Mrs. Huo is a Crybaby - Chapter 512 - Don’t Wander Around

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Chapter 512: Don’t Wander Around

Kang Yuan’s brows knitted tighter and tighter. He thought he didn’t like the script, but he suddenly clapped his hands and laughed.

“Good! This script is interesting. Did you edit it?”

Usually, after buying the copyright, there were still many things to do before it could be filmed.

To change a novel into a script was a very difficult task.

There wasn’t much to consider when writing a novel. They simply had to attract readers. Then, they could drag out the length with filler chapters. Ultimately, as long as the readers bought it, it was fine.

However, if one wanted to film a novel, one had to consider whether the synopsis was realistic and whether it would pass regulations. Any unrealistic and filler content would be deleted. It could be said that the essence of the entire novel had to be extracted and magnified.

The first half of the document that Song Yaoyao showed him was already a bit like the kind of script that he often did as a director.

It consisted of short sentences which outlined the camerawork, the changing of scenes, and all the detailed expressions, so on…

Although it was slightly awkward, Kang Yuan saw unlimited potential in her.

“The name isn’t very attractive, but the content is quite interesting. Although this kind of subject is not suitable for a movie, you can get some practice by filming it for television. Only recently, I was saying how the palace dramas and house dramas on television are like children playing house. The female lead is always kind, beautiful, compassionate, and gentle. If it was a real imperial palace in ancient times, it would be impossible for someone like that to survive even one episode! But the female lead in your script s interesting. From the start, she’s not a kind person.”

He was not stingy with his praise, but when he saw something he was dissatisfied with, he would still criticize it, “This part isn’t right. It doesn’t follow logic. I’ll recommend a few books for you to read. Also, if you have time, you can take advantage of your school vacation to read more history books. Although they are obscure and difficult to understand, there are many things in them that are worth learning.”

Since Song Yaoyao had become his student, Kang Yuan naturally had to consider everything.

Blindly praising her would only lead her to her destruction.

Song Yaoyao held a small notebook in her hands, her eyes sparkling. She nodded her head while taking notes quickly.

Tang Xinrou rubbed her stomach and leaned on Xu Yue’s shoulder.

She sighed softly, “Sigh, this is the difference between a big boss and a nobody. Yaoyao’s already so awesome, yet she’s still learning. As for us…”

She silently looked at the dishes on the table that had been swept clean; even the drinks had been emptied.

Two lines of tears silently flowed from her heart.

Xu Yue pushed her away and said disdainfully, “Don’t make me sound like a mess like you.”

Tang Xinrou glared angrily. “How am I a mess?”

Xu Yue took out a tissue and wiped her mouth. The tissue was shiny and greasy.

Tang Xinrou stared at her and silently cursed inside.


Damn it!

The meal lasted for two hours and it began to get late. Other than the lights that were still on in the film studio, it was pitch-black outside.

Tang Xinrou went to the toilet with Xu Yue. Meanwhile, Han Jun decided to go for a walk to digest. Shen Xun went with him and dragged An Feiran along.

He had no choice. He didn’t like An Feiran, the pretty boy, and he didn’t want him to cling to Song Yaoyao all the time.

At that time, the tactful actors also decided not to disturb the teacher and student’s endless conversation. They left one after another and returned to the hotel together.

“Hey, Director Kang, come here for a while!” Old Geng waved at Kang Yuan.

“Coming,” Kang Yuan turned his head and shouted. He then instructed Song Yaoyao, “Stand here and wait for me. Don’t wander around, okay?”

Song Yao hugged her script and nodded obediently. “Okay…”

He had only left for less than two seconds when someone stood beside Song Yaoyao and asked, “Hey there, beautiful, can you add me on WeChat?”

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