My 100-Day Secret Marriage With The Boss - Chapter 901 - Chapter 901 He Personally Went To Pick Up The Two Darling Babies (X)

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Chapter 901: Chapter 901 He Personally Went To Pick Up The Two Darling Babies (X)

However, she had to consider the Chu family and the Tang family, so this matter had to be resolved as soon as possible.

“Hmph, then why are you here?” Elder Ye directly snorted. “You’re just a little girl, yet you want to act in front of me? I’m afraid you’re still a little too young.”

Elder Ye was certain that she was faking it, but seeing her lively appearance at this moment, as if she really was not affected too much, Elder Ye felt very indignant in his heart.

Did they not say that the Internet could drive people crazy and kill them? Why was she still living so well?

“I came here today to tell you that the video you sent was edited. From the video, it seemed like I didn’t agree to it, so just pretend that I didn’t agree to it.” Chu Wuyou looked at Elder Ye and the corners of her lips slowly rose, her smile was exceptionally bright and happy.

“What do you mean by this?” Elder Ye was stunned and his expression obviously darkened.

Granny Ye’s expression also obviously changed.

“It’s just what it means. What I promised previously doesn’t count,” Chu Wuyou kindly explained to them.

“And?” Granny Ye secretly exhaled and quickly asked.

“And? Of course, I’m going to find Ye Lanchen and ask him to marry me.” Chu Wuyou blinked innocently and sincerely.

In the bathroom, Ye Lanchen heard her words and his lips curled up. At this moment, he wanted to go out. With this thought in mind, he walked out.

“Chu Wuyou, do you like Chenchen?”At this moment, Granny Ye suddenly asked. When she asked this question, Granny Ye subconsciously glanced at the bathroom.

When Ye Lanchen heard what Granny Ye said, he subconsciously stopped in his tracks. He also wanted to know if she liked him or not.

The corners of Chu Wuyou’s lips curled up into a slight smile. She had long guessed that there was someone in the bathroom, but she was not sure who it was.

At this moment, Granny Ye’s words made her certain that the person in the bathroom was Ye Lanchen.

After what happened, Ye Lanchen would definitely come looking for Elder Ye, which made even more sense.

“Do I like him?” Chu Wuyou raised the corners of her brows. When she said this, she deliberately raised her voice.

When Ye Lanchen heard her words in the bathroom, the smile on his lips continued to spread. It was as if he had drunk honey, he felt sweet to the bottom of his heart.

“What do you like about him? I can tell that you actually don’t have any feelings for Chenchen. Otherwise, you wouldn’t have divorced him. Now, you’re pestering him again. What exactly do you like about him?” Granny Ye asked on purpose, she had some understanding of Chu Wuyou. She knew that Chu Wuyou would not lie.

She wanted Ye Lanchen to listen to what Chu Wuyou was thinking. She felt that this might make Ye Lanchen give up.

In the bathroom, Ye Lanchen’s lips curled into a cold sneer. It was only today that he realized that the Ye family’s most cunning person was not the old master but the old madam.

How could Chu Wuyou not know what Granny Ye was thinking? Her eyes flashed, then, she deliberately said, “I like his money. He has so much money. In the entire Jin city, no, in the entire country, who could be richer than him? So I really like him, I really love him…”

Chu Wuyou deliberately paused for a moment, then slowly added, “I really love his money.”

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