My Cold and Beautiful Wife - Chapter 2580

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"Oh!" "Oh!" "Oh, my, my … my … my … my …!"

"Grand Elder, what's wrong?" Ye Fan felt that something was wrong.

"Sir God of Swords, this old body doesn't know.

Actually, we were here for a few days as well. Before this, there were the attendants of the Immortal Sword Sect who would come every three to five days to deliver some resources or ask us what we needed.

However, seven days had already passed and no one from the Immortal Sword Sect had come. Although it hadn't been more than a few days, this old man still had a feeling that … "Seems a little strange." The Great Elder said.

Ye Fan felt a little strange. The matter of settling down the Naga Tribe was previously handled by Su Qingxue.

Su Qingxue had always been meticulous when it came to doing things. She would not suddenly make a change, but she did not let the Naga Tribe know.

The Great Elder seemed to be afraid that Ye Fan would misunderstand something, so he quickly explained, "Sir God of Swords, I am definitely not going to care about these things.

We, the Demonic Dragon Tribe, have been able to settle in such a good place like the Blessed Paradise, thanks to the face of the Sword God.

Currently, we are already very satisfied, even if Immortal Sword Sect does not send people over, it is also natural for them to not look after us.

"It was only when Sir God of Swords asked that I finally managed to voice out my worries."

Ye Fan smiled and waved his hand, "Great Elder, you are overthinking it. If you can tell me, I still need to thank you."

As Ye Fan spoke, he took out his phone and dialed Su Qingxue's number.

"Hubby, you're back?" Su Qingxue was confused, "What's the situation on your side? Why is it all singing? "

"Oh, I'm in the Dragon Horde, they're dancing."

Ye Fan stood up, walked to a quiet place slightly far from the bonfire and asked, "Wife, what happened at the Immortal Sword Sect recently?"

Su Qingxue was silent for a moment before she asked, "Did the merfolk tell you something?"

Ye Fan's heart sank. "Something really happened?"

"According to our intelligence, the Obsidian Corps seems to have discovered that the prehistoric magicite mine was enough to forge four to five ark.

Therefore, there was no need to talk about the cultivators of the Demon God Nation.

Most of the cultivators from the Ancient Demon Abyss had gone to mine their ships. Some of them had fled, some of them had died, while the entire Demon King's Hall had been hollowed out.

Because the Wilderness' forces were scattered and most of them were unafraid of death, and their cultivation levels weren't high, the Obsidian Legion seemed to look down on them, but they were actually somewhat more stable.

Right now, to Ye Xuanguang, the fattest piece of meat was of course the group of cultivators with high cultivation and qualities from the Blessed Paradises.

Actually, we should have already thought about this a long time ago. The reason why Ye Xuanguang gave us three months, was simply to get a feel for the basic conditions of this wasteland, and then use the best resources we have.

He had never planned to wait patiently for the Apocalypse to happen. As far as he was concerned, there was no one who could stop him.

"Thus, he has already begun to coerce and tempt us to expand the Obsidian Legion." Su Qingxue faintly sighed.

Ye Fan frowned, "What happened to Little Luo and the others?"

Su Qingxue said, "As far as I know, all the major sects in the Blessed Paradise, including the Immortal Sword Sect, are controlled by the Black Obsidian Army.

They trapped the people of the various sects in the Immortal Palaces, and if they were willing to submit, they would take them directly to the mining fields.

Those who were unwilling to submit, he would use all kinds of methods to force them to submit... Or kill. "

"Are you saying that Xiao Luo and the rest were all taken to the Immortal Palace to be locked up?!" Ye Fan asked loudly.

"Hmm …"

"How long has it been?!"

"Two days before you left the city of innocence."

Ye Fan immediately became angry, "Then why didn't you tell me?!" I did give you all the authority I have, big and small, but you can't possibly hide such a huge thing from me!? "

"Let me tell you. Is it any use? " Su Qingxue coldly asked.

Ye Fan froze.

"You have a heavy burden on your shoulders. If it wasn't something very important, would you have suddenly gone out of your way to travel during this critical time?

I told you about the Blessed Paradise, but you just ignored everything else and went to save them?

The reason Ye Xuanguang didn't come knocking on his door right now is because he felt that it was unnecessary and not because he was afraid of you!

If you stop the obsidian army from recruiting, that would be hindering his plans, so what if he tried to kill you in advance?!

You are not the only one who is worried about those people from the Immortal Sword Sect, you are not the only one who knows how to be a good person … But if everyone is a good person, then everyone will die! "

Su Qingxue lost control of her emotions and said, "If you know about this, it will only drag you down, so …. "Even if you hate me, I won't tell you."

Ye Fan's eyes turned red, and he took a deep breath.

Logically, he knew that Su Qingxue had made the right choice, but in terms of emotions, she was still very uncomfortable.

After a long silence, Ye Fan said: "I know you are worried about my safety, but..." Qingxue, I'm also growing. I won't idiotically send myself to my death.

So, if something like that happens again in the future, I hope that you can discuss it with me.

Su Qingxue seemed to be sobbing. After a while, she asked, "Then what do you want to do? Could it be that he had declared war on Ye Xuanguang in advance? Are you ready? "

Ye Fan pondered for a moment. "This matter does not necessarily require me to come into contact with Ye Xuanguang. I will first check out the situation before deciding on how to handle it."

"Don't be careless. Even if you are taken away to mining, there is hope for survival. There is no need to risk your life for a temporary face," Su Qingxue reminded.

"I know, for you guys, I won't risk my life to make a joke." Ye Fan smiled and warmly said, "Wife, I was just too agitated just now, don't cry."

"I'm not crying," Su Qingxue said.

"I love you."

"Hmph, come on … As long as you are alive, you can choose not to love me. "

The call ended.

Ye Fan smiled in surprise. This old man is already an old wife, what is there to be shy about.

However, when he thought of Hua Xiaoluo and the others, Ye Fan's heart became heavy again.

When he walked back to the campfire, everyone saw that his expression was a little ugly and they all started to worry about what was going on.

Ye Fan felt that there was no need to hide it from her, so he told her everything that happened in the Blessed Paradise.

"This Ye Xuanguang! Despicable and shameless! We said that the Apocalypse Conference will be held three months from now, yet he actually made his move ahead of time!? " Xiao Huai Su said angrily.

"He never promised that he would not take action during these three months. The Apocalypse is merely a 'one net all' final plan." Feng Qinglan sighed.

Candle had a rare serious expression and said: "Master, we can't go to the Immortal Palace. Even if you have the ability to save someone, you will still thoroughly anger Ye Xuanguang.

For the time being, I will have the Immortal Sword Sect's people surrender. At worst, I will just go to the mines to work for two months.

Ye Fan lowered his head and smiled, "Candle … …." Do you think I'm naive, or are you naive?

Do you really think that once the Obsidian Legion takes us to the mines and becomes their slaves, we'll just have to dig the mines and build ships? "

The candlelight fell silent as it lowered its head in silence.

Since ancient times, who would treat slaves with kindness? His life and dignity would be completely trampled upon.

Even the Sheng Domain was nothing in the obsidian army, not to mention those ordinary cultivators who had yet to even reach the Sheng Domain.

"Stay here, or make a detour from the Odin Empire and return to the Sinless City."

Ye Fan finished the wine in his cup and stood up, "I am going to the immortal palace to take a look." Section error, click on this report (no registration), after reporting the maintenance personnel will correct chapter content within two minutes, please wait patiently, and refresh the page.

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