Monster Integration - Chapter 2430 The Fortune

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Chapter 2430 The Fortune

The flesh golem was holding a strange scimitar, and the moment it had sensed Ashlyn, it moved toward her.

It does not seem to mind she is a monster and looks like it had programmed to kill anything with the pulse. This is quite a dangerous command, as this means the creator is willing to risk it all.

Which begs the question, why?

I do not have an answer for it, but realizing it made me even more cautious.

Ashlyn began to fight against the flesh golem, and to my surprise, she was not even at the slightest disadvantage. She is flawlessly avoiding all the superfast strikes of the golem's strange scimitar while continuously slashing it with her wings which became metallic and sharper than my sword.

She had gained innumerable abilities from that monster she had consumed when she was a knight. That monster had gained a lot of abilities eating the miracle fruits over the years; sometimes, Ashlyn would bring out strange abilities that I hadn't seen before.

I watched the battles for more than a minute and seeing Ashlyn was doing fine, I once again turned my avatar to the treasures and horrors around it.

It had quickly and carefully stored the bodies of the humans in the morgue before turning them into treasures in front of me. There are too many of them; just in one glance, I could easily see ten Grand Lord class herbs.

While their properties are nothing special, their grade is a huge deal. One could not find them in regular runes; those resources could only be found in the very dangerous Grand Lord class ruins, that even peak Grandmasters think twice before going there.

'It is going to take some time,' I said inside me, but I am not sad about it; instead, I am happy. More time means precious resources, and I am very excited to see what type of resources I would find here, especially in those hidden boxes.

An hour passed, and there was a big bright smile on my face. My avatar is already finished with sorting 80% of the things, and what I had found there already made this trip worthwhile.

While I did not find the resources at the level of the fire dust lotus, I have found more than twenty Grand Lord class resources, and there are still 20% more to look at. If I am lucky, I might be able to find something on the same level as fire dust lotus or even more precious.

Half an hour passed, and I found even more Grand Lord class resources, but nothing on the level of fire dust rose.

Now only one thing had remained to be opened, a little strange. It is a stone box that is three hundred meters wide and two hundred meters long. It is a special storage artifact, which I, for the last fifteen minutes, had been trying to break before finally succeeding.


I opened its huge stone doors and walked inside, and what I saw inside stone storage couldn't help but surprise me.

Inside there are nine giant vats that have different color liquids stored inside them. Above each vat, there is a box and in the front of all the vats is also a small wooden box size of my hand.

I looked around the strange place before I appeared in front of the small wooden box. I wanted to look at the giant vats and boxes above them, but I felt like this small box would give me the answer to it.


So, I opened the box and inside it found a book; a completely white book with blood-red text written in universal scrip.

"Nine Blood Burning Essence," I read the text before taking the book in my hand. The book seemed to have three hundred something pages; it should not take long, I thought and flipped the cover to read the book inside.

I was very wrong when I throught that the book was very complex. If I did not have a little bit of alchemical knowledge, I would not even have understood its summary, much less the complicated formulas and procedures inside it.

"It seemed like I had found the treasure," I whispered as I placed the book down and moved toward the vats.

I began to check vats and the boxes above; sometimes, my eyes would flash with the ecstasy and other times with disappointment.


Two minutes later, I returned to the small box and sighed. It is beyond amazing what Frost Lizardman is able to collect, especially its luck finding this amazing book.

The book contains the formula of the alchemical product called 'Nine Blood Burning Essence.' There are various variations to it, but I am sure the Frost Lizardman was hoping to create the 8th variation.

This nine-blood-burning essence is the product to increase one's potential.

The eight variations that Frost Lizardman was trying to obtain are extremely risky but offer great benefits. If it had succeeded, it would gain enough potential to directly became a High Grandmaster and help it obtain the comprehension of the Grand Lord class.

These nine vats contain the blood of nine powerful monsters, eight vats contain the blood from the peak Grandmaster class Monsters, and the ninth vat contains the blood from the Grand Lord class monster.

The boxes above them have the core of nine beats but also huge herbs and other resources that require to create this alchemical product.

Regretfully, it was not able to collect all the herbs and other resources needed. These resources and even monster blood are very specific; it would have taken it decades or even a century to collect it.

It would have already succeeded if it had shared the book with the race, but the Grimms are not that selfless.

Even if the Frost Lizardman had succeeded in collecting all ingredients to create nine blood-burning essences. It would not have been able to create it on its own; it is an extremely complex recipe that I could not craft, and the Frost Lizardman was not an alchemist.

To be honest, I feel like I shouldn't try to create this and instead use these resources for other projects. Considering I have already seen three resources at the level of fire dust lotus and using them on myself would provide me huge benefits.

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