Monster Integration - Chapter 2071 - Sucess

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Chapter 2071 - Sucess

Both Grandmasters of Blazing Sphere watched with worry, especially Maxwell; he is using all his abilities to see, and what he is seeing had shocked the hell out of him.

He was shocked when he examined the Raibhan a few days ago and knew the conferment of Grandmaster of healing is well-deserving to a guy who is nearly three hundred years younger than him.

Still, there were some doubts, but now, seeing him working on his niece, all his doubt had vanished. He does not know if this young Grandmaster would be able to heal his niece, whose condition had deteriorated extremely, but if anyone had a chance, then it would be this young man.

I had formed a connection with the quern and formation with my strings; the quern is now acting as a tap continuously providing the mutation purified by the 4th plate to the formation, which would be then used to fill the degradation immediately.

While it is happening, my strings are still sucking up a great amount of mutation every second and filling it into the upper disc.

Her bloodline had really destabilized to a huge degree that it had it had forged the self-preservation and begin to use its essence for mutation. This is good; the bloodline would be weak to resist the fusion of its mutation with DNA and form a connection.

Time passed, and every minute, more of my rule-bending power would get drained by powering up the formation.

I tried to be fast, trying to fix all the DNA within an hour, but it was not easy, especially when some things were out of my control. Especially the purification of the mutation, I could not increase the speed of purification; it all depends on the power of the core, and I could not increase it in a short time.

So, I just focused on the things I could control, and that is sucking the mutation and stuffing the purified mutation into the degraded DNA.

Forty-seven minutes had passed since I had started fixing the DNA, and I was finally able to suck away all the mutation. It was in a huge amount, but I was able to suck it all, and as for fixing all the degraded parts of DNA with semi-purified mutation, I am a little far from finishing that.

I only have enough rule-bending power for ten minutes, and seeing the progress, I should be able to finish up before I got drained of it, barely.

Time passed, and soon nine and half minutes had passed by, and I had finally finished filling all the degraded part of the DNA with the mutation.

There is still a massive amount of mutation stored in my core, but it does not need anymore, and thank god before I am nearly drained of the rule-bending power and would not have been able to continue for more than forty seconds.

"In a few minutes, we will know whether she accept the treatment or not," I said weakly and turned off the formation.

As I turned off the suspended animation, hell broke loose in the body; the condition of the body is a lot different than it was an hour ago.

The bloodline again started to spread the mutation, but DNA started to degrade but was not able to move forward in that step. As the semi-purified mutation begins to spread across the double helix structure of the DNA.

The DNA had stopped the degradation and focused on resisting the semi-purified mutations infection, which is climbing on it, but it does not seem to have any effect.

On the other hand, the mutation is growing, turning her more and more into an abomination. The only thing I could do was suck off that mutation as soon as it appeared.

The patient's fate depends on the battle between the DNA and the semi-purified mutation and seeing what is happening; I could not say anything else; there are both positive and negative signs, it is very hard to tell what will happen.

Time passed by as the semi-purified mutation covered the DNA further and further till finally, it had covered the whole DNA.

Now is the most important moment; if it continues further, then the patient is doomed, and if it stabilizes them, there are chances that the patient could be saved.


The mutation did not stop, and it started to change the DNA further, and I let out a curse when I suddenly stopped when I saw the DNA reacting and resisting the further mutation.

The tug of war started between them, and watching it with bated breath when a couple of minutes later, their tug had stopped, and they have stabilized.

Just as it did, it had started to bring the change; with the mutation finding a balance with DNA, it had turned its soul. It had focused its power on the bloodline, which had weakened very much, releasing all this mutation.

The change was much faster than I had expected; the instability in the bloodline started to stabilize at an extremely fast rate, and at the same time, it released less and less mutation before it had completely stabilized and stopped mutation.

As it happened, the spores of the patient's body began to dry up, and vines and branches began to wither; a minutes later, I moved my strings around my patient, clearing away residuals of mutation internally and externally, till her complete external and internal figure appeared before my eyes, and I couldn't help but get surprised.

The mutation affected her heavily internally; she is now less human than Rai, with 11% of DNA being foreign.

Due to change being her very DNA, it had shown outside, but it is not intense as I had expected it to be; she looked like humans surprisingly, and the changes the change in her DNA had brought did not look that bad.

Her hair had turned completely green, and they are now curly like beautiful vines, and her eyes looked like they were pond of the amethyst water. Her skin had turned light golden like a sun, with her nails being in a darker shade of sunlight.

She had also turned younger and more beautiful; before, she looked like a woman in her mid-fifties with above-average looks, but now, she is looked like a woman in her early twenties with a delicately beautiful face that anyone would want to protect.

Her transformation is truly shocking!

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