My Crown Prince Consort Is a Firecracker! - Chapter 999 - Serves Him Right!

Chapter 999: Serves Him Right!

After Qiao Mu saw him getting pressed flat to the ground by an invisible force and flailing his limbs in a tussle, her lips couldn’t help but curl up into a sneer.

“Forget it. I don’t suppose that you have anything else to divulge. As for the questions I want to ask, I’ll naturally be able to have them answered when I find your prefecture lord in the future.” Was it the Shuntian Prefecture who had an inherent enmity for her, or was it that its prefecture lord was doing this under someone’s direction? Wouldn’t things be clearer if she asked the prefecture lord himself?

No matter if it was her personal grudge or her sect’s grudge, she would ultimately oppose the Shuntian Prefecture in the future, right.

Rather than interrogating a person who only knew a smattering here, she might as well save her energy and watch the show!

After thinking this point through, she didn’t care to spare Priest Dayu a glance at all.

Let nature run its course!

“No, you can’t leave me to die! How can you just watch on unfeelingly as I get destroyed by Heavenly Law’s might?”

“You disregarded Heavenly Law, provoking retaliation. Who can help you with this? You have to own up to what you dared to do. Is it not good to accept death?” Qiao Mu’s icy voice slowly seeped into Priest Dayu’s ears.

Peril would be looming upon him no matter if he chose to step forwards or retreat backwards. He was clearly an old monster that had lived for so long, so shouldn’t he understand such an easy principle?

No matter how strong a person was, they would ultimately show cowardliness the instant they looked death in the eye.

As Priest Dayu looked up at Qiao Mu’s frigid face, he gave a jolt before lying there limply in utter grief.

No one could defy Heavenly Law’s might.

He was formless, colorless, and noiseless. He did not take the shape of any of the five spirits, nor could one identify him with the naked eye.

But he was this kind of fearful existence that was currently using an invisible but immense strength to crush Priest Dayu bit by bit into a lump of mincemeat.


And also very rapidly!

Under Heavenly Law’s tyrannical restriction, Priest Dayu, from his body to his soul, abruptly vanished from the face of the earth.

This was Heavenly Law’s might, which could obliterate you in a flash without leaving a trace!

Qiao Mu shook her head breathlessly with wonder.

It was best apt to characterize Priest Dayu as having dug his own grave.

Afterall, if it weren’t for his relentless pursuit at the beginning, then she wouldn’t have turned back to retaliate, nor would she have forced him to use a secret technique to raise his cultivation, subsequently provoking Heavenly Law.

Serves him right!

Qiao Mu was actually rejoicing in his misfortune right now.

The items from his inner world were piled up on the ground. The old Daoist had quite a big secret stash, including valuables and treasures, magnetite and pills, as well as many oddly-shaped forging materials.

As a candid child, Qiao Mu naturally collected up all of the items inside the old Daoist’s inner world as her own.

After tidying up everything, she took the little monk’s hand and jumped onto Qingluan’s back. “Let’s go, we’re returning to the capital.”

Fortunately, she had plundered all the items from the old Daoist’s inner world beforehand. Otherwise, since Heavenly Law had obliterated him without leaving a trace, the items inside his inner world would naturally have gotten obliterated with him.

Qiao Mu then rushed back to the Mo Kingdom capital on Qingluan.

Even so, before she had flown out of Hulan Mountain’s range, she could see an ancient gold dragon encased in fiery flames swiftly heading in her direction.

The crown prince must have run over to find her in his impatience after the promised three days were up.

Qiao Mu urged Qingluan to fly over quickly. The moment cyan and red converged in the sky, Qiao Mu hopped up, directly throwing herself at the dragon’s back and into Mo Lian’s arms.