Monster Integration - Chapter 2373 Secondary Power Core

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Chapter 2373 Secondary Power Core

It is bad; if the veins get back to their original shape and the blockages are filled, everything I have worked for will go into the drain.

Not to mention, her breakthrough would also stop, and she would receive a pretty heavy backlash that would be quite hard to recover from.

So, it is clear that once the gaps are filled, her future would be nearly destroyed, and we would not get the powerful, powerful Grandmaster that we have been expecting. I could not let that happen, especially after I had put so much time and effort into unblocking those veins.

Camphor seemed to have noticed what was happening as well, as her expression changed drastically and her breakthrough began to show the sign of instability, which immediately surprised everyone.

'Camphor calm down,' I said in a heavy voice; there is heavy protection that even the peak Grandmaster would not be able to break the glass wall between us or even use the soul sense. They could only see but not interfere unless it is council members who have the access.

Not to mention the heavy concentration of energy of the elemental energy that distorts everything; even council members' soul sense would have a problem reaching with such dense elemental energy covering her.

The only reason I was able to contact her was rule-bending power and my seed that is inside her, which is acting as a receiver.

'Lord Zaar?' Camphor asked, hesitated, 'Yes, it is me, and I am sure you have sensed what is happening to your veins,' I got straight to the point. There is no time to waste; acting quickly will save a lot of trouble.

'Yes, the b..blockage is filling itself,' She replied with a slightly shaking voice. Camphor had experienced many things in life and hardship she endured to reach her current level; very few had, so one thought, how much it had stressed her to turn her emotions like this.

'Calm down,' I ordered, 'It is a big problem, but I have expected something like this might happened and prepared beforehand,' I lied.

I truly did not expect something like it to happen and nor prepared for it, but the seed I had placed inside her is powerful and has a tool that will let me deal with this thing; I had already begun even before I started talking with her.

'Do you really have a way?' she asked, and this time her voice was calm; not only was her voice calm, but she had also calmed the instability in pretty quickly; she had commendable control over her emotions.

'Yes,' I replied while working on my seed; 'What do I have to do?' She asked. 'For now, nothing just focused on your breakthrough,' I said and made what I was doing visible.

I could feel the change in her emotions as I released the working of my seed, which is not a seed anymore but a pink string of formation spreading across her veins and at each node where the blockage is filling.

Seconds passed, and finally, my formation has fully covered all veins and blocking points that had to begin filling up.


'Brace for pain,' I warned and activated the formation; as I did, the formation lit up radiantly; it is so bright that faint pink like could be seen in her lines of thousands of veins from the outside, it had added even bigger mystery to camphor look.

As the formation began to work, Camphor gritted the teeth in pain and kept her emotions stable for the breakthrough.

I couldn't help but heave a sigh of relief, seeing that; a stable emotional state needed for a breakthrough, an unstable emotional state can make the whole breakthrough unstable, as it had happened earlier.

The formation works similarly to the previous formation I had used to clear away the blockages, but there are huge differences between them as there are similarities.

It worked all the blockages instead of a select few, but unlike before, these blockages are not fully filled but slowly filling up as the veins gather the energies.

All this formation does is scrape the blockage as soon as it appeared, never let it grow, and that blockage would transfer to someplace safe for a time as, unlike before, I could spread it into the veins.

At this time, the veins are absorbing the energy and getting stronger. If I add the blockage material in, it might make things a little complicated, and I don't want to take that risk.

So, currently, I am just scraping the blockage and storing it someplace else. If I feel like spreading it among the veins would not harm them, then I will store them and expell it after the breakthrough is over.


A little more than half an hour passed, and things got a little more complicated.

I thought, if I continue scrapping the blockage up as it appeared, there will be a time come when it simply stopped, but for the past half hour, nothing of that sort happened. Instead, as energy got denser and dense, the veins absorbed even more energy, and the blocage began to appear even faster.

Right now, the huge Grandmaster class arena-size hall that Camphor is sitting in is filled with elemental energy to the brim, and this energy continues to increse while it tries to fill Camphor's body.

Camphor also absorbed more and more energy by minutes as veins and body got stronger absorbing the energies.

I don't know how long the energy will continue coming, and I already have a huge amount of blockage collected, which her inheritance begins to notice.

While I am currently able to hide it, I won't be for much longer.

I have to dispose of it within her as I could not bring it out during the breakthrough, and thankfully, I know what I have to do, and I even have quite detailed information about it thanks to the broken tower library of wisdom tower.

'Camphor, do you still remember about secondary power core I have talked to you about?' I asked her.

I had told her as a joke when I was unblocking her veins, but now it had become a real option.

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