My Ex-husband Regrets After Signing The Divorce - Chapter 465 - Investigation

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Chapter 465 Investigation

When she thought of this, she was even more excited. She had also forgotten about the idea of plastic surgery. At the same time, she felt a little worried. Huo Tian had said that her condition had stabilized and she could be discharged in less than a week.

Once she was discharged, it meant that Huo Tian could no longer accompany her and would not be with her all day.

At the thought of this, her heart was instantly pierced

Blissful times were always so short. She wanted to keep this moment, even if she had to use some special methods.

With this in mind, a thought appeared in Chen Lin’s heart…

In Yu Xuan’s villa, Shao Feng was like an ant on a hot pan.

Hu Wan had already taken her medicine for a few days. Logically speaking, he should have let him go out to test Hu Wan’s condition long ago, but he had not seen Yu Xuan these past few days.

She only served him well and did not let him go out. She placed him under house arrest.

He did not know what she was up to.

Shao Feng was anxious. He leaned against the window and peeped. He realized that the atmosphere in this villa was a little strange.

There were a few people guarding outside, not leaving at all, but they did not let him go out. Other than that, he could often see people dressed as doctors and nurses through the door.

The few doctors stood in front of Yu Xuan. The lead doctor took off his mask and said, “Miss Yu, we’ve already checked this patient’s condition. She indeed has a serious heart disease. She needs to be treated quickly. We can’t delay it. Her life will be in danger!”

Yu Xuan lay on the sofa and crossed her legs. “Are you sure? Nothing can happen to this matter. You have to investigate clearly!”

“Miss Yu, we’ve been professional doctors for decades. Although we’re retired now, we’re not old. We can still investigate this illness clearly.” The leading doctor was confident and disdainful.

Yu Xuan sneered and said, “Then I’ll have to trouble you, Doctor Zhao. Of course, I trust your medical skills. It’s just that this is no small matter, so I asked a few more questions. Please don’t take offense, Doctor Zhao!”

“No, no. It’s only right. Miss Yu, don’t stand on ceremony,” Doctor Zhao said quickly.

“Okay, then Doctor Zhao, have a good rest. It’s been hard on you. Xiao Sheng, send Doctor Zhao back.” Yu Xuan waved her hand expressionlessly. The lackey quickly went forward and handed a box of money to Doctor Zhao. “It’s been hard on you, Doctor. I’ll send you back.”

When the few doctors saw so much money, they were instantly overjoyed. They quickly nodded at Yu Xuan and said, “Okay, okay. Thank you, Miss Yu.”

After the few of them went out, Yu Xuan faced her lackey at the side and said, “Bring that nurse in.”

The lackey nodded and went out. After a while, he walked in with a person who looked like a nurse.

The nurse came in and bowed neatly to Yu Xuan on the sofa before saying, “Miss Yu, I’ve already found out about the matter you arranged for me.”

“Is that so? Tell me.” Yu Xuan peeled an orange casually.

“The director has already realized that the hospital has lost someone. The matter has already fermented, but it’s been suppressed within the hospital. The entire hospital is searching for someone urgently,” the young nurse replied.

“And then?” Yu Xuan looked up. “Has that Chen family member been here before?”

The nurse quickly said, “Yes, a family member with the surname Chen came yesterday. I heard that the director found him. I have something important to tell him.”

“So vou said it?” Yu Xuan stuffed a piece of orange into her mouth and asked casually.

“Later, he was called to the dean’s office. I kept listening at the door and heard what the dean said about forging the test report. Then, the family member was very angry and even smashed the dean’s glass coffee table. Later… Later, he left in a rage. This should be what you’re talking about, right?” the nurse quickly explained.

“Are you sure you didn’t hear wrongly?” Yu Xuan instantly raised her eyes and asked.

The young nurse nodded and replied, “Absolutely. If you’re asking about this, I can guarantee it. Because it was indeed someone from our department who helped find the real test report and handed it to the director. The impact of this matter is quite big. The director is also implicated.”

Yu Xuan nodded in satisfaction and said, “Very good. You can leave first!”

The nurse was brought down. Yu Xuan put down the cup with confidence and took a leisurely sip of tea. She smiled in satisfaction.

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