My Crown Prince Consort Is a Firecracker! - Chapter 1225 - You’re Still That Trashy

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Chapter 1225: You’re Still That Trashy

Before the members of the Fan Clan could rush over, Qiao Mu appeared before Fan Qiuhe in a flash.

The Startled Swan Dagger darted out from her conscious pool, and she swiftly pressed it against Fan Qiuhe’s throat with a thread of her spiritual conscious.

“Just as trashy as before.” Qiao Mu paced before him and looked askance at the several Fan Clan juniors who wanted to charge over.

She waved her hand at them and threatened,

“If you guys dare come over, I’ll slit open his throat right now. It’ll be a ‘piu,’ and spray out oh so much blood.”

The Fan Clan juniors goggled at this little lady, feeling that her present innocent expression was mixed together with a frightening aura.

And maybe inexplicably in a bit of a morbid state…

She meant what she said! Everyone’s chest instantly tightened.

Thus, Fan Qiuming and the other people stopped far away. He then cupped his hands toward Qiao Mu and inquired, “Crown Prince Consort, may I ask how my brother has offended you.”

Qiao Mu cast him a glance and stated dryly, “Him? In every way possible!”

Fan Qiuming: Why did he feel like he had no words to say!

“Cough. Cough, cough.” Fan Qiuhe, whom the Crown Prince Consort the Great had walloped to the ground, stared at Qiao Mu with a minute change in expression. “You, for?…”

*Slash!* The sharp Startled Swan Dagger slit a red line of blood across Fan Qiuhe’s neck.

If it had gone any deeper, his head might have fallen off his shoulders.

Even as alarm bells rang in Fan Qiuhe’s mind, he still maintained his brotherly smile. However, his fingers had already curled up from nervousness. “C-Crown Prince Consort.”

Meanwhile, Mo Lian strode up next to Qiao Mu. He pulled her into his embrace and stroked the back of her head gently.

The sense of desolation that this child had emanated just now made his heart ache for her.

There must be a problem with this Fan Qiuhe. Otherwise, Qiaoqiao’s emotions wouldn’t run amok every time she saw him.

“Fan Qiuhe, stay far away from Huge Bear Squad. Never tread into their ranks! Or else, you will die without a burial place, understand? Hm?” Following this, Qiao Mu turned to gaze apathetically at that “next-door big brother” with a frigid expression.

Fan Qiuhe’s heart squeezed abruptly, but he still remained calm and collected on the surface.

Because the Startled Swan Dagger was still against his neck, he was afraid to nod. “Has the crown prince consort misunderstood something? Today, I came to request the Huge Bear Squad’s help on a minor mission.”

“Are you people from the Fan Clan wastrels?” Qiao Mu looked at him coldly. “You’re prohibited from getting Huge Bear Squad’s help. Withdraw your hogwash mission at once. Also, immediately disappear from my sight. I, do not want to see you.”

She truly and utterly loathed him!

Fan Qiuhe gripped the sides of his robe as he showed an awkward smile. “Qiuhe does not dare to defy the crown prince consort’s order.”

After saying this, he stiffened his spine and peered out of the corner of his eye at the Startled Swan Dagger that remained against his neck. He went up stiffly to the mission distribution center’s table and rapidly cancelled the mission that he had just issued to the Huge Bear Squad, as well as paid the cancellation penalty.

Afterwards, Qiao Mu finally smiled lightly. “Things are fine like this now. In the future, do not let me see you buzz about the Huge Bear Squad like a fly, got it?”

“Also, protect your life well. I will come to look for you very soon.”

Fan Qiuhe only felt that this expression of the crown prince consort’s was masking an immeasurable uncanniness.

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