My Disciples Are All Villains - Chapter 780 - The Emperor and Pure Gold

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Chapter 780: The Emperor and Pure Gold

Apart from the slight stiffening of his body, the young man remained calm.

This exceeded Lu Zhou’s expectations.

The young man turned and appraised Lu Zhou. Then, he chuckled softly before he said, “Old man, are you trying to kidnap me?”

Lu Zhou did not deny this. He nodded. “Aren’t you afraid?”

“What’s there to be afraid of? If you can avoid the patrolling internal elites and arrive at the Ganlu Hall, you must have shocking strength. It’s meaningless to be afraid,” the young man said, “Old Mister, I won’t shout, I’m not foolish. Let’s sit.”

It was clear the young man was incredibly intelligent.

Lu Zhou waved his hand and sat down. His robes hung loosely on his body, and the wind rustled his white hair. The moon cast its light on him, making him look like a mysterious elite.

“Old Mister… what brings you here to the palace?” the young man asked.

“I’ve always admired those who can adapt according to situations. You’re much more intelligent than many others.” Lu Zhou’s expression remained calm. He looked at the moon as he stroked his beard and said, “Where’s the harem?”

“The harem?” The young man was clearly surprised. “But, your age…” He trailed off as he looked at Lu Zhou intently from head to toe.

Lu Zhou’s expression darkened. He said solemnly, “The young are fearless. I’ll have you know you’re speaking to the most dangerous person in the world.”

The young man did not seem frightened. He said with a sigh, “But, I think you’re quite friendly.”

“Hm?” Lu Zhou cast a deep look at the young man. He stared at the young man silently for a long time.

The young man shuddered. He said, “What are you going to do in the harem?”

“I’m looking for something.”

“I can help you. I know this palace like the back of my hand.” The young man patted his chest.

Lu Zhou frowned. This young man seemed different. He was on top of Ganlu Hall, but there was not a single cultivator standing guard. “You’ll help me?”

The young man sighed. He stood up, flexed his arms, and pointed with an imposing aura. “Old Mister… Look at the city walls… Don’t you think this place resembles a huge prison? I’m only allowed to wander around in this cage. I can’t go out; I can’t go anywhere. I have no friends, let alone close friends…”

Lu Zhou laughed hoarsely. “So, you think I’m amusing?”

“Uh…” The young man scratched his head, looking like a deer caught in headlights.

“I’m looking for a pure gold hairpin,” Lu Zhou said as he stroked his beard.

The young man was shocked by Lu Zhou’s words. For a moment, he was speechless.

“What? Didn’t you say you’re very capable?” Lu Zhou raised an eyebrow.

“Uh…” The young man lowered his head before looking up again. He placed his hands on his back instinctively. “Old Mister, name another task. I’m afraid that I can’t give you that.”

“You’ve got no choice.” Lu Zhou raised his fingers. Primal Qi in his surroundings surged. As long as he willed it, the Primal Qi would form energy blades and tear the young man to shreds.

The young man seemed exceptionally calm. He shook his head and said, “Old Mister, if you can answer a few of my questions, I’ll present the pure gold hairpin to you with my hands.”

“Let’s hear it.”

The young man continued looking at the moon and pondered for a moment before saying, “Old Mister, you’re capable of avoiding the internal elites, and you have an unfathomable cultivation base. If you’re forced to cut down strangers by the people around you, would you be willing?”

“Nobody can force me to do anything.” Lu Zhou’s reply was curt.

The young man was taken aback. After a moment, he said, “But, I don’t have a cultivation base like yours.”

“In that case, you’ll just have to grow stronger.” Lu Zhou looked at the young man and said, “Your cultivation base isn’t too bad… You might end up becoming an expert if you cultivate well.”

These words caused the young man to fall silent. He asked again, “What if somebody blocked that path?”

“Then, just think of a way to get rid of the person who obstructs your path…” He seemed to have thought of something before he added, “… no matter who that person is.”

