My Ex-husband Regrets After Signing The Divorce - Chapter 422 - Robbery

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Chapter 422 Robbery

The protagonist of the case was the son of a heinous bandit.

This kind of case was extremely difficult to handle because the bandit leader’s anti-reconnaissance ability was too strong.

Therefore, they needed to spend a lot of time on the preparations and stepping points in the early stages.

On this day, as he was holding a pair of binoculars to observe the protagonist’s itinerary, the walkie-talkie rang. A hurried voice sounded, “A robbery happened in Huaxia Bank’s business hall at 126 South Road. It has to do with this case. Everyone nearby, please hurry to the scene!”

The location mentioned in the notification was not far from Gu Qian’s location. It was a ten-minute journey.

He did not have time to think too much. He picked up the walkie-talkie and replied, “Roger.”

A young man named Xiao Bo shouted excitedly, “It’s a bank robbery. I didn’t expect to get an unexpected reward for this mission. It’s exciting. It’s too exciting. If it’s done, the profit will be very high!”

Another soldier beside him said, “Team Leader, isn’t there a police officer here? We won’t be of much help even if we go. Our identities might even be exposed. Is there a need?”

It was obvious that he was a new recruit. Xiao Bo patted his head and shouted, “Of course. I heard that the son of the bandit leader is inside. Do you think ordinary police can handle a case like this? We can’t guard it and put a few snipers to help them at the critical moment?”

The new recruit nodded, not understanding.

With that, Xiao Bo replied, “Previously, we were on a mission in the country and helped the armed police catch two fugitives at Beiping Manor in the middle of the night. From afar, we heard that submachine guns were like firecrackers. Five minutes later, the two fugitives were carried away in a shroud. However, we were 1,000 meters away from the scene at that time and were quarantining the civilians there.”

Gu Qian only smiled and did not speak.

These two people were only his subordinates. They had been police before, and they were not technically mercenaries. They had not seen any big scenes.

He had experienced much more than this group of children. Let alone a thousand meters from the scene, he would not hesitate or be afraid to be the first to rush forward.

The originally ten-minute journey took more than twenty minutes because of the traffic jam. The few of them saw the armed police surrounding the bank’s door from afar. Gu Qian’s eyes were sharp. When he looked over, he even saw the four snipers on the opposite building clearly.

A hundred meters behind the armed police’s encirclement was an isolation circle composed of police and defense.

This was the good thing about the commoners in the country. As long as there was something exciting to watch, even if there was a war ahead, they were not afraid at all with the armed police and police forming two lines of defense for them. They surrounded the perimeter to watch the commotion.

No matter how much Xiao Bo honked, the car could not move forward.

Gu Qian glanced at it and said, “Get out of the car. Let’s walk over.”

The few of them inserted themselves into the quarantine ring from the crowd watching the commotion and only then did they understand the situation.

The police were about to expand the isolation circle. These criminals had heavy weapons and were tied with bombs. The isolation circle had to be expanded by another 500 meters.

Gu Qian waved his hand and said quickly, “Leave as planned!”

Xiao Bo responded and led the others to join the isolated crowd.

There were too many people. Even from afar, someone stopped at the car roof to watch.

Anyway, they had the same thought in their hearts: It would be a waste not to watch such a big show. Besides, there were only a few criminals. With hundreds of police officers blocking in front, they would not hurt themselves.

Soon, some other police officers rushed over.

There was no lack of people at the scene. They quickly isolated the crowd and expanded the warning circle.

Gu Qian reached out and checked carefully. This was a bank. There were ten very arrogant criminals patrolling inside. There were dozens of people squatting on the ground, trembling.

Needless to say, those people should be working in the bank. If they were unlucky, they would be caught by the criminals as hostages.

The group of people’s faces were pale. Gu Qian felt a little sorry for them. They had come out to do something for no reason, but they had actually encountered such a thing.

They were all ordinary people and could not be said to have any psychological qualities. When faced with such a matter, even if they did not lose their lives, they would have a shadow in their lives.

The criminals were hiding behind the hostages.

This way, even if a sniper wanted to shoot from afar, he would only hit the hostage first. Gu Qian could not help but sigh. These people were still very professional and could be considered well-trained.

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