My Crown Prince Consort Is a Firecracker! - Chapter 1210 - A Rush to Buy the Prolongation Pill

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Chapter 1210: A Rush to Buy the Prolongation Pill

Situ Yi lamented with a sigh, “Back then, everyone was still young and aggressive. After you left, the senior and junior brothers also regretted it. Junior Sister Liu, we’ll just let bygones be bygones. This time, come back to the sect with me. Your dad, Hall Master Liu, hasn’t been particularly well during these years. You don’t want to go back and see him?”

“Senior Brother.” Liu Yexin abruptly raised her head.

Situ Yi simply patted her shoulder. “Alright, it’s decided then.”

Liang Qingqing also consoled her with a smile, “That’s right, everyone are seniors and juniors from the same sect, so what can’t you talk out. Junior Sister Liu, if you want to go on practical training, then the sect will have plenty of opportunities in the future.”

“Thank you, Senior Sister Liang.” Liu Yexin nodded before turning to say to Senior Brother Situ, “Senior Brother Situ, I, I’ll do as you say.”

“Mhm.” Situ Yi smiled before turning to tell Qiao Mu, “Little Junior Sister, you don’t know that during the time you guys were away, this auction house successively auctioned off several excellent pills! The next auction lot is that prolongation pill.”

“Prolongation pills are indeed good stuff. They are also of use to us cultivators.” Liang Qingqing nodded with a smile.

However, the little fellow pursed her lips in disinterest. When Duan Yue saw this, he exclaimed with a grin, “Our Qiaoqiao doesn’t think much of it. Let whoever wants it bid for it!”

When Liang Qingqing thought of how the storage talisman that Little Junior Sister casually tossed her just now contained a lot of pills and elixirs, she was all smiles as she concurred, “That is rather so! Prolongation pills may be quite precious to other people, but in our little junior sister’s eyes, it probably isn’t all that useful.”

That’s right, to Qiao Mu, useless items were all designated as “junk!”

While they were chatting, the next round of introductions had begun. This time, that auctioneer gave a long, extravagantly colorful commentary of that prolongation pill’s various magical effects.

His words made the daft crowd below howl feverishly, with ardor and zeal coursing through their blood.

“Hurry up and start! What’s the starting bid! I must win this prolongation pill.”

“Yeah, yeah, if I were to consume this prolongation pill, I might be able to add on several years to my life!”

“This prolongation pill is effective for all mystic cultivators level-15 and below. However, the higher the mystic cultivator’s level, the fewer the years added to their life span.”

“Right, right, right. I heard that before too. For normal people like us, maybe it might add ten or twenty years to our life span.”

“Dream on! It will add on ten years max!”

While everyone was embroiled in a lively discussion, the auctioneer announced with a smile, “The starting bid is one hundred mystic currency, and the minimum bid increment is one thousand.”

With this sentence, the majority of the people’s zeal was smothered with a swish.

Ha ha, one hundred thousand mystic currency! You’ve got to be kidding, that was equivalent to one hundred pieces of high-grade magnetite!

Who was so rich and arrogant as to take out one hundred high-grade magnetite at once? Only those juniors of large patrician families or nobles could be so bold.

For them, the peanut gallery, they should just crack peanuts and watch the fun.

They had better not fantasize about the prolongation pill!

“Tut tut, it’s quite expensive.” Liang Qingqing clicked her tongue and commented, “It won’t become a passed item, right. I see that not everyone can afford this price.”

“There are plenty of people who want things like prolongation pills. Rest assured, it is impossible for this to become a passed item,” Situ Yi replied with a smile.

Sure enough, just as he finished speaking, a female voice rang out. “100 thousand.”

“101 thousand.”

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