“…” The young man shuddered. This thought had occurred to him in the past. Perhaps, he had the answer all along. However, he was always surrounded by people who flattered him and fawned over him. Nobody was truthful. This stranger’s words seemed to cause his hesitation to vanish. After a moment, he bowed and said, “I’m enlightened.”

Lu Zhou did not hold back. He extended his hand. “Pure gold.”

“Please wait, old mister.” The young man turned around, preparing to leave.

“Wait.” Lu Zhou raised his hand.

“There’s no need to worry, old mister. I’ve always kept my word.”

Lu Zhou waved his hand. A Daoist seal flew toward the young man. “If you remove the seal or if you leave the palace, I’ll kill you.”

The young man said nothing. He leaped off the roof and was gone.

Lu Zhou activated his power of hearing again and extended its range to cover his surroundings.

After a quarter of an hour, the young man returned as promised. He held a brocade box in his hands as he leaped into the hall. After he presented the box with both hands, he said curiously, “Old mister. Pure gold is only secular items. With your profound cultivation base, why do you want this? If you’re short on silver taels, I can give you one chest of them.”

“No need.” Lu Zhou waved his arm and withdrew the seal. At the same time, the brocade box flew into his hand. He looked into the box and saw a pure gold hairpin made even more exquisite by the moonlight. It was delicate and as thick as a needle. Indeed, its size seemed to match the opening of the treasure chest.

Lu Zhou put it away. He looked at the young man, curious about the young man’s identity. Surely, the young man was not an ordinary person if he could admire the moon on the roof of the emperor’s study without being harassed by the guards or cultivators. He speculated that the young man was a prince.

“What’s your name?” Lu Zhou asked.

The young man smiled. He cupped his fists and said, “Li Yunzheng.”

“I’ll remember that.”

“You’re not shocked?”

“Why would I be?” Lu Zhou asked, puzzled.

Li Yunzheng nodded and said in relief, “You’re right, old mister. Surely, you don’t care about such matters when you have the strength to evade so many elites.”

Lu Zhou did not expect to obtain the key so easily. He had thought he would have to resort to using some grand tactics and torture a few people to get the truth out of them.

Plans could not keep up with changes.

“I admire intelligent people the most. You’re smart. I’ll spare your life today.”

Lu Zhou turned around, preparing to leave, when a black figure shot out from behind Li Yunzheng. The figure attacked Lu Zhou at lightning speed.

Lu Zhou sensed a cultivator behind him and instinctively turned around and raised his hand.

Bam! Bam! Bam!

The black figure stabbed like the wind with his dagger.

“Stand down. You can’t be disrespectful to the old mister!”

“I swore to protect you with my life!” the black figure said.

The dagger gleamed coldly as the black figure directed it to Lu Zhou’s throat.

Lu Zhou was puzzled. He wondered why the duo did not cause a huge commotion. However, to be safe, he used his extraordinary power. He advanced with two of his fingers. He caught the blade between his fingers.


Lu Zhou moved his fingers. The instant the dagger broke, he raised his hand and struck.

The black figure flipped backward and grunted before spitting out a mouthful of blood.

“Old mister, have mercy!”

“Is he your guard?” Lu Zhou looked at the young man indifferently.

“Yes…” Li Yunzheng replied awkwardly. “Thank you, old mister.”

“Since you’re tactful, I’ll spare him. Before we part, I have another piece of advice for you.”

“Let’s hear it, old mister.”

“Don’t bite off more than you can chew.” Lu Zhou glanced at the black figure. “Otherwise… you’d only be rushing to your death.”


After he said this, Lu Zhou stepped into the air.

“Old mister, will we meet again?” Li Yunzheng ran after him.

Lu Zhou did not reply to him. With a burst of movement, he vanished from sight.

The guard launched into a violent coughing fit. After spitting out blood again, he said, “I couldn’t take down the assassin… I deserve to die!”

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