Monster Integration - Chapter 2390 The Grand Proposal

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Chapter 2390 The Grand Proposal

"How I really wish you had a miraculous power to churn out the Grandmasters; it would have really helped us a lot during the war," said the Grand Commander and sighed.

"About that, I have something," I said; I had to wait for them to say something like that.

As I heard her say that, I jumped on the gun. It is time I reveal my grand ambition to them; I was planning on waiting till this program was over, but the show of strength by Danielle and Leonard had given me the opportunity to present it today.

"I have a proposal that I want to present to the council," I said and tapped on the holowatch; a second later, a file flew out of my holowatch and appeared center of the council table, where it copied and appeared on the hands of all council members and lady Angela.

They begin to read the file, and with a change of page, their expressions become more and more serious till they become almost comical.

It took them a while before finally all of them put down the files and before they turned to me.

Feeling their gazes, I couldn't help but feel a little nervous. I just hope they did not reject my proposal directly, saying it was too preposterous.

I have spent more than two months working on this proposal; it is a very ambitious project that is going to require a colossal amount of resources. So much that even with the trove of resources I have, I could not fund even 5% of it.

I had thought about it long and hard before I began drafting this project two months ago and spent quite a time and effort on it that it became precious to my heart; I would suffer heartbreak if the council had rejected it.

"It is quite a proposal you have put in front of us, Grandmaster Micheal, and if it had been anyone else, including fellow a council member, I would have called it brazen," said Grand Commander slowly.

"You are promising to create a hundred Grandmasters within two years, but the resources and personnel you are demanding will create a huge dent in strategy, and if you failed, the cost would be so enormous that I could not even imagine," Lord Singh added.

"It is a risk, but the benefits of it are also enormous; it will help tilt the war in our favor," I replied.

"But you need to succeed," said Lord Raymond, and I just nodded to that. "It is an enormous risk that, if failed, it will cost us tremendously and will affect us negatively in war," added Lady May, echoing the same sentiment as other council members.

I analyze their words with trepidation, trying to gauge whether they favor my proposal or not.

My proposal is simple, I will add three hundred tyrants to my program, and in two years, I will turn at least a hundred of them into Grandmaster. A shocking odds, considering only one Grandmaster is produced from the seven thousand Tyrants.

For it, not only I would need tremendous resources but also strategic personals like alchemists, healers, and artificers. The council would be taking a massive risk if they decided to accept my proposal.

"Micheal, we will give you an answer to your proposal in a few days," said the Grand Commander. "Ok," I replied.

I am a little disappointed, but I have never expected them to answer me immediately. It is a massive project with massive consequences; they will have to discuss it within themselves before they make the decision.

I went back to my place and took the position among the other eight program participants who were still animatedly discussing the battle they had just witnessed.

They looked at me with the question as I appeared beside them, probably curious about the discussion I had with the council, which they were not privy to; even Elowyn was not able to hear what we had discussed.

The Grimm did not take the loss very well; within hours, they had become aggressive. Their response was swift and furious, and even though we had tried our hardest, we still ended up suffering some losses.

Still, these losses were nothing compared to what Grimms had suffered earlier, especially the loss of the Rock Bearman with the Bloodline core.

We were watching three big Grandmaster class battles across three screens when suddenly the expressions of the Grand Commander and other council members changed; even Lady Angela's expressions became serious.

"All of you go, return six hours later," ordered Grand Commander suddenly. There are some intense emotions in her eyes; if I were to say then it is an anticipation.

I don't know what she was anticipating, nor do I dare to ask; with the other participant in the program, I walked out of the central command with the rest.

"Six hours; it is enough time for me to train some; watching those battles, I wanted to work even harder," Asma said as he walked toward the teleportation formation. "I do not plan to rest; I will be training for all six hours," added David.

I did not say anything and stepped into the formation. I only have six hours, and there are many things to do.

A few minutes later, I was in the parlor, and in front of me were Danielle and Leonard. "Grandmaster," They said in unison. "Both you did good, very good in today's battle," I said, "Have made me really proud," I added, which got them a little emotional.

"It is the least we could do after what you have done for us," said Danielle.

"Still, don't let today's success get into your dead; from today, the Grimm will actively hunting for you," I cautioned.

"We will be careful, Grandmaster," Leonard said.

"What you did today is amazing, but it is not your limit. Both of you still have space to improve before you could think about leveling up the Grandmaster class," I advanced. "We will not think about Grandmaster class till we progress to your satisfaction, mentor," Leonard replied.

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