Monster Integration - Chapter 1921 - Coming

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Chapter 1921 - Coming

It had been nine days since I had returned from the Mystic Garden, and I had been working on my Inheritance since then. Though I spend few hours a day working on the Arstros and training like I am doing right now.

In the Garden, those fruits had filled 20% of my need of resources, and combine that with 30% I had got from the astral tower garden, I had got around the 50% of the resources I need, and now I need another 50% of the resources.

There is another place where I want to check for resources before I plan for the runes. That place is for me; Her Excellency Roosevelt had left some resources for her successor, and from what I heard, these resources are pretty great, and I might not even have to make the trip to the dangerous ruins if I got all the resources I need from there.

Still, I don't think getting those resources will be easy; it might be extremely hard. From what I had read about it in the secrete tomes, Her Excellency Roosevelt was a very powerful woman that even Ramona Hawthorn could not beat..

The reason Ramona Hawthorn was more famous before she had great offensive powers and became the face of the war while her Excellency chose to remain in the shadows; even in her time, people had underestimated her until that incident where she showed the world that she was no weaker than the Ramona Hawthorn.

I am planning to go there a week later; at that time, I will be ready to face whatever challenges that come to me and get those resources.


I practiced with my sword for an hour before I went to shower to wash off all the sweat. I had just walked out of the bedroom with a new set of clothes when I found a Councilwoman, Marla, sitting on a sofa and reading a book like she owned the place.

"Interesting book, the author had quite a take on magical veins. I'll borrow it from you when you are done with it," Old woman said as she put the book down.

"I had made copies of all the books I had got from Astral Garden Tower; you will find them in a central library," I said and took out a crystal box from my storage and gave it to her.

"Who is going this time?" I asked, "Lula and Jenkins," old women replied as she took the box and opened it; inside it were two red pearls with dense formation carved on them.

"Has Councilman Harrison and Professor Chadwin returned?" I asked, "Yes, they had returned an hour ago," She replied.

We have begun sending people to Mystic Garden since the day we have returned; that day, old women had forced me to create the pearls as soon as possible, did not even let me take a shower or eat, saying the war could start at any moment and she wants to finish sending people by then.

To be safe, we have been sending only two people at a time, one council member and one trusted professor. Teacher had already taken her turn; she was the first person to go there after us, and till now, eight people had gone there, including us.

It would be councilman Lula and Professor Jenkins; I hadn't seen her in quite a time; she handles outside affairs of the academy, mostly being stationed in Orcoz city.

"Have you heard from the professor yet?" I asked to that, she shook her head. "Josephine is on a very secrete mission; she could not be contacted at least for few more weeks," Old women said.

Ever since the professor became leader class Tyrant and went to Pyramid, she had been only able to return to the academy only once. It turned out, the Pyramid is very much needed for the special sort of skills she had obtained after advancing her bloodline.

Soon, I finished my discussion with an old woman, and she left when suddenly she stopped by the door, "Oh, successor, your little girlfriend and few members of her organization will come tomorrow to honey you, be prepared to welcome them," The old women said and left the door.

Still, I am very happy she is visiting me with her organization; it is always a pŀėȧsurė to listen to the offers from these lofty supremes as they try to woo you.

Till now, six supremes have contacted me, and Windgod Temple would be seventh. The other two that hadn't contacted me are Sky Saber and Wisdom Tower; I am very sure that Sky Saber would not contact me seeing our relationship while I am quite hopeful for the offer of Wisdom Tower.

They were able to get her Excellency, and that had changed the fate of their organization; I am sure when they came, their offer would be extraordinary.

Soon, I calmed my mind of the other thoughts and went into my Inheritance Space, and started working on my Inheritance. There is a huge amount of work that remains to be done, but I am not stressed about it; I even enjoy it, and if not for war is looming, I would have taken more time in designing my Inheritance.

Though that does not mean I am compromising on the quality of my Inheritance, there would be no compromise on that. 

I had promised myself that till I was satisfied with my Inheritance, I would not use it, and that promise still stands. 

When it finished, my Inheritance would be amazing; its grade would be no lesser than that of her Excellency; there is even a slight chance that I might be able to surpass her designs.

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