My Disciples Are All Villains - Chapter 779 - : Luo Xuan Isn’t Dead

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Chapter 779: Luo Xuan Isn’t Dead

Ji Fengxing exclaimed in shock, “She’s not dead? H-how’s that possible? What is the Sky Martial Court searching for all these years, then?”

Meng Changdong said, “Many of the Sky Martial Court’s explorations had great impacts on the original cultivation systems. This was especially true after the speculation that foreign worlds appeared. The Sky Martial Court was condemned in word and shunned by the major sects. Everyone was of the opinion that the red lotus was the only lotus there is. Luo Xuan was labeled as a lunatic by the masses. Then, she went missing for a long time. Slightly more than 10 years ago, my friend in the Sky Martial Court told me that Luo Xuan has been found. The Sky Martial Court had imprisoned her.”

Lu Zhou looked at Meng Changdong appreciatively. He felt that he had recruited quite a useful guardian. He asked, “Are you sure?”

“Since I’ve decided to follow you, Senior Lu, I’ll naturally tell you everything I know. To answer your question, I’m not sure. The information needs to be verified,” Meng Changdong answered honestly.

“I’ll leave the investigation to you.”

“Understood.” Meng Changdong was an elder of the Flying Star House, after all. He had connections in the Sky Martial Court and was more knowledgeable compared to the others.

Lu Zhou turned to look at Conch. If Meng Changdong’s words were true, it was impossible for Conch to be Luo Xuan.

Xia Changqiu sighed and said, “Conch’s talents are similar to Luo Xuan’s… Could she be Luo Xuan’s descendant?”

The others nodded. This was a plausible theory.

Yu Zhenghai said, “If she’s only a descendant, her abilities and memories shouldn’t be in this awakening state. There are many wonders in the world. Perhaps, Little Junior Sister is just a genius. It’s not impossible for two people to possess the same abilities.”

“There’s no need to guess… I’ll get to the bottom of Conch’s background myself.” Lu Zhou glanced at Conch.

‘Since Conch remembers the palace, this means she had been to the palace before. There should be someone there who knows her. We should be able to find the key to the box there.’

“Conch, you remember the key, right?”

Conch nodded and answered, “Pure gold.”

“Pure gold?”

Meng Changdong joined in and said, “Pure gold is the truest gold. Indeed, it can only be found in the palace. The keyhole is extremely small. It looks like a… hairpin.”

“Guardian Meng is right.” Xia Changqiu nodded in agreement.

“Pure gold has always been the preferred ornament to showcase one’s status. Moreover, it’s suitable to be made into ornaments.”

Conch nodded. “Mhm!”

A vague idea appeared in Lu Zhou’s mind. However, the palace was huge, and its defenses could not be investigated. Was he supposed to sneak into the palace and the harem? ‘I don’t think that this course of action suits my style.’

After mulling over it for a moment, Lu Zhoucame up with a rough plan. “If there’s nothing else, that will be all.”


The others bowed and left.

At dusk.


A long bleat resounded through the Thousand Willow Monastery; a beast had appeared above the Thousand Willow Monastery.

The Thousand Willow Monastery disciples and elders who were cultivating in front of the Fair Hall were shocked when they looked up and saw the beast.

“It’s a beast! Look out!”

The Thousand Willow Monastery’s Formation could not compare to those in the major sects. It was always disastrous when a beast decided to come knocking.

They were slightly relieved that the beast was not too big.

One elder said hastily, “Look for Mister First and Mister Second. Tell them to catch this beast! Its Qi is incredibly auspicious, and it’s suitable to be used as a mount,” Xia Changqiu said when he saw the beast that was radiating auspicious Qi.

At this moment, Lu Zhou’s stern voice rang from his courtyard. “Come here.”


Whitzard flew down obediently and landed in front of Lu Zhou.

The members of the Thousand Willow Monastery were shocked. Was this not a beast? Why was it as obedient as a little lamb?

Lu Zhou raised his hand and petted Whitzard. He could not help but scowl when he saw a few wounds on its body. However, the wounds were not fresh. It was clear it had sustained these wounds during the early parts of its journey. Indeed, it was not an easy feat to cross the Endless Ocean. He continued petting Whitzard as he said, “You’ve done well.”

Whitzard gave a low cry. It did not seem to mind.

“It’s been tamed?” Ji Fengxing, who had hurried over, rubbed his eyes.

“If I didn’t witness this with my own eyes, I would never believe someone is capable of subduing a beast with just two words.”

The others looked at Whitzard’s submissive behavior incredulously.

Lu Zhou unleashed the Heavenly Writing’s extraordinary power and healed Whitzard’s wounds. After that, he leaped on Whitzard’s back and announced, “I’m going on a short trip.”

“Safe journey, Senior Lu.”

The Thousand Willow Monastery disciples looked at Lu Zhou with eyes shining with admiration.

Lu Zhou and Whitzard instantly disappeared in the horizon.

At this moment, Little Yuan’er flew over to Fair Hall. She scratched her head and said, “I thought I heard our Whitzard’s cry earlier. Has anyone seen it?”


In the sky.

Lu Zhou rode on Whitzard’s back and flew toward Guannei Circuit. He wondered inwardly, ‘Since Whitzard is here, where’s Ji Liang? They’re both legendary mounts so their speed should be the same…’

Lu Zhou opened the system dashboard and checked again. Whitzard’s status reflected its arrival. However, Ji Liang’s status still remained as ‘rushing toward the red lotus domain’.

‘I hope it’s not devoured by some oceanic beasts. In any case, Whitzard arrived just in time. I’d be exhausted if I had to fly everywhere on my own.’

Lu Zhou arrived in Guannei Circuit at sundown.

During his time in the red lotus domain, he had learned about Great Tang’s geography.

He knew where the palace was located. Hence, he flew directly to the palace.

When he entered the capital, he dismounted from Whitzard and waited in the city. He concealed his aura and leaped into the Royal City when it was time.

‘Daoist veins? The palace’s defenses are certainly superior to the other sects. I have to be cautious…’

Fortunately, he had the Heavenly Writing’s power of hearing. With this power, no sounds could escape his ears.

Lu Zhou did not travel along the city wall. Instead, he kept himself airborne at a low altitude. He had Deadly Strike Cards and Impeccable Cards. Even if he was exposed, he could still leave. Naturally, he knew the palace had many crouching tigers and hidden dragons; it was best not to cause a commotion if it was possible.

Lu Zhou easily avoided the eunuchs and palace girls going about the place.

Occasionally, he could hear the low-frequency sounds of energy being generated above the Royal City. This indicated the presence of Godly Archers.

In no time at all, he found himself before the Ganlu Hall.

‘Ganlu Hall… Is this where the emperor studies? Why isn’t such an important place guarded?’

Lu Zhou unleashed his power of hearing. He concealed the blue light glowing around his ears. It was completely silent in the vicinity except for some faint noise and heartbeat from above. “Someone’s up there.”

Lu Zhou usually frowned upon sneaky tactics but desperate times called for desperate measures. ‘You can only blame yourself for being unlucky.’

He shot into the air and landed on top of the hall with movements as light as a feather.

Under the moonlight, a handsome young man dressed in lavish clothes and his hair tied in a bun above his head could be seen. He rested his chin on his hands as he admired the moon. He was, naturally, oblivious to the fact that the greatest villain in Great Yan was slowly creeping toward him from the back. He was about to rise to his feet when a big and wizened landed on his shoulder and pushed him. He stiffened immediately.

“Don’t be nervous. If I wanted to take your life, you’d be dead by now.”

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