Monster Integration - Chapter 2389 Not A Miracle Worker

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Chapter 2389 Not A Miracle Worker


All the tiny missiles of fiery grey energy exploded, and the explosion was contained by complex magic that not even shockwave had created produced; everything was focused inwardly toward the center where Leonard was standing.

It is very hard to cast such an attack; it requires the level of energy control that I could barely achieve with all my practice, though it is clear that the cloaked Grimm Monsters' energy control is far greater than mine.

The attack had stunned nearly everyone; even council members were somewhat surprised by the level of the attack.

The explosion had created everything fuzzy; due to the intense energy concentration, we could not see his condition of Leonard, whether he was alive or not. The attack was powerful without a doubt that even 1% of it would be more than enough to finish off Leonard.

Seconds passed when suddenly, a great change has appeared on the face of the cloaked Grimm Monster; it looked kind of shocked, and a couple of seconds later, I could see why.

Leonard is alive; his condition looked quite worse than before, but alive, and most importantly, he had killed the Rock Bearman. The Grimm with the bloodline core, even I wasn't able to achieve that feat and couldn't help but feel jealous of him.

Killing such powerhouses is really something to be proud of, and I am feeling quite proud this my mentee was able to achieve this feat.

"You Wretched Bastard!"

The Cloaked Grimm shouted out loud and attacked in anger, and the invisible shield stopped its attack while the thousands of pieces of broken shield kept revolving around him; to defend against a similar type of attack.

I am very impressed by lord Raymond's shield, especially the one that is broken into thousands of pieces.

I wish I could study them, but Lord Raymond is extremely protective of his totem artifact, he never lets anyone touch his shield, but less examine them.

The only time one could touch his shield is during the battle, and I am not strong enough to contend against him yet. Though, when I do, I will definitely ask him for the spar, just to get a closer look at those shields.

"You should give up, Grimms. There is no way you will be able to harm these two with me being here," Lord Raymond said while easily defending against their continued attack.

He had just said that when suddenly a huge change has occurred in his expression. For the first time, I had caught a flash of fear in his eyes, but it had disappeared very next moment as if it had never appeared.

I would have thought I had imagined those emotions. If not for battles stopping that very second; all three Grimm Monsters appeared in front of him, looking at him as if they wanted to swallow him alive.

They likely very much like to, and I am sure Lord Raymond would be a delicacy to them with all his power.

It is not just the Grimms that had stopped but also Lord Raymond, and both sides seemed very cautious of each other but stopped attacking for some reason as if they were waiting for something.

I very much like to know what is happening and would have asked Leonard and Danielle, but my connection to their badges has been sealed to temporary.

Seconds passed as both sides continued looking at each other, waiting. All the battles had stopped; even Danielle had stopped attacking the corrupted sea indiscriminately.

"You will soon receive the answer for this insult, humans," Said the Golden Fire Werewolf after more than ten minutes before they disappeared. They have also taken the Aqua Apeman with them, the only surviving Grimm below the Grandmaster class.

It is a regret that Danielle was not able to kill it; we would have given the Grimms quite a blow if we had accomplished that.

The screen disappeared a moment after, and the projection of Lord Raymond had opened its eyes in the central command before the whole council turned to me.

"What you have been able to accomplish is beyond amazing, especially with Leonard; nobody in the world could accomplish that unless they use those powerful resources," said Grand Commander.

She did not say I had used those resources on Leonard, which I had not, and she knows it as well.

If I had such resources on me, I would have used them on someone more worthy, someone who could use the full potential of those resources, such as myself or peak Grandmasters; such levels of resources are extremely desirable to them.

"It is truly amazing," sighed lord Chalice.

"Are your other mentees are also accomplished as these two?" asked Lady May, to which I shook my head. "I am afraid not, but I promise, within a year, they will gain those same abilities," I said with a voice full of confidence.

There is no need to be humble when you are confident.

Neela and Ida are much more talented than Leonard and Danielle, and they are working hard. I am confident that with my mentoring and resources, they will be able to reach the height that Leonard and Danielle are right now, and they will do it within a year.

They had already taken the first step toward that.

"You are quite a confident little Micheal, but it is not an easy thing that you could replicate with all your mentees." Old women said slowly.

"If it had been so easy to produce such a level of powerhouses, we would have eliminated the Grimm Monsters long ago," the old woman said with a small sigh, first showing the weight of experience through her eyes.

"I did not say it was easy, Grand Tower Mistress; each of my mentees is carefully selected. I have done great research on them and only selected them after cold hard data showed me their potential," I replied with a smile.

I am no miracle worker, nor do I claim to be. Even with rule-bending power and colossal resources, I could not make anyone a top powerhouse.

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