Monster Integration - Chapter 2458 Red Grave

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Chapter 2458 Red Grave”Grade 0 world,” It said with a sigh before looking at me; “I suppose there won’t be any neighboring grade 1 or even Grade II world around?” It asked that I shake my head.

It closed its eyes, and I felt it shining lightly before a purple wave released from its body and spread. It quickly spread through the room before seeping out of its walls and getting outside.

It had kept its eyes closed for a minute before it had opened them; there was a profound disappointment in its eyes. “It seemed like more than ten thousand years have passed,” It said finally as it opened its eyes.

”I am sorry for your loss; these torturous bastards were really cruel to you,” I said awkwardly as silence appeared between us.

”I did not die; it was my nephew that these bastards of Red Grave had captured when he was on the important mission.” He replied with deep sadness. His answer couldn’t help but surprise me. I thought it was him who got captured and just kept his soul hidden in the crystal somehow.

”Hmph, if these bastards had dared to come at me, I would have wiped them out,” He said, reading the expressions on my face.

”They got wiped out anyway with their whole organization,” I said. The signs of destruction were all over these runes; those who attacked these torturous bastards were quite powerful; they had destroyed nearly everything.

”Red Grave is not something that could be destroyed easily; these dogs of abominations are a very powerful force that they have even destroyed several realms in the tower of realms.” He said, and I only understood half of them, while some of the words are familiar through what I read and heard about them.

”What they have destroyed is a small branch of Red Grave; there are thousands of them around the universe,” It said with a hint of anger appearing on its face for a moment.

”Why have you come to this ruin?” It asked suddenly, “Treasure hunting,” I replied.

”Go on then, don’t let me stop you,” He said, seeing me still standing. Its words surprised me, I thought it would have some deep emotional conversation with me, but it seemed like it did not have any interest in doing that.

I nodded and hesitatingly placed the ashes of his nephew into the urn. “Can you tell me the name of your nephew?” I asked. His eyes have become a little emotional, hearing that for a moment before becoming emotionless.

”His name is Ha’garaf; he loved lazing around the lakes,” He replied after seconds of silence. I nodded and placed the ashes into the urn before moving to another skeleton.

It feels a little weird to see it follow behind me, but its not like I could ask it to stop. Who knows, it might get angry and squish me like a bug; I did not want to make the changes.

I continued till I finished collecting the ashes before moving toward the two rooms. “The condition of chains and tools have eroded a lot, but their grade is still high enough to be used by you,” It said; it is clearly asking why I am not taking the chains and other torture tools.

”I have no need for these artifacts, and besides, they are tainted,” I replied. It did not say anything, just nodded and followed behind me silently.

Soon, I reached the rooms; both of the rooms were connected in one large formation, and the formation on it was quite tough. Though not as tough as the one of the bronze gate, I am confident that I would be able to solve it, and it would not take me more than five hours.

With that thought, I took out the calibrator and scanned the formation, and began to solve it with the help of my avatar while the being just stood behind me. Its presence is quite uncomfortable, and I wish I could ask it to go away, but of course, I will not do that; I do not have a death wish.

A minute after I began solving the formation, the surprise couldn’t help but appear on my face. Solving formation has become easy, much easier than I had expected.

I had expected something like that would happen, considering how I was able to control the double the number of strings earlier in harvesting the resources but still, the fluency of my mind and the much better coordination between my avatar and me has surprised me.

With such a great advantage, I began to make the rapid advancement in solving the formation, and within two hours and fifty-one minutes, I was able to break the formation. Nearly half of the time, I had thought I would need.

With the formation breaking, I took out the air pen and began to draw out the runes. I would have done that in my core, but since that being is watching behind me, I did not want to draw out my core. Even in such a lower world, I know it’s peculiar, and the fewer people know about it, the better it would be.


The formation appeared in the air, and it stuck on the runes, and a couple of seconds later, the entrance to the room appeared. I did not wait for a second and walked in, and obviously, the being followed behind me silently.

If I had been looking behind right now, I would have seen the great shock in the huge eyes of the horned being.

As I had entered the first room, I saw a huge bed, which was more than big enough to be five meters tall being to sleep comfortably, and beside it was a table and meditation mat.

All of them are in pretty good condition, which is not surprising considering there is a pretty powerful preservation formation. While it is not powerful to stop the decay of things, it would slow it down hundreds of times, which could be considered pretty good.

I took it all; I am aware that a torturous bastard might have slept on them, but I need these things.

The project requires such things heavily that affect the body and soul; long contact with such things improves their practice speed considerably. So, I would have taken them, even if they had been used by the world’s greatest killers.

As these things would help me eradicate the greatest killers of my world.

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