Monster Integration - Chapter 2431 Best Tonic

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Chapter 2431 Best Tonic

I walked out of the stone storage and withdrew some of my conscious power while my avatar had focused on the shitload of work it had to do.

I have already decided what I want to do with the nine blood-burning essences. I want to make it.

If I were to do it on my own, it would take me years to collect the specific resources required for it, but with the power of the Pyramid, it would be much sooner.

The thing is vast with various variations; there is one variation that would be extremely useful to my project, not only to Tyrants but also to the Emperors and others.

It would also save me an immense amount of resources and the strain I have put myself to get the rule-bending power required to make many of those things.

I shook my head of the thoughts of that essence and focused on the way ahead of me.

With speed, I am flying; I would need three days to reach the bronze graveyard. This place is near the center of the ruin and has an immensely dense metallic aura with a hint of death mixed in it. It is so powerful that even initial Grandmaster class powerhouses would feel suffocated.

Some of the Mid-Grandmasters have also felt immense pressure there that they have become immobile.

Two thousand years ago, great treasures appeared there. The treasures were so amazing that both sides have deployed huge numbers of Grandmasters there. It was in the first time both sides brought out such a large number of Grandmasters in non-war time.

The reason it is called a bronze graveyard is that a number of Grandmasters have died there fighting for the treasures.

The rough estimates suggest that both sides have lost six to seventy Grandmaster. A horrifying number even by wars standard. It is not the fighting of both sides that has killed so many Grandmasters but something that came out from the bronze graveyard.

That massacre finished within an hour, and very few were able to survive it, but those who survived have brought enough treasures that it had prospered for both races for centuries.

We humans alone have produced the double number of Grandmasters; we have gained a lot within a half-century and got a good edge over the war that had happened in that century.

In our recorded history, we have very few times found such fortune in a single place. Over the years, many people have come and found a fortune here till they have looted every useful scrap, leaving behind a barren place.

While I was going over the data, I had about the bronze graveyard. Ashlyn's battles have reached their peak.

The horned flesh golem is unrecognizable; there is not a single part of her body that hadn't been injured by Ashlyn. Every part of its body have carved up by Ashlyn's sharp wings; if it had been an alive being that had been fighting against the Ashlyn light now.

They would have scremed in frustration and ran away with their tail tucked between their legs, but this is not a sentient being.

It still has something; it could self-destruct its necrotic core, something that even Ashlyn might not survive.

It had reached very close to its limit; the power it could draw from its core was lessening continuously. It won't be long before the flesh golem begins its self-destruct.

Ashlyn seemed to have thought the same as a very thin stream of concentrated silver fire came out crystal on her little head and burrowed inside the flesh golem, and before it could realize what was happening; that stream of fire had brought out the necrotic core, soul core and pale grey disk.

It surprised me; no, it had shocked me.

What Ashlyn had just done was more than pierce and pool. That was not just a simple fire string; a simple fire string could not do something like that, but I can't figure out what is so different about it.

I saved the question to ask Ashlyn personally and looked at how she consumed the soul core. I really wanted that sole core, it is really precious, but Ashlyn had just popped up into her mouth like candy. Thankfully, she has no use for the necrotic core; she is keeping it for me.

After dealing with the flesh golem, Ashlyn once again flew toward the bronze graveyard; her speed was much faster than mine, and she would reach there by the end of the day while it would take me two and a half to three days.

It would have been amazing if I could just tear open the space and reach where Ashlyn is, but I could not do that in this ruin.

There are heavy spatial restrictions in this ruin from the era when this ruin was still connected to the world, and some of those have remained. So, spatial travel has become extremly risky here, as they might get a friend in some dangerous formation the moment they tear open the space.

There is a record of something like this happening before; thankfully, these defenses do not activate when entering and exiting the ruin; otherwise, even Grimms would have throught ten times before coming here.

An hour passed, and Nero came across another flesh golem, and forty minutes later, Ashlyn came across Grimm Monsters. Both did not take more than five minutes to kill their enemies before continuing toward the bronze graveyard.

It had taken me another half an hour before I came across the flesh golem; this one is of the mid-Grandmaster class.

I did not waste any time and dived toward it, and three minutes later, I was flying up again with my precious soul and necrotic core in my hand.

I am very excited about the necrotic core, and while I am calling it a necrotic core. The pure necrotic power is amazing; I already know how many people will benefit from it aside from me. Elina would go completely mad if she's it.

For her death phoenix's bloodline, it is the best tonic.

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