My Fusion System: Fusing a Thousand Chickens at the Start - Chapter 467 - Lose Direction

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Chapter 467: Lose Direction


An even faster light flashed by as Ares was about to touch Watson. Agares appeared to be in the second prince’s body. Wind and thunder vines flew out of his body and formed a large ship around him, carrying him to where he instantly appeared in front of Watson. The large ship then pushed Watson up against the prison wall.

A massive hole was created with a loud rumble. It was clear that it was an anti-magic material capable of withstanding an attack from a platinum-tier elite. However, there was insufficient space for it to withstand the onslaught of Agares’ massive ship.

The impact created a massive hole that reached the surface. The gods looked at each other and walked out, one after the other, as they saw the sunlight pouring down through the hole.

“I was surprised that Agares was the first to make a move. I expected Ares to be the first to act.”

“We can get Watson regardless of who initiates the attack, as long as we find him and kill him. Agares is the fastest of us all. It will not be easy to apprehend him. It all depends on who gets lucky.”

As they left the big hole, the gods moved their shoulders and arms, still talking.

The sound of the underground prison being breached reverberated throughout the entire prison at the same time. Many guards rushed to Watson’s prison cell under the direction of the warden.

“What happened? Why is there a loud noise coming from inside the prison cell? Where’s Watson? Why is Watson missing? Did you do it?”

The warden approached the cell door and yelled at the man with his back to him. There was only the prisoner in the cell next door at the time, aside from the man whose back was to him.

Under his questioning, the man with his back to him slowly turned his head, revealing King Landhar III’s face. The warden was taken aback by what he saw.”Your Majesty?”

He had no knowledge of King Landhar III’s arrival at the underground prison. What brought King Landhar III there?

King Landhar III looked at him just as he was perplexed.”You came at the right time,” he said slowly.”Watson had escaped from his prison cell. I need you to send people to track him down. But remember to keep it a secret and don’t tell the rest of the world!”

“Yes, Your Majesty.” The warden nodded after swallowing his saliva. He knew what King Landhar III was thinking. After all, Watson was the kingdom’s most powerful genius. It had not even been a day before he escaped the prison after the King threw him in it. That was a slap in the face for King Landhar III.

“Also, I want to ask you, what’s the matter with the prisoner in front of me? Didn’t I order you to lock that prisoner in the invisible cell ? No matter what he says, you can’t let him out, and you can’t talk to him. But what is going on now?”

King Landhar III’s expression turned cold as he pointed to the old king sitting on the ground in front of him.

He had just entered the prison cell when he noticed the old king sitting next to Watson. His clothes had been washed, and he had trimmed his hair and beard. He did not have the appearance of someone who had been imprisoned for 20 years.

The gods were anxious to control Watson, so he did not say anything. At that moment, after Watson was chased away by the gods, he could finally focus his attention on the old king. It had been 20 years since they last met. The old king in front of him was still very similar to what he remembered. His pure white hair and wrinkles resembled him quite a bit. All of that made his eyes shine.

“Your Majesty, you can’t blame us for that. It was Watson. He was the one who let that person out. He even threatened to kill all of us if we did not listen to him! Your Majesty, did you see the shackles on our necks? Watson put them on us. We were forced to do it.”

The warden knelt on the ground with a plop and pointed at the black shackles on his neck, and wailed.

“Yes, Your Majesty, we were coerced,” the others echoed.

King Landhar III nodded and said,”I understand Watson’s strength, and it would have been difficult for you to resist. However, you have failed in your duty, but you will be spared from the death penalty. From now on, each of you will be deducted half a year’s salary! If you can’t find Watson, you will have to accept a stricter punishment. Do you understand?”

“We understand.”

All the guards, including the warden, were dejected. It was as if they had lost their loved ones.

“Since the prisoner has been exposed, it’s no longer appropriate for him to continue staying in the prison cell. Bring him to my palace. It just so happens that I have something to ask him.”

Pointing at the old king, who had been sitting on the ground without moving since the moment he started speaking, King Landhar III flicked his sleeves, turned around, and walked out of the large hole in the prison cell.

‘Father, I have to express my heartfelt apology for locking you up for 20 years. I did not expect Watson to release you so quickly after coming here. He is faster than I expected! However, I can only carry out my plan after the gods have their eyes on Watson. I will need you for this plan, Father. I hope that you can help me and contribute your last bit of strength to that kingdom.’

