Monster Integration - Chapter 2624: Experiment

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Chapter 2624: Experiment

"All seven battles have finished, and other armies are retreating," said the Grand Commander as the projection of Lord Sylvian sat down on his seat.

It had been two and half hours since the battle between the matron mavis and the leader of the coven was finished, and since then, the battles are rapidly closing as if they had received the command from the higher-ups.

All the battles of the councilmen had been finished, and the armies fighting the battles across the central continent also began to retreat; now, there are only forty-three battles active across the battlefields.

Most of them are of the lower levels, and only seven of them have the Grandmasters as the leaders. These battles would also stop soon enough.

"In the battles, we have lost one Quasi-Grand Lord, four High Grandmasters, and twenty-seven Grandmasters," Lord Whitmore stated the number while everyone listened in silence. 

"In response, we have killed/crippled one member of the coven, three quasi Grand Lords, and forty-four Grandmasters; we believe we have also injured one quasi Grand Lord and two High Grandmaster heavily enough that they will need at least six months to recover fully," he added while looking at the Grand Commander.

"This is not the final report; we will get it when all five teams report the result of their missions from ruins and realms," he finished. That will take time, at least three to ten days.

"The result is much better than we had imagined; we have lost fewer people than we have anticipated and brought more damage than we have expected," Matron said slowly, "We have lost some brave souls, and we will not forget their sacrifice," she said, and everybody closed their eyes in silence for a minute.

"We have accomplished our goals in this battle, and if we played it right, then we will be able to take the moral of our forces to the highest," said the Grand Commander; the propaganda department is going to have their hands full for a coming month.

"Now, let's turn to the important things," she said and turned to lord Sylvian, "Lord Sylvian, you can start releasing the leaks of the projects. The official response of the pyramid will be conforming existence of the project, and nothing more," she said before she turned to me.

All leaks will not be the truths; there will be some lies too; it confuses our enemies, as the council would not be the only ones who will be leaking the information.

"Have you decided on the face of the project, Grandmaster?" asked Grand Commander. As she has said, most of the details of the project will remain secret, except for a few that we leaked, but they will not be the only things that will be leaked.

With the existence of the project becoming known, it is clear there will be some loose mouths who will spill the details along with the identities are those involved. 

So, we will need the unofficial face of the project; they will steer the discussions and narrative of the project in the directions we want to become; this news is going to create a huge blast. As to how big it will be and how people will react to it, I have no idea, but one is clear, we need to be prepared for everything.

"Yes, I think she will be the perfect candidate," I said and tapped on my holowatch, and a projection of the person along with her information appeared.

Expressions of every council member and some grand lords have changed seeing the projection; they have become a little weird. They are quite familiar with her since she held an important position in the project; I know she is the person I should not choose for many obvious reasons.

"Grandmaster, are you sure about her? Isn't she a little…unstable?" asked Grand Commander, "Yes, a little bit, but I think she will be right for a job," I said.

"Since you have decided, we will accept your decision, but she will be on trial unless she proves that she could deal with things that came her," said the Grand Commander and pressed her temples, already worrying about a thing she agreed to.

"Thank you, Grand Commander, council," I said to them.

"Grandmaster, there is one thing we want to talk to you about," said the Grand Commander, "Please," I said.

"We want you to increase the scale of the project, not only from High but from bottom-up, and also start to draw the plans to produce the High-Grandmasters," she said, and hearing that, I couldn't help but be stunned for a moment before a small smile appeared on my face.

The smile would have been much bigger if not for me controlling my expressions.

I have been planning to propose that, and it is necessary to take the steps, as now the Grimms know about our capability and would try even harder to produce the Grandmasters and above-level powerhouses to crush us.

"I would gladly oblige to it, Grand Commander, but we don't have resources; the current resources we have wouldn't last even a month if we were to go all out," I said, to which she nodded.

"Grandmaster, you should focus on the projects, leave the resource to us; the pyramid will provide you will all the resources that you need," she said, and looking at her expression, she seemed to have a definite plan for it.

"I am relieved then," I said, and I am truly relieved.

I hope the pyramid does provide me a huge amount of resources; there are many experiments that require a humongous amount of resources, but if successful, they will not only help me but would also help me, but also the project.

Speaking of the experiment, my clone had just finished analyzing the effects of the lunar frost and the strengthening energy that came after, and I have to say the result was shocking. So, much that it excited me tremendously.

The lunar frost had damaged my body and soul before the frost got burned by the solar herbal energy and then healed and strengthened by the strengthening energy.

The whole thing benefitted me tremendously and amplified the effect of strengthening by 20%, which is huge considering the strengthening energy is created from the powerful bloodline, and now this process has enhanced its effect by 20%.

Multiple ideas began to filter through me, and suddenly, my eyes lit up when I remembered I had a subject to test my theory.

"Grandmaster?" said Grand Commander seeing the strange expressions appearing on my face all of a sudden. I looked at her before turning to the council.

"My apologies, but I like to be excused; there is something important I have to do," I said to the amused and confused council and turned to Grand Commanders.

"Grand Commander, I would be grateful if you would send me healing hall Jf28," I asked the Grand Commander. She did not ask anything, just nodded, and the next second, a teleportation formation covered me before I disappeared.

The next second, I appeared in healing hall 28, where Grandmaster Charline, along with hazel, is healing three High Grandmasters who are in a different formation.

I nodded at Grandmaster Charline and Hazel before turning to the three High Grandmasters with a big bright smile on my face, which may have been a little weird and might have given them a feeling of threat as a cautious frown appeared on their faces.

"My lords, ladies, how would you like if I freeze you all again with lunar frost for the little experiment of mine," I asked, shocking the hell out of three of them.

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