Monster Paradise - Chapter 1931 - Duovigintillion!

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Chapter 1931: Duovigintillion!

Hearing Lin Huang’s rejection, Great Chaotic Heavenly Dao did not know what to say.

“I’ve no interest in taking over the Great Chaotic Heavenly Dao,” Lin Huang continued while shaking his head, “You should already know that I have the Ultimate Heavenly Dao in my Kingdom that’s just like the Great Chaotic Heavenly Dao. The only reason why my Ultimate Heavenly Dao isn’t as powerful as the Great Chaotic Heavenly Dao is becauseI haven’t integrated enough chaotic cosmoses.”

Lin Huang really had no interest in the infinite universe’s Great Chaotic Heavenly Dao. To put it simply, it was similar to how the world’s second richest man had no interest in taking over the world’s richest man’s fortune.

First Liege was occupying someone’s nest. That was something too lowly for Lin Huang to do. After all, he had his own nest, so why would he take someone else’s?

Now that he had reached this level, rather than inheriting someone’s mantle, he hoped to surpass them.

Moreover, he had a faint feeling that if he inherited Great Chaotic Heavenly Dao’s authorization, he might not be able to take that last step to become a Transcender.

That was the reason why he refused Great Chaotic Heavenly Dao’s offer to share the Heavenly Dao authorization.

“Do you know how fast First Liege can integrate chaotic cosmoses now?” Great Chaotic Heavenly Dao said after a moment of silence. Before Lin Huang could answer the question, it gave him the answer directly. “After he was defeated the second time, I struggled for a week and finally decided to share my authorization with him. It’s been 14 days since then.”

“On the first day the authorization was shared, the number of chaotic cosmoses he integrated was only a hundred nonillion (10^32). Since then, it has multiplied every day. 14 days have passed since then. He can integrate 819.2 decillion chaotic cosmoses per day. That’s close to one undecillion (10^36). Judging by the speed he’s progressing, he only needs another 13 days before his daily chaotic cosmos integration rate surpasses ten duodecillion (10^40).”

Lin Huang made some rough estimates. Although the number of chaotic cosmoses he integrated was increasing every day, the rate of his daily increase could not reach First Liege’s, whereby the number was doubled every day.

He added close to five quattuordecillion chaotic cosmoses to his Kingdom daily. 13 days later, this number would only reach 45 quattuordecillion chaotic cosmoses daily.

If both their integration efficiency remained the same, 29 days after the 13 days, Lin Huang would have 5.46 quindecillion (10^48) chaotic cosmoses added daily, while First Liege would have 5.37 quindecillion added daily. They would be almost evenly matched.

However, on the 30th day, his daily increase would be 6.45 quindecillion, while First Liege’s daily increase would surpass his, reaching 10.74 quindecillion chaotic cosmoses daily.

After that, First Liege’s daily increase would become more and more insane every day, leaving Lin Huang far behind.

Later on, he would only need three days to surpass Lin Huang’s 600 days’ worth of accumulation. First Liege would have more chaotic cosmoses than Lin Huang by then.

In other words, counting from this point onward, First Liege would only need 46 days to surpass him entirely.

“If you’re unwilling to accept the Heavenly Dao authorization, it’s only a matter of time before First Liege’s integration speed surpasses yours.” Great Chaotic Heavenly Dao said.

“I know that.” Lin Huang had already estimated the result before Great Chaotic Heavenly Dao’s reminder. “However, accelerating the integration speed isn’t the only way to obtain Heavenly Dao authorization. Moreover, he might not be able to double his efficiency every day…”

Lin Huang revealed a grin on his face as he spoke.

Great Chaotic Heavenly Dao left in relief after the conversation.

Meanwhile, Lin Huang took out the Great Heaven Palace instantly.

When he was elevated to dominator-level rank-9, the Great Heaven Palace’s time flow acceleration had reached 6.5 billion times.

As it was sufficient, and that it was the Great Heaven Palace’s current limit, Lin Huang did not adjust it further.

However, it now seemed that this time flow acceleration rate was slightly insufficient.

Moreover, as a supreme powerhouse who had mastered close to 30 quattuordecillion chaotic cosmoses, Great Heaven Palace had a lot of room for improvement.

Lin Huang spat out Divine Fire directly to refine and modify Great Heaven Palace all over again.


He tossed his spoils like chaotic supreme treasures and Goldfingers in as the materials to refine it. The Great Heaven Palace’s aura was skyrocketing quickly.

The refinement process took close to three days to complete.

Great Heaven Palace looked brand new when it was completed.

The time flow acceleration rate had increased from the initial 6.5 billion times to ten quadrillion (10^16) times.

As Lin Huang was limited by the quality of materials, that was the best he could do for the time being.

However, the increased time flow acceleration was not the only thing about Great Heaven Palace that was strengthened.

There was a new special function added, which was that this time flow acceleration applied outside of Lin Huang’s Kingdom as well.

He added this function this time specially to deal with the crisis that First Liege brought about.

The suggestion Bloody secretly gave him was pretty crude and rough.

Since First Liege would catch up to him 46 days later, then he would accelerate the speed of integration through Great Heaven Palace!

He had discussed this with Great Chaotic Heavenly Dao so that the latter would release a great deal of time management authorization to Great Heaven Palace.

The authorization was merely a single authorization under the Heavenly Dao authority. It would not affect the Heavenly Dao authority.

That was why Lin Huang was willing to spend three days to modify Great Heaven Palace.

As soon as the modification was completed, he used it without hesitation.

The Great Heaven Palace’s time flow acceleration connected to Lin Huang’s will projections quickly, taking over the time flow in the chaotic cosmoses where the will projections were.

After making those preparations, Lin Huang spent half a day testing it out.

Ten thousand times acceleration!

A million times acceleration!

One hundred million times acceleration!

Ten billion times acceleration!

In the end, Lin Huang went all out. He maximized the time flow acceleration in Great Heaven Palace!

Ten quadrillion times!

The speed of his integration skyrocketed as soon as the acceleration kicked in.

From the 86 quattuordecillion (10^48) daily before, it skyrocketed to 8.6 duovigintillion (10^68) per day.

After that, the number kept skyrocketing further every day.

10.1 duovigintillion!

12 duovigintillion!

14.1 duovigintillion!

Lin Huang could even sense faintly that the number of chaotic cosmoses added to his Kingdom daily had surpassed the number of chaotic cosmoses that were produced in the infinite universe daily.

He had an unprecedented thought. Perhaps he could really integrate all of the chaotic cosmoses in the entire infinite universe into his Kingdom!

First Liege did not notice Lin Huang’s little trick at all.

The conversation he had with Great Chaotic Heavenly Dao was left hanging.

Since Great Chaotic Heavenly Dao did not make a decision, he thought that it had chosen to coexist with him. However, he had no idea that Great Chaotic Heavenly Dao had secretly contacted Lin Huang, and that Lin Huang had agreed to help.

Time passed by.

The crisis Aza brought about soon subsided entirely. The infinite universe regained its peace.

Many tribes and organizations began the rebuilding process.

They immersed themselves in development and rebuilding. They did not have time to fight with each other at all.

However, what people did not know was that there was a secret competition going on…

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