My Ex-husband Regrets After Signing The Divorce - Chapter 421 - Scar

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Chapter 421 Scar

“Come in!” Chen Chen replied.

It was Gu Qian.

When he saw Gu Qian, Chen Chen’s slightly suppressed mood instantly brightened.

“I’m sorry to trouble you again. I’ll get Xiao Zhuo to take care of me. You’ll delay things by staying here every day!” Chen Chen smiled humbly and was a little apologetic. Gu Qian had already taken care of him for many days and came almost every day. “I went back and got someone to make chicken soup for you. It’s very good for you. Drink it quickly!” Gu Qian smiled. “I originally wanted to cook it myself. This is the only way to express your gratitude for saving me… But I’m ashamed to say that I’ve never learned to cook in all my years.” Gu Qian smiled shyly.

“I can understand. With your important status, how could you have the time to learn to cook?” Chen Chen smiled and took the chicken soup. “It’s delicious, thank you!”

“Yes, how is your body recovering? Did the doctor come over after I left?” Gu Qian asked with concern.

“He did. I asked him when I could be discharged. I’ve clearly recovered, but he insisted on observing me for another two to three days. How boring!” Chen Chen drank the chicken soup and rebuked.

Gu Qian smiled and said, “Is it very boring?”

“Of course. I can’t go anywhere. I can only lie here and look at the ceiling. Speaking of this ceiling, you might not believe it, but there are actually 124 fine cracks on it. It can’t be seen without the light…” Chen Chen said with a serious expression.

“Yes, I can tell. You’re really bored.” Gu Qian smiled gently and looked at him with a smile.

“Sigh, you’ll be bored too. Stop laughing at me!” Chen Chen said helplessly.

“Why would I laugh at you? I’m here to accompany you because I’m afraid you’ll be bored!” Gu Qian said.

“Come accompany me? What’s the point of sitting like this?” Chen Chen glanced at him with dissatisfaction.

“Then what do you want me to do?” Gu Qian was puzzled.

Chen Chen smiled evilly and said, “You’re a mercenary. Brother Gu, why don’t you tell me about your past as a mercenary?” He did not notice that when he called Gu Qian “Brother Gu”, a hint of surprise flashed across Gu Qian’s face.

Gu Qian looked at him and asked after a while, “So this is what you want to hear?”

“Of course. As an ordinary person, it’s normal to have strange desires! Many people can’t even write books about your experiences. I admire you very much. If you can tell me, it’ll be much more exciting than watching a movie!” Chen Chen did not think too much about it and said quickly.

Gu Qian was still smiling gently. “Do you admire me a lot?”

“Of course. You’re simply a god-like man. I’ve never had such a fortuitous encounter in my life!” Chen Chen said bluntly.

Although he was already in his twenties, men were still boys until death. Chen Chen had dreamed of being a hero since he was young!

Although those dreams of being a hero had long been drowned by his parents’ promotion, practice of running a company, learning horsemanship, and learning golf, the seed buried in his heart would not die.

Therefore, at this moment, the usually cold and domineering CEO had become a curious little boy.

Gu Qian smiled faintly and said, “Since you want to hear it, fine!”

“Then where do you want to start?” Gu Qian looked calm.

“From the scar on you!” Chen Chen stared at Gu Qian. He had clearly planned this for a long time and replied immediately. Gu Qian lowered his head slightly, feeling a little surprised. He did not expect Chen Chen to see the scars on his body. It was a very deep scar. Furthermore, it was a tri-edge military knife used by armed police. It almost pierced through his chest. This kind of wound was difficult to treat. Few people who were stabbed survived.

He had been wearing a shirt and had only unbuttoned one button because he was afraid that his scar would be seen. “Don’t think I can’t notice. I’ve already seen it for a long time!” Chen Chen looked smug.

Gu Qian smiled helplessly and said, “Alright, if you want to hear this, I’ll tell you!”

Chen Chen was instantly excited when he heard this. He sat up straight and found a pillow to cover his back. “Tell me, tell me!”

“This scar has been here for a few years. That year was the only time he came to the country to do a mission. He happened to encounter a robbery.” Gu Qian looked into the distance, his thoughts already drifting to that year.

That year, he was sent to the country to arrange a kidnapping with a few mercenaries…

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