Monster Integration - Chapter 1849 - Precious Plants

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Chapter 1849 - Precious Plants

A minute after I collected Cre Azearia, I found another rare Tyrant grade herb, and few minutes after that, another. 

I am not surprised by these finds; the quality of soul and astral energy here is more than enough to grow such rare and precious plants, and I am very happy to receive such a haul. I need a humongous amount of resources for my breakthrough, and these resources would help me a lot.


About twenty minutes later, after finding five Tyrant level herbs, I had finally stopped. I have come across the first thing my runes want, and it is a fruit tree. I don't know the exact name of this plant tree, but it looked like a mango fruit tree and have three mango-like fruits glowing lightly in starry red light.

I wanted to pluck these delicious-looking fruits, but I could not; these trees are encased in the formation, I will have to break the formation to reach the tree.

I did not waste any and started hitting the formation with my sword, but this time too, the raw power did not seem very useful against it. The better words would be that I do not have enough strength to break its raw power.

From what I could concur, only leader class Tyrant powerhouses have any chances of breaking it with raw power.

So, I recorded the formation before I started to study the ways to solve it. It took me nearly and half hour to find the method to break the formation. This time, the formation ink will not work as a formation is not inscribed on the solid surface.

It did not affect me much; hell, it will make things easier for me. 

Hundreds of vines appeared in front of me and started to morph into thousands of runes, and within a second, a formation made of thousands of morphed vines appeared; as it did, I stuck it on the formation field covering the tree.


As my vines formation stuck against the formation field, it begins to lit up, and it lit up so brightly that it would feel like it would explode and I even few steps back as careful, but all my worries are for naught as next second, the runic field collapsed in one fell swoop.

With the runic field collapsing, I walked toward the fruit tree and carefully pluck the mango-like blazing fruit, and brought it close to me to observe it fully.

A few seconds later, a different expression dawned on my face; the most common one is of surprise. There are multiple things that had surprised me, first is this is astral elemental fruit; though not pure astral, more than half of it is flame elemental.

If I am right, then this fruit is originally an flame elemental fire fruit, but through the thousands of years of contact with astral energy, it had gained astral properties.

There is another surprising thing about it which is that this plant is not of the Tyrant Grade but a Peak Primary grade one, but due to suppression of world and lack of resources, it had been devoloved to Tyrant grade, which means it much better than most Tyrant grade plants.

I did not touch the tree itself; I let it there. In years, it will bore the fruit which will be useful to someone. With fruits collected, I moved forward, and ten minutes later, I found another Tyrant grade rare herb, which I carefully stored in a crystal box.


Another half an hour had passed, and I picked up another precious flower. I had just picked that when I had sensed something. It is a very faint feeling, and if I had not kept my senses active, I was not able to sense it, but I did.

I investigated what I sensed, and a minute later, a smile couldn't help but appear on my face. I did not do anything and continued picking plants, and as such half, an hour had passed when I came across the second plant that my runes were sensing.

"Blood Skard Peas!" It is a pea plant that is half of my size; it had crystalline blood-red peas. These Blood Skard Peas are very rare and dangerous things. If any Tyrant ate these peas without any protection, they would be consumed by bloodlust.

I would be fine eating a few of them, as I have a natural defense against them through my killing intent, but if I ate too many of them, I would also be consumed by bloodlust. I carefully plucked those peas off the plants and stored them in special boxes before moving forward.

I wanted to destroy the plant, seeing people might consume them without knowing what they are, but I did not. Instead, I planted a sign, this pea plant is too precious for one to destroy.

With these two plants, there is only one plant that remained to be picked. There are three plants being sensed by my runes, two I had already picked up, only a third had remained, and this third one giving off the most intense feeling of three, I can't get it.

Fifteen minutes later, I once again come across a plant which is encased in the formation, and this one is not dėsɨrėd by my runes, but it rare Tyrant grade plant nonetheless, the rarest plant I had seen since I begin picking things and for it, I spent two and half hour breaking it.

I had just picked up the lunar frost lilies when suddenly, I sense something below me. The thing released a very faint presence that if I was not actively tracking it, I would not be able to sense.

'So, you have finally made your move, let me what you have got,' I said in my mind to the thing that is coming at me.

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