Mrs. Huo is a Crybaby - Chapter 513 - Someone With Backup

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Chapter 513: Someone With Backup

“I didn’t bring my phone,” Song Yaoyao slowly took two steps back and answered sincerely.

The corner of the man’s mouth twitched. If he had not personally seen Song Yaoyao take out her phone to reply to messages during dinner, he would have been fooled by her seriousness.

“Miss Song, it’s not good to lie to people, right?” Shao Yichen said. “I clearly saw you playing with your phone earlier. Director Kang told me that you’re his student. I happen to be filming under him. We can hang out together when we’re free after adding each other as friends.”

His gaze swept across the young lady’s porcelain-like face carefully, and his heart fluttered.

Didn’t girls like this always lie?

But…Song Yaoyao was no ordinary girl…

Even though her lie was exposed, Song Yaoyao’s expression did not change. She nodded and said in a slightly sweet voice, “Yes, I’m lying to you.”


Shao Yichen proudly took out his phone. “I knew it. Let’s add each other as friends…”

“Since you know that I’m lying to you, you should also know that the reason why I said I didn’t bring my phone is to reject you.”

Song Yaoyao lifted her eyelids lightly. Her pitch-black eyes were misty, and there was a sharpness and clarity that did not match her age.

She did not care about his celebrity status and looks at all.

Shao Yichen’s face stiffened. The truth was, ever since he became famous, there were very few people who did not show him respect.

“I’m just adding you as a friend. It’s not like I’m cutting a chunk of your meat. Moreover, if you add me, I can even give you an autograph and take a photo with you later. You can show off in front of your friends by posting it on WeChat!” Shao Yichen continued persistently, his tone sounding sleazy.

Song Yaoyao frowned. “I don’t like to show off, thank you.”


Seeing that he was pestering her, Song Yaoyao looked around and saw that Huo Jiu who was standing guard not far away, was already walking over. She shook her head slightly.

She asked, “Do you know Luo Xingguang?”

Shao Yichen: “Huh?”

“Is he more popular, or are you more popular?”

Shao Yichen did not look pleased.

“I don’t want to answer this question.”

Compared to Luo Xingguang? Although he was quite popular now, Luo Xingguang was still a top-notch celebrity in the entertainment industry and the idol of all Asian idols. Moreover, his fans were fierce when they tore people apart.

How could anyone compare?

“It looks like he’s more popular.” Song Yaoyao nodded and took out her phone to send a voice message: “Are you there?”


The other party replied very quickly.

Song Yaoyao pressed the speakerphone in front of Shao Yichen, so the superior voice of the young man could be heard clearly.

“Oh my God! Holy Mother of God, look! Look who it is. She actually took the initiative to send me a WeChat message!

“Speak. What do you need me for now?”

Song Yaoyao smiled innocently at Shao Yichen and replied, “Oh, it’s already settled.”

When Kang Yuan came out, he happened to see Shao Yichen leaving in a hurry.

He raised his brows. “What’s wrong? Did he bully you?”

“Huh?” Song Yao blinked innocently. “I don’t think so…”

Kang Yuan: “Alright. Well. if anyone bullies you, just tell me. You’re my only student. I will blacklist anyone who tries to bully you!”

Song Yaoyao blinked again and said sweetly, “Don’t worry, Teacher. I will.”

If anyone dared to provoke her, they would only be asking for humiliation. Getting beaten up was still a light punishment. After all, she had backup.

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