My Cold and Beautiful Wife - Chapter 2

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As one of the top ten biggest company in Hua Hai city, Splendid Group had built a 30-story high-rise building in the most expensive district, to be used as a staff dormitory for their own staff.

As it was very convenient to get to work, had a pleasant environment and there were all the facilities they needed, many of the company's top management lived there.

But this place was well known by another name—— Apartment of Beauties. Half of the staff members working at Splendid Group were women - those from the senior management who held shares in the company at the top, and also those from the ordinary staff members at the bottom; they were all attractive in their own ways, causing the entire apartment to look like a "Female Nation".

The garbage bin in front of the building was overflowing with bouquets and love letters every single day, and was almost enough to fit a tiny truck.

"Let me go! Let go! You guys! If you guys continue this way, I will call the cops!!"

At this moment, at the main entrance of the apartment, there were five men dressed in black suits aggressively pulling a woman dressed like an OL, who had just walked out of the apartment.

The girl's originally neat hair had now become a total mess, but you could still see a bright and fair oval face, delicate button nose, tender red lips. And her light makeup revealed the charm of a mature city girl

"Department head Feng! What's going on here! Who are these people?" The dorm supervisor, big mom Su was in a panic, she wanted to step forward to stop these people but this group of tough and stocky build men were not to be trifled with.

There were some other female staff at the entrance and their faces turned pale when they saw the woman being seized like that.

Feng Yue Ying was the head of the Sales Department in Splendid Group and belonged to the upper management of the company. She was also one of the few successful career women in Hua Hai city and had first class looks and body.

Feng Yue Ying was single all these years, so she felt at ease to live in this apartment and it would be more convenient to get to work this way.

"Sis Zhao! Call the cops, quick! Just tell them that the people from the White Sharks gang are here to capture me!" Feng Yue Ying kept resisting as she turned her head to yell towards big mom Su.

When big mom Zhao heard her, she was so frightened that her face was as white as sheet, "White… White Sharks gang? This… I…"

The White Sharks gang was the biggest gang in Hua Hai city, they were well-established and had connections with both the good and bad, any ordinary folks would not dare to provoke them.

Big mom Zhao was trembling, she lowered her head and didn't dare to make the call at all, worried that she would invite trouble upon herself.

The leader was dressed in a black suit, had ash gray hair and a beard. He turned to Feng Yue Ying and sneered, "Shut up! B*tch! You dare call the cops? Do you think that calling the cops would be of any use after you cheated our 9th master Wang's money? Do you believe that I would cut your throat out and throw it into the sea!"

The moment he said that, big mom Zhao and the other female staff were frightened out of their wits, as they stiffened up.

"That batch of goods was bought by your 9th master himself! I was just doing business with him! He was the one to overthink - what has it got to do with me!? Feng Yue Ying was so mad that her eyes reddened and was about to tear.

The white-haired man glared at her, "B*tch, you're saying that our 9th master maligned you? If you don't serve my bros well tonight, don't even think of coming back! Bring her away!!"

No matter how Feng Yue Ying resisted, she was still a woman, after all. Being shoved up in the car by a few bulky men, she didn't seem to be able to persevere any longer.

At first, she was counting on big mom Zhao to call the police, but thinking it through, as nobody dares to provoke the White Sharks gang, her heart became dead like ashes.

Was the clean record that she upheld for so many years going to be ruined by this bunch of scoundrels tonight?

Just at this very moment, Ye Fan cycled to the entrance of the apartment and got off. He asked, "What is happening here? Department head Feng, why are they capturing you?"

Feng Yue Ying knew Ye Fan, and that he was the handyman that the apartment always hired - he could repair all sorts of electrical appliances but wasn't an official staff of the company.

The two of them had known each other for some time, but they weren't very familiar yet; logically speaking, she should not drag him into this.

But Feng Yue Ying was too afraid and couldn't care less, she begged, "Ye Fan! Quick, help me call the cops! They are going to kidnap me!"

"WHAT!? In a public place and with so many people around!?" Ye Fan took his phone out with a stern expression, "Department head Feng, I have a strong sense of justice!"

Seeing that Ye Fan was really going to call the police, big mom Zhao and the group of female employees were breaking out in cold sweat for him.

Sure enough, the few men in black shirts from the White Sharks gang had a baleful look on their faces. The white-haired man said in a low voice, "Bastard, how dare you meddle with the White Shark gang's affairs? Are you tired of living?"

"What white shark black shark - they don't even sound as good as a yellow croaker," Ye Fan clicked his tongue.

"Yellow… yellow croaker!? F*ck your mom, brothers beat him up!"

The white-haired man hinted with his eyes and two men in black shirts appeared immediately and surrounded Ye Fan.

One of them snatched Ye Fan's phone away while the other was about to send a kick towards Ye Fan's back.

