Monster Integration - Chapter 2070 - [Bonus ] Mutation

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Chapter 2070 - [Bonus ] Mutation

"There is no one better than you who could handle the mutations, Grandmaster Zaar, do whatever you have to save her," said the old man. I nodded and turned to my patient, who turning more and more abomination by a passing second.

The nature element bloodline is the best bloodline that an old man could offer his niece; almost all the nature element bloodlines have healing abilities; their healing work on self as well as on others.

Other bloodlines would not have stabilized her degrading dana this fast as this natural elemental bloodline has, but there is a huge side effect to these bloodlines, and they are easily susceptible to the mutations.

It is a good thing the bloodline is not a complete nature-type bloodline; half of it is a solar element; if not for that, her mutations would have been beyond saving for now.

I closed my eyes and focused on her, and my strings gave me a clear image of everything, and I have to say this woman is really unlucky to be born with such a severe genetic disorder.

She could also say to be lucky as she has one of the most powerful healers as her uncle, who had loved her enough to pay any price to heal her.

If not for that, she would have survived a month after she was born, not more than a century she had been.

There are two things I have to fix in her, first is DNA degradation, and second is a mutation, and unfortunately, I could not heal both of them, even with rule-bending power, stopping both of them is above my grade.

That does not mean there is no way to heal her; there is a way or single way to heal both things. It will fix the degradation and stop the uncontrolled mutation.

What I am going to do is very simple to understand; I am going to fuse the mutation of her bloodline into her DNA. It will not only stop the degradation of her DNA but also stabilize the mutation of her bloodline.

While it may seem simple, it is a very hard thing to do, especially fusing the mutation into the DNA. The current mutation is too wild; fusing it with her DNA would cause even a greater mutation; I have to purify it before I begin to fuse it, and I have to be fast; her DNA is degrading at a very fast speed.

'It is ready!' I said, and a smile appeared on my face as a formation made of my strings have covered her inside and outside.


I activated the formation without wasting a second; it shone brightly and started to work the very next second. The mutation began to slow down, and within a second, it had been barely increasing; not only the mutation had slowed down but also degradation of her DNA.

I had slowed every function of her to an extreme, like putting them in suspended animation, but I won't be able to continue it for long.

It is taking a massive amount of rule-bending power; even a huge amount of rule-bending power, I won't be able to keep this formation running for more than an hour, and I have that much time to deal to merge the mutation into the DNA.


I activated another formation, and the next second, my strings began to absorb the mutation and started sending to my core for purification.

I wish I could just suck the mutation and solve the problem, but it is not that simple; her bloodline had destabilized, even if I sucked all the mutation, her bloodline would produce more and continue to produce more till it consumes itself.

Not to mention, I need this mutation to fix the degradation of her DNA; I do not have any other way to fix that problem.

Through the hundreds of strings, the mutation had reached the core and started filling the upper disc of the quern, which had to begin to spin immediately to purify this mutation.

The mutation and contamination are nearly the same, with a small difference, but the thing is, they work nearly the same many aspects except for a few.

I will purify this mutation just like I did with Dragon Bloodline Contamination, and since the mutation is weaker and my core had gotten a lot stronger consuming the purified bloodline contamination, the purification process is quite fast; some of the mutations had already reached the 2nd disc.

I do not need to purify the mutation completely; even if it merged with DNA, the bloodline would not accept it, and thus it would not get stabilized, the purified mutation too different to form the connection with the original source.

I need a mutation at the balanced stage; I do not need it chaotic enough that it will mutate the DNA the moment it starts to merge with it, but I need it to contain enough chaoticness that it would form a connection with the original source and help in stabilizing it.

The mutation purified by the 4th plate would be perfect.

Time passed by, I continued to suck the huge amount of mutation from the patient's body and filled the quern, which had continued to purify it.

Seven minutes later, after the start of purification, the first stream of mutation purified by the 4th disc, I immediately took and activated the formation, which I had just finished creating a few seconds before.


The formation activated, and the purified mutation my strings have absorbed began to move toward the DNA and started to attach itself to it. I am using the mutation as filling, filling the degraded part of the DNA, and as I have expected, there was no reaction from DNA.

I had put the body in suspended animated; no matter what I do, I will receive no reaction. It is like, I am repairing a machine with its plug out, I will only know whether it will work or not when I put a plugin and turn the power off.

There is a good chance the DNA will not accept the mutation and degrade even faster, killing her within minutes.

I wish I had a much safer way to heal her, but I did not; this is the only way I have, whether it will work or not, only time would tell.

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