Monster Integration - Chapter 2174: Rhea

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Chapter 2174: Rhea

It had been a minute since I started healing when I saw the eyes of my friend fluttering before they opened and immediately focused on me.

"Micheal?" She said in the question, "Am I dead?" She again questioned herself as she tried to get up slowly.

"Its been a while, Rhea," I said to her. She is my old friend Rhea, she is one friend I had made after I began practicing. The first female friend I had made in westblood, where all began.

"Yes, its been a while," she said before her eyes flashed in alarm seeing the five Grimm Monsters towering over us. 

"They are fine; I will deal with them after I stabilized your friends," I said, and she looked at four unconscious humans. Her expressions became sad when she looked at them, "They have suffered a lot," she whispered before her eyes again flashed in alarm.

"Micheal, there is a vidette here. Let us leave before it came," Rhea said; her voice was frantic; it seemed like it had caused quite a trauma on her. 

"There is no need to be worried about it," I said with a smile and again fed a mild herbal essence to three-four unconscious people and helped them digest it.

"What do you mean there is no need to worry about it? It freaking vidette," she nearly screamed and searched for a beacon on her hand, which is not there; the Grimm Monsters have likely destroyed it when they have captured her.

"Ive already dealt with it, so obviously, there is no need to be worried about it," I said, and immense shock appeared on her face that it took her a while to come out of it.

"You mean it had escaped from you, or you mean you killed it?" she asked again; it seemed like her mind was refusing to admit to the simple truth.

"Ive killed it," I said simply and this time saw, not shocked. She seemed to become calm enough to process it.

"You are really a freak, you know that," She said with a smile, "Talk about the pot calling a kettle black," I said with a smile. She at least had some shame as her cheeks reddened a little.

Even though I did not mean to pry, I was able to find the reason for her exceptional defense, and I have to say, she is one lucky woman.

When we were back in our native continent, she had found a miracle fruit that gave her a ability, diamond body. It is a very powerful defensive ability that synergized perfectly with the own ability she had gotten from her monster.

This had given her exceptional defense that very few within the same level could break, but it is still nothing compared to what she has gotton after.

Her current exceptional defense, which I don't think any master could match, is the result of another amazing thing in her body. 

A bloodline and not a normal bloodline either but one that is eath-nature which also formed a perfect synergy with the two of her abilities and strengthened them so strongly that they have become her constitution.

The most amazing thing is, her bloodline is not the one gotten from miracle fruit. It has been Inherited; the Inherited bloodline and the one from the miracle fruits leave a different signature on the body.

Though the person she had inherited the bloodline from may have gotten the bloodline through the miracle fruit.

I don't know what her bloodline is, but with the limited look Ive gotten from it, I narrowed it down to the seven bloodlines.

"They are stabilized," I said with a sigh and took out five beacons from my storage and strapped four of them on my unconscious patients and gave the fifth to Rhea.

"Take them back to the pyramid and tell Lord Whitman it will take me some time to return," I said. "You are not coming back?" She asked, "No, there is something going on here; I will investigate it before coming back," I replied.

She opened her mouth to say something but closed it, she likely wanted to stay, but she was not in a condition to help me in this mission.

"Don't search for the other two; they have died," She said simply and activated the beacons, the four and hers. "Don't worry, I will take revenge on their behalf," I said to that; she nodded, and a couple of seconds later, she disappeared with the four patients.

As they left, I turned to Grimm Monsters, and a couple of seconds later, another seven Grimm Monsters came flew in, looking at me with wide eyes horror.

Only five had come out earlier because they were the strongest. These seven are also the masters but in different stages, from initial to peaks stage and they also two with bloodline among them, making four in all twelve Grimm Monsters.


I had ready spread the strings inside them when I was healing, so I immediately activated the harvesting, and thirteen seconds later, the runes came out of me and expedited the process at a much faster speed while focusing on four Grimm Monsters with bloodline the most.

The thick purified bloodline energy came at me; it was so much amount that I had never seen before.

For the first time, I am taking the energies of the Four Masters, with two of them being a step away from being a Grandmaster; their bloodline is extremly powerful. Regretfully, I could not enjoy it.

My core and body have reached the limit, and unless I make a breakthrough, I will not be able to enjoy the purified bloodline essence, which now me being absent from is getting divided into four parts.

The mysterious tree is taking the bloodline essence as well, and I hope after it consumes the energy, it distributes some of that growth energy that would make my plants grow faster with the optimum nutrition they require.

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