Monster Paradise - Chapter 1932 - I Want to Tell You a Secret

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Chapter 1932: I Want to Tell You a Secret

Time flew by and, soon, over a month had passed.

After obtaining the Heavenly Dao authorization, First Liege’s ability increased at a terrifying rate within the one month or so period.

In one day, he could integrate over 1.3 quindecillion (10^48) chaotic cosmoses.

Although he secretly witnessed the scene where Lin Huang assimilated Aza, he had enough confidence now. He believed that his ability should not be any lower than Lin Huang’s.

“My current self should have surpassed that Lin Huang person, right?” First Liege spoke to Great Chaotic Heavenly Dao in a casual manner.

In reality, he constantly spoke to Great Chaotic Heavenly Dao throughout that period of time. However, most of the time, it did not bother to respond to him.

“Ha.” However, Great Chaotic Heavenly Dao said something this time.

First Liege did not think too much about its teasing response, as he continued to speak, “Lin Huang is no longer a threat to me now anyway, so I want to tell you a secret.”

Although Great Chaotic Heavenly Dao was quite confused, it remained silent.

First Liege merely waited for a brief moment. Noticing that Great Chaotic Heavenly Dao did not intend to respond to him, he continued, “Actually… I’m Aza’s clone.”

Great Chaotic Heavenly Dao was stunned as soon it heard those words. It snapped back to its senses a moment later and asked, “Are you pulling my leg?!”

“No, I’m telling the truth,” First Liege said slowly, “There’s no need for me to hide this fact from you now.”

“To tell you the truth, I only found out when Aza’s Primordium was assimilated by Lin Huang.”

“After Virtual Sovereign sealed my Primordium, to avoid encountering an entity as terrifying as Virtual Sovereign again, He prepared a back-up plan. That back-up plan was me.”

“As soon as something went wrong with my Primordium, whether it died or was sealed, or if it encountered some sort of unique circumstance where He could no longer fight back, the memories that my Primordium stored deep in my God’s soul would be activated entirely.”

“Meanwhile, my Primordium would remove all of the information about me being his back-up from His God’s soul as soon as the memories were activated.”

“That was why I wasn’t affected at all when Lin Huang ordered Him to recall His clones. The reason being was that, in my Primordium’s memories, I’ve already been forgotten.”

“Although I’m First Liege, I had no way of rejecting when you requested me to return the Heavenly Dao authorization. As First Liege, I’m indeed grateful for your upbringing and years of training, though your goal of training me was just to fight Aza.”

“However, after my memories were activated, I discovered that I was also Aza. My ultimate goal has always been this—integrating all of the chaotic cosmoses in the entire infinite universe, taking Great Chaotic Heavenly Dao’s Heavenly Dao authorization, and becoming a Transcender in the end!”

“So I invited the enemy in myself…” Great Chaotic Heavenly Dao thought that life was truly cruel.

It really had never considered the possibility that First Liege was Aza’s clone.

It even suspected Lin Huang instead of First Liege.

It could not believe that it had cultivated Aza’s clone, giving him all of the resources necessary to strengthen him.

“My Primordium clearly didn’t expect things to develop like this…” The expression on First Liege’s face was rather complicated. “He initially created a back-up plan in order to avoid powerhouses like Virtual Sovereign and to avoid being sealed again or being killed off entirely.”

“He would never have thought that things would play out so cruelly. You found me, cultivated me, and intended to rely on me to fight my Primordium…”

“I only dared to tell this secret today. I was worried that you’d ask Lin Huang for help, sharing a portion of your authority with him. After all, the number of chaotic cosmoses he had mastered surpassed mine significantly. If he really obtained the Heavenly Dao authorization, his integration speed would be faster than mine.”

“However, this problem is no longer relevant. I should have integrated more chaotic cosmoses than he has now. Even if you look for him now and share the Heavenly Dao authorization with him, it’s too late.”

“I want to tell you a secret as well…” Great Chaotic Heavenly Dao finally could not help but interrupt when it listened to his spiel up to this point, “Actually, I looked for Lin Huang 40 days ago.”

First Liege’s heart jolted when he heard that.

“From your earlier actions, I felt that you were not suitable to be the master of Great Chaotic Heavenly Dao. Therefore, I went to Lin Huang and requested to share a portion of Heavenly Dao authorization with him so that he could fight for the authorization with you. However, he rejected my suggestion.”

First Liege was stunned when he heard this. He looked even more confused now. He had a faint feeling that this matter was not as simple as he thought.

“He said he wants to become a Transcender. He also said that he had a faint feeling that inheriting the Great Chaotic Heavenly Dao isn’t sufficient to make him a Transcender.”

“He has found the way to become a Transcender?!” First Liege asked immediately.

“I don’t know about that.”

“What else did you guys talk about?” First Liege was eager to find out the answer to that question.

“We talked about how to fight you,” Great Chaotic Heavenly Dao said honestly.

First Liege was stunned for a second, after which he scoffed. “I’ve easily surpassed him since he rejected your offer to share the authorization. He’s probably even way behind me, and the gap between us will only get bigger over time.”

“I can only tell you that your sweet dream will be crushed soon.” Great Chaotic Heavenly Dao’s voice was calm.

Just when First Liege was about to retort, he suddenly sensed something amiss. Not only that, the feeling was getting stronger.

He extended his Divine Telekinesis through the chaotic cosmoses that he had integrated.

Suddenly, he realized that they were being assimilated by a strange Dominator Power.

He was familiar with this Dominator Power,

“Lin Huang?!” First Liege was completely stunned. Although the aura of the Dominator Power belonged to Lin Huang, it was so powerful that it was beyond his imagination.

“What did you guys do?!” First Liege quickly reacted and shouted furiously at Great Chaotic Heavenly Dao.

“I just sent all of the coordinates of the chaotic cosmoses you integrated to Lin Huang.” Great Chaotic Heavenly Dao’s tone remained calm, but it sounded proud.

“Why is he so powerful? That’s impossible! He didn’t get the Heavenly Dao authorization from you…” If Great Chaotic Heavenly Dao shared a portion of Heavenly Dao authorization, First Liege would have sensed it, because he was also the partial owner of the authorization. Therefore, he could clearly sense that Great Chaotic Heavenly Dao had not shared the Heavenly Dao authorization with Lin Huang.

At that moment, a voice could be heard from not far away.

“I don’t need the Heavenly Dao authorization. I have other ways to strengthen myself.” Lin Huang’s figure revealed itself slowly. He looked at First Liege, who had almost collapsed, with a smile.

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