Monster Integration - Chapter 2017 - Crown Of Roses

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Chapter 2017 - Crown Of Roses


The big arc of lightning fell down on me, and despite having numerous arms, I did not do anything to defend against it; I let it fall down on me, and it did.

The big arc of lightning fell down on me; it had immediately spread through the ten meters wide faint rose mist covering me before it came down on my armor. The bolt is powerful enough that it was able to bear the hammering of the mist and came to my armor.

Over a thousand small whirlpools appeared around my armor with the power of the third boost and began to suck away this powerful lightning that could smite any Master class Tyrant into the ashes while it trying its all to tear through my armor, so it could smite me.

Sup Sup Sup

While it all happened, twenty-one whips have appeared in front of me and tore through my mist and came for me, aiming at all my fatal spots.

I did not react till the whips had passed through half of the mist before my sword and nine vine hands of mine moved, and they moved with like a specter, not even a bit affected by the sparks of lightning covering them and wanting to tear them apart.

The lightning may be powerful, but it is still not powerful enough to tear through my vines; even the Stone Lightning Tigerman did not have such strength.

My sword and my vine hands holding sword move in a certain way; it is the one of combat move I had created quite a while ago but did not have the energy to perform it, and now I do. I am using it to clash against more than double of very powerful vines.


My swords and vine swords clash against the one whip after another; the whip is very flexible, covering in the tiny but very concentrated arcs of the soul lightning, which would try to seep inside them but fail every time till the mist crushes them.

I clashed against one vine after another, taking their soul lightning which would get crushed same as the energy lighting which is covering me.

Every moment more and more lightning would get destroyed, and when it happened, the rose mist would get stronger, become denser and spread wider, and crush even more lightning, but all the lightning crushed at the same time when the mist had reached the certain power.

"Hehe, as expected, I did not think this attack would be able to do anything to you," Said the Stone Lightning Tigerman with a laugh.

I did not feel good seeing its laugh, till now it had very serious expressions on its face, there was even raging anger seeing its every move was unable to injure me much less gets me, but now there was a laugh on its face, and it does not felt like acting but the genuine one.

"Human, let me show you one of my favorite moves; I hope you will enjoy it," It said, and the next second, a copy of it walked out of it; this copy feels just like it that I could not sense any difference from the real body.

The first copy of it was just the beginning as another copy released from it and then another and then another; I wanted to stop it, but I knew even if I had attacked to stop it, I would not be able to do; the thing I could do is spot the original, that way I would be able to defeat this copies.

While it was making the copies of itself, I had begun to activate one ocular ability after another. Many of these abilities I had developed in keeping a mind dealing with grand arts like the Empire of Mist; I am sure they will me weed out the real one among the copies.

By the time I had finished activating my ocular and sensory abilities of mine; it had finished making copies. It had made eight copies of itself, making it a total of nine people, if counting the real Stone Lightning Tigerman, and all of them are now surrounding me.

All nine of them looked similar to it; even with so many of my abilities active, I could not sense any change in them. which is not surprising, if finding it had been this easy, it wouldn't have been one of its favor

"IT IS TIME FOR YOU TO SUFFER, HUMAN!" All nine of Stone Lightning Tigermen screamed and attacked me with their whips.

Wapush Wapush Wapush

Sharps sound of whips rang out; a nine whips came at me, and these nine whips had turned into one hundred and eighty-nine whips as it each whip transformed into twenty-one whips.

Seeing such a powerful attack coming at me, my eyes couldn't help but widen up, and I knew my current power would not be enough to defend against such powerful attacks. Unlike the copies, the attack by them is very much real and powerful enough to scare the hell out of me.

'It seemed like this time is good as any time to test that move,' I said to myself as I thought about the completely different move I had designed and not just the one I had brought many changes; it is also the move I had replaced the everwings with.

The move is totally untested, and even though I know it would work seeing the number of tests I have performed, but I have never used this move, and this time feels as good as any; as I am very sure as I would not be able to do defend or dodge, so many lashes coming at me.

"Crown of Roses," I said, and immediately a beautiful silver-pink crown appeared on my head, and thorns began to appear on the vine that is connecting the nine roses.

As it happened, I felt a blinding headache. The headache is not due to the injury but due to sheer information overload. The crown of roses is a very powerful sensory type move.. In it, I had even manipulated my own neurons for better information processing, but it did not seem to be enough to see I was feeling a blinding headache.

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