Ye Fan couldn't be bothered to make the call anymore. The police would not make it in time anyway. He simply leaned to the side and managed to dodge the man's kick in time.

That man's kick was in vain and instead, he kicked the other black shirt man across him.

"Aiyo!" The man in front was directly kicked to the ground.

Ye Fan then took a step back, stuck his left foot out and tripped the man behind as he was retracting his leg. The man lost his balance and fell flat on his back.

All these happened in less than three seconds, the people around them didn't even catch what happened and the two strong men were already on the ground!

The female staff standing in front of the apartment building was stunned and a tinge of hope ignited in Feng Yue Ying's eyes - she didn't expect that this part-time worker would actually be so skilled!?

"Eat sh*t, you useless chap! This is embarrassing!"

The white-haired man spat and folded his sleeves up, revealing two muscular arms as he strode to Ye Fan.

"Young man, you asked for it, don't blame me if you suffer from a concussion after two punches from me…"

The white-haired man chuckled - he used to box in the black market and ordinary people would not be able to handle his arm strength at all. He had a fist the size of a punching bag and was aiming towards Ye Fan's head.

Ye Fan wasn't panicking, he dodged and this punch from the white-haired man hit their own black Buick business car.

A "crash" resounded, the white-haired man's fist was on the glass window and he directly smashed the car's window into pieces.

The pieces of broken glasses had punctured his hand and fresh blood kept flowing, he was in so much pain that he grimaced and kept howling.

Ye Fan turned and went behind the white-haired man, he kicked him on his back leg and happened to hit right at his muscle.


The white-haired man screeched - his leg was painful and numb at the same time that he nearly knelt down.

"You as*hole," the white-haired man gritted his teeth, staggered around and with his fist covered in blood, he attacked Ye Fan once again!

But Ye Fan already had one leg in front of the white-haired man and simply kicked his face in an agile manner. The white-haired man's nose started bleeding profusely, he had a footprint on his face and his entire being fell to the ground.

"Boss!!" The men in black shirt were dumbfounded - the white-haired man couldn't retaliate at all and even looked so sorry!?

The group of female staff, and dorm supervisor big mom were all enjoying the show like it was the first time they met Ye Fan.

Ye Fan turned around and looked at those two big men who were still holding on to Feng Yue Ying, revealing a cold and sinister smile...

"Hey, aren't you guys going to send him to the hospital? What if he suffered a concussion?"

The two big men quivered all over and released Feng Yue Ying dejectedly as they ran over to help the white-haired man up.

The few of them scrambled back into the Buick and drove away very quickly.

It was as if Feng Yue Ying was relieved from a burden and seemed like she was about to collapse. When they were gone, she realized that she was soaked in sweat as she sat on the ground, panting, her heart was still beating fast.

"Miss Feng, are you alright?"

Feng Yue Ying lifted her head and all she saw was Ye Fan's harmless and honest smile, like those cold and sinister men weren't humans at all.

Feng Yue Ying wasn't sure why but the man before her seemed to be wearing a mask and she couldn't see what he was really like.

"Who exactly… are you?" Feng Yue Ying mumbled.

Ye Fan blinked and chuckled candidly, "I am Little Ye and I do repair works here. Didn't I go over to your place twice to fix your electrical appliances?"

Feng Yue Ying glanced at him with a complicated gaze and knew that she wouldn't be able to get any information out of him. She sighed and said sincerely, "Thank you, Ye Fan. If not for you, I'd be in deep trouble today."

"It's nothing, just a small matter." Ye Fan smiled and extended his arm, "Department head Feng, let me help you up. The ground is heated by the scorching sun, you'll get diarrhea if you keep sitting there."

"Where did you hear that from?" Feng Yue Ying blushed - this young man is really direct with his words.

She hesitated for a moment but still placed her fair and delicate hand on Ye Fan's in the end.

Feng Yue Ying had quite an ample figure and her hand wasn't skinny, it was quite comfortable to hold.

Just as he was about to pull the girl up, Feng Yue Ying knitted her brows, and he heard her let out a cry.

"What is it?"

"My leg… I think I sprained it," Feng Yue Ying looked like she was in a lot of pain and even he couldn't help loving her upon seeing her like this.

Ye Fan looked at her left leg, even the heel of her high-heel shoes were broken, and she had clearly injured herself while struggling just now.

"Miss Feng, let me carry you, it'll hurt even more if you force yourself to walk," Ye Fan didn't hesitate at all and simply bent down for her.

"This… this isn't quite appropriate, huh," Feng Yue Ying blushed. Ever since she was little, she had never been carried by any man other than her father.

Ye Fan gave a reassuring smile, "Don't worry, I am strong, I can carry you."

Feng Yue Ying burst out laughing, "You make it sound like I'm really heavy…"

Although she felt a little weird, Feng Yue Ying couldn't think of any other solutions and obviously couldn't ask the girls there to carry her back. Hence, she climbed onto Ye Fan's back.

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