Monster Integration - Chapter 2422 The Plan

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Chapter 2422 The Plan

A smile couldn't help but appear on my face seeing the Grimm Monster finally, but the very next moment, the smile became strained.

The bastard did not have a bloodline; it is the very first reason I have been searching for these bastards desperately. I need a Grimm with the bloodline; even the weakest bloodline of Grandmaster would be enough for my advancement.

I am just a thin line away from breaking into the peak Grandmaster class, and the Grandmaster class bloodline would be enough. I think even a powerful Master class bloodline might also do the job.

If I tried to advance a normal way, it would take me at least two more months, and I could not wait that long.

The advancement into the Peak Grandmaster class would not only increase my strength but also would open a space to practice art. Not to mention, it would also provide me with more rule-bending power, which always gets drained every day.

Sensing the Grimm Monster, a change in my armor occurred, and the moment it had finished, I moved toward it.

I have already sensed its level, which is a Mid-Grandmaster, and like me, this bastard is also a step away from reaching the peak Grandmaster class.



I landed in front of Grimm Monster; it had sensed me a few seconds ago and had been waiting for me all long.

"So, the humans did send someone; I hope you would not be the only one," said the Grimm as a long thin blue sword appeared in its hand. "I am alone is more than capable of dealing with you, hegdo," I replied, and an explosive aura blasted off my body which shocked Lightning Leopardman in front of me.

I have activated the first boost and second boost together with full power and moved toward with killing intent blazing in my eyes.

"Good strength!" said Hegdo with a hungry look as it got over its shock, and powerful lightning covered its body which began to give off an aura that was no weaker than mine.


I shouted as I swung the long sword that appeared in my hand with the full power; at the same time, that thin blue sword of it has also moved toward me with the incredible speed and lightning power that was covering it densely.


Our swords clashed hard, creating a huge shockwave and shaking us from top to bottom that we have barely stopped ourselves from taking a step back.

"Your energy is really something," said Hegdo, and this time there was no smile on its face; instead, a very serious expression and instantly got a glove of blue energy covering its whole arms, which is, of course, to protect against my energy.

I did not say anything instead of attacking again with the full power of the second boost. It also swung its sword a moment after.

Despite a very tight schedule in the past month, I would always work on my things, and one thing I was able to accomplish was making a huge breakthrough in my energy. I was finally able to create a formula that could evade the defenses.

Though my energy is not completely evaded, the defenses of the energy, 20% to 30% of my energy, would reach the enemy's body which is huge.

The energy of attack might not be able to do anything but of the hundred; it would create a quite a mess that would directly affect the fighting power of the enemy, even kill them if the damage continued piling up.


Our weapons clashed again, but this time, only I shook while it had remained stable. Though it did not seem too happy about it, the blue energy covering its arms became even denser as it attacked me.



Our weapons clashed, and this time, I had forced to take a step back; seeing that, I had finally activated the third boost.

The attack was more powerful than I had imagined; I thought with the power of the second boost, I would be able to keep it engaged for at least ten minutes, but it seemed like I was wrong.

Though, it is not entirely my fault, considering how much it had increased the power of its attack while mine had remained the same.


Attack after attack came, but they were only able to shake, not make me take a step back like before.

Still, one should be happy considering getting such a result within a few seconds of battle, but its mood is getting worse and worse, and now, it is so angry that I feel its eyes might get burst open with it.

"In two and half centuries of my existence, I have never come across the Inheritance that could evade the defenses to such degree," It said and attacked me with even greater strength.

It is smart enough to understand the implication of such energy; it is extremely dangerous, and the sooner one deals with it, the better.

"It is new Inheritance," I replied in jest as I defended against its attack, but it did not seem to be in a mood to laugh at my jokes.

"Humans have made a grave mistake to send a gem like you here; if you had grown to your full potential, it would have been very troublesome for us," It said and attacked again.

"You are talking like I am a dead person while I am still living and kicking," I replied again with jest, and like before, it did not seem to amuse it.

"You will die alright," It said with unshaken confidence that, for a moment, I wanted to flee. I know the reason for its confidence, and it is the reason why I have attacked it with such power, which is the opposite of how I fight.

This risk could end up very badly for me, I had already begun to make the preparation to run away from this ruin, but I am successful; there will be a lot of benefits, and I might even get an answer from the Grimm about this ruin.

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