, Zhang Yutian and a group of reporters had their pupils enlarged like the focal length of the camera.

When the wooden box in the lens close-up was opened, it revealed beautiful chips neatly placed in it, like black gems.

"This is impossible!" Zhang Yutian's pupils instantly expanded to the limit. These beautiful chips were all engraved with lasers, and the eyes could watch clearly the logo of Monster Heavy Industry.

It was embarrassing, mainly when Zhang Yutian kicked the microphone support in front of him in front of the media. "It's impossible for Monster Heavy Industry to make chips," and in the blink of an eye, people started streaming live video, and vendors traveled to their customers' hometowns to dig the Internet walls.

It doesn't matter, making chips is not a beauty pageant. What's the point of having a beautiful appearance?

In the end, it depends on the technology of the chip!

The factory manager should have the same idea. The beautiful chip did not make him very happy, but he waved his hand and summoned the workers to test the chip.

The testing methods of this group of workers... Were very simple.

It is carried out by a manufacturer specializing in production working on wood engraving machines, directly removing the control box of a new engraving machine in the workshop, removing the original chip, re-placing it with a Monster Heavy Industry chip, and importing the chip driver.

I don't know if it was intentional or unintentional, the employee in charge of the camera deliberately pointed the lens at the chip that was replaced. The English abbreviation of Fresenius Company was impressively printed on the back of this chip.

After the chip was replaced, the worker lifted a thick wooden board and placed it on the machine tool, uploaded the engraving drawings, and set the cutter speed.

The engraving drawings were stored in the U disk. When the machine had detected the drawings, it had used the algorithm data in the chip to convert all the drawings into coordinate points that the tool needed to do.

With a "hum", the three-axis cutter head of the machine tool started smoothly. The cutter head had rotated, and the spindle danced, moving irregularly above the board.

With the sawdust flying around, a huge chrysanthemum, along with the stripped sawdust, slowly appeared in front of everyone. This was China's most classic pattern of rich and honorable flowers, but it could be found on all carved wooden doors and furniture.

"Boss, the chip works."

"The spindle moves smoothly."

"This chip calculates the coordinates of the drawing, and it seems to be faster than the original one. After uploading the drawing, it takes at least half a minute to calculate the drawing for the foreigner's chip. I feel that this chip needs only ten seconds."

"Wait!" Director Xu suddenly raised his hand and shouted: "Go and start the other machine, so that the two engraving machines can be compared together."

"This...This...Can't." Zhang Yutian drop a little sweat on his forehead, the layman watched the excitement, and the expert watched the doorway. He was an insider and could naturally see this kind of chip of Monster Heavy Industry was not only usable but also very easy to use.

The arena was quickly set up, with two brand-new engraving machines, one equipped with the Monster Heavy Industry chip and the other equipped with the Fresenius chip. At the same time, two workers inserted the drawing U disk, set the same tool speed, and pressed the start button at the same time.

On the LCD display of the engraving machine, the loading progress bar appeared almost simultaneously. However, when the chip of Monster Heavy Industry is finished loading, the servo motor drove the tool to rotate, and when processing the wood. For Fresenius’ chips, the progress bar has only reached one-third, because thirty-three seconds later, the one equipped with Fresenius' chips slowly entered the engraving process.

There is no harm if there is no comparison between two engraving machines producing the same product in one factory.

With the passage of time, the chip of Fresenius has become more and more lagging behind. From the first twenty-three seconds to the completion of the carving, it was three minutes and fifty-three seconds behind.

Not only the difference in time, but the gap could also be seen in the finishing of two pieces of wealth. The one controlled by the Monster Heavy Industry chip was clearer and three-dimensional.

"Boss, why is this happening?" Some workers asked puzzledly.

"It's very simple. Our chip is better in 3D graphics calculation." Salesman Tao Kexin explained: "The chip is responsible for calculating coordinates and driving the motor. Different chips and different calculation methods are ultimately reflected in the tool. Of course, the trajectory of the movement is different."

"Yes." Director Xu nodded frantically: "Just like we did not use domestic chips before, we went buying Fresenius' chips because the previous domestic chip algorithms were ungood, and the products carved out were not processed by good domestic chips."

"Salesman Tao, I don't know the price of your company's chips..."

"Our president said, is 30% lower than the one you use. Now you can place an order with a 20% discount. And within two years, the chip will be replaced for free if there is a problem. "

"I believe in the products of Monster Heavy Industry. From now on, our Yihe Machine Tool Plant will use the chips of Monster Heavy Industry."

Director Xu smiled brightly: "This is really the best gift for the new year. Quickly, let's change all the chips in the boxes to the engraving machines. With these chips, our products can go to the next level."

"Boss, what do you do to the original chips?"

"Haha~ I think it was bad luck, I will immediately contact Fresenius, and we will say goodbye to him in 2017."


At the press conference of Amano Heavy Industry, the media reporters, very innocently and surprisingly watched Zhang Yutian on the speaking stage. It seems they were to be expecting Zhang Yutian to say something.


Zhang Yutian's mouth was like a tape recorder with a tape stuck in it. He was hesitating for a long time and couldn't make a complete word. He didn't respond, and the big screen behind him responded quickly.

Tao Kexin, the salesperson who just completed a large order, had not had time to celebrate that event, and the screen flashed and changed into another appearance, on a tall and thin salesperson from Monster Heavy Industry, also holding a wooden box, appeared at the gate of another factory.

At the entrance of the factory [EMAG Seiko China Co., Ltd.] a few large silver characters are shining in the sun.

This company is not small because it is a branch factory established in China by the well-established German machine tool giant EMAG Seiko, and it is also the only branch factory in Asia.

At this moment, in the live broadcast, there were foreigners coming in and out at the gate.

"My goodness, Monster Heavy Industry was trying selling its products to Germans?" A reporter couldn't help but shouted, pointing to the big screen.

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