When he threw Watson into prison, King Landhar III had already had such a plan in his heart. He put Watson in prison to prevent Watson from escaping and also to save his father in the next cell. He wanted Watson to save his father so that the two of them would meet.

Everything was going according to his plan.

Soon, King Landhar III left the prison. The warden arranged for the guards to send the old king away. In a short period, the people inside and outside the prison disappeared. At that time, a faint ripple appeared in the air, and Nia’s figure appeared in the prison cell. She looked at the big hole in the wall with an ugly expression.

“I’m still a step late. When those gods entered the prison cell, they conveniently left a magic restriction here. The power of multiple gods mixed together; even I can’t break it easily!”

Muttering to herself, Nia sensed the scent of the gods in the air. After carefully identifying it for a while, a cold light flashed in her eyes. She said,”Found you.” Then, she took a step forward and left the place.

On the other hand, in Watson’s direction.

After being hit by the large ship that Agares had released, Watson felt his mind go blank. He spat out a mouthful of blood. It was as if he had been defenseless against the attack of a god. When he came back to his senses, he was already thousands of meters high in the air. A white cloud streaked past him, giving him a cold aura.

“You’re awake.”

Besides him, a dull voice sounded. He turned his head and found himself lying on Agares’ large ship made of vines. Agares looked exactly the same as the second prince, but his expression was completely different. He crossed his arms and sat on the ship, staring at him coldly.

He realized that while his body was far away from Baldur, he could move freely even though he still felt controlled. The corner of Agares’ mouth suddenly rose at that moment.”Watson, do you want to escape? I advise you not to waste your efforts. Before you woke up, I had already opened my divine kingdom. In other words, you are now in my divine kingdom.”

As if to verify Agares’ words, in the sky thousands of meters high, the moving clouds began to converge in the middle, turning into a large ship made of white clouds. On the large ship, there were storms blowing in different directions everywhere.

“It seems like I really have no room to resist. I surrender.” Watson raised his hands. He could feel that after the storm in the sky blew in different directions, the energy in his body became chaotic and not under his control. They collided with each other, preventing him from using his energy smoothly.

However, it was completely different from the previous time. It was clear that at that time, Agares was using his true power.

Those who could become gods were not ordinary people. Watson relied on the fusion system and was considered the most outstanding genius in the Holy Dragon Kingdom. However, compared to the gods, he was still a certain distance away. He had never become a god. If one’s life level had not reached that level, regardless of whether it was their vision or thinking, they would be restricted by their mortal body. They would not be able to reach the same height as the gods.

If he wanted to leave that place, he could not do it on his own. If he could use the race chess piece in his body to lure Baldur toward them, Baldur and Agares might fight over him, and perhaps he could escape then.

“Eat this!” As if he could guess what Watson was thinking, Agares took out a ball of black viscous liquid from his chest and stuffed it into Watson’s mouth, saying,”This is a part of my true form as a god. It will gradually absorb you within a day, allowing me to occupy your body! I know what you’re thinking. You’re thinking you can lure Baldur here to fight me. Then, you can take the opportunity to escape. Am I right?”

Watson was silent.

“Your idea is very good, but unfortunately, that idea can’t be realized! As a god in charge of storms and navigation, the essence of my ability is direction. I can constantly change direction, making it impossible for people to identify my position. I can even change the direction of my attack, just like this.”

A sharp vine stretched out from Agares’ body and stabbed at his face. Before the vine reached his face, an arrow made of starlight suddenly appeared on the vine. That caused the vine to move involuntarily in the direction of the arrow, brushing past his face.

“Watson, when you fell into a deep sleep, I had already applied the same power to your body. If you don’t believe me, you can look down.”

Watson lowered his head and found many glowing arrows had appeared on his body. Each arrow shone with the colors of the stars, pointing in different directions. Without a doubt, as long as Agares activated those arrows, his body would be pulled in different directions and torn into pieces.

“Agares, can you tell me your ability?” Watson asked, after hesitating for a moment. He could see that the god in front of him was different from the enemies he had faced before. He was very shrewd. Such a clever enemy would have no reason to reveal his ability to do nothing.

“You won’t be able to live much longer, so there’s no harm in telling you. Besides, although I want to occupy your body, I don’t want you to suffer too much! I want the thing in your body to be completely bound to your soul and body. Otherwise, I would need to take that thing out. You don’t even need to be imprisoned here.” Agares showed a pitiful expression. He sighed as if he sympathized with Watson’s suffering.

“You might not believe me now, but don’t worry. After I obtain the thing in your body, I will definitely think of a way to resurrect you! I am a god. With my ability and the help of that thing, I might be able to find a way to make your soul indestructible and possess other bodies. That way, I can get what I want, and you won’t die. We will all be happy.

“So don’t think about asking the other gods for help. Even if you can escape this place, the other gods will catch you! They may not be as merciful as I am, and they may not help you.”

Watson thought about it seriously for a moment and nodded.”What you said makes sense. Anyway, I’ve already been tricked and can’t escape. It’s my fate to be slaughtered by the gods. It would be better if I didn’t have to die.”

Those words were not superficial but came from the bottom of his heart. Watson could feel the sincerity in Agares’ words, and he was no longer as disgusted with Agares as before. Instead, he was somewhat grateful.

Seemingly satisfied with Watson’s response, Agares nodded.”What we need to do next is to float high in the sky for one day. After one day, you will be mine. I will take your body and leave this world. Even if Baldur uses you as a racial chess piece, it will be useless. The effectiveness of the racial chess pieces between the two worlds will be significantly weakened.”

Agares and Watson chatted casually as if they were old friends who had reunited after so many years. Their expressions were relaxed, and they did not look like enemies at all.

Time passed by, and soon an hour had passed.

“Agares, you mean that before you became a god of the Holy Dragon Kingdom, you were also a cultivator?” Watson asked curiously. Agares nodded.”That’s right. In the twelfth era, I left the world to become a god. I became a god relatively late. Most of the seven gods are related to this world. Otherwise, we would not have chosen this world as the place for us to absorb our faith. The earliest among us should be Baldur. They said that he became a god in the third era.”

Watson was not simply chatting with Agares. Instead, he was asking for information regarding the gods. As for his questions, Agares carefully explained them.

“How do you gods interfere with the mortal world? Other than bestowing blessings and absorbing faith, what else can you do? For example, can you see what happens in the mortal world through the divine realm?” When Watson asked again, he reached out and scratched his neck as if it was itchy. The starlight arrowhead covering his neck fell off, revealing a piece of dark green skin that was beating slowly.

Watson did not notice that. Agares saw it but pretended not to see it. He narrowed his eyes and said,”Gods can’t enter the mortal realm. Only through the prayers of devout believers can we see images related to the content of the prayers. We can’t obtain information about the world directly. Unless we reincarnate as a Child of God or use this method to carry our power into the bodies of others and descend into the world with the power of projection.”

“I see. I have another question.”

Just as he was about to ask the next question, the ship suddenly shook. The hull seemed to have been attacked by someone. That made Agares, who had been leisurely answering the question, suddenly stand up.

“I have already spread my power around the divine kingdom. I even carved the lost arrow in the sky and white clouds using the Loen language. Even though they are gods, they won’t be able to break through and find me so easily. And before they find me, I can carve a new lost arrow and leave this place! Who broke through all my defenses in an instant?”

Agares muttered with an unsightly expression. He raised his head and looked around. Countless arrowheads appeared around the huge divine kingdom that had originally gathered around him like a large ship. A powerful force quickly froze those arrowheads.

Then, a young girl in a black dress appeared in mid-air. Her cold gaze looked past Agares and landed on Watson, who was on the large ship.

“Master, I did not arrive on time when you were suffering. That is my negligence as a servant! Don’t worry. I will apologize to you after I rescue you.”

First, she spoke to Watson respectfully. Then, Nia extended her right hand toward Agares.

“Molecular deceleration!”

All the energy in the world stopped operating. A layer of transparent frost appeared out of thin air as if it wanted to freeze the world as a whole.

Agares was frozen before he could react. Nia took the opportunity to teleport to the frozen ship. She asked,”Master, are you okay?”

“Nia, Agares is not a bad person. Even though he captured me, he did not attack me. Instead, he wanted to help me find a new body. Be gentle, and don’t kill him.”

Nia stared at Watson with a strange expression. She shook her head.”Master, it seems like the enemy has attacked you.”

She patted Watson’s body and used molecular deceleration. The dense arrowheads covering Watson’s body froze, turning into a thin layer of stickers that floated downward from Watson’s body. Watson’s expression first fell into a daze, then he revealed a shocked expression and broke out in cold sweat